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Splatoon 2: What To Expect From The Sequel

Splatoon 2: Painting The Town Everything

It’s been 2 years since the launch of Nintendo’s popular new IP, Splatoon, and this series is ready to make a name for itself on the Switch. The game challenged the traditional multiplayer shooter by not focusing on kills, instead the winner was chosen by a whomever had the most paint splattered around the map. Nintendo took a risk by forgoing the mainstream style of combat and it paid off in a big way. Splatoon was one of the most successful games on the Wii U and the sequel will seemingly have the same effect.

Splatoon 2 is adopting the philosophy “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” and that certainly isn’t a bad thing. The new entry is adding a whole lot that first definitely should’ve had. New weapons, maps, customization options, local multiplayer and a better single player have this game looking jam packed with content right out of the gate. Nintendo will also be releasing a string of free content updates and patches as time goes on just like they did the first time around.

Global Test Fire

Splatoon 2, the switch, nintendo switch, new switch games

While Nintendo hasn’t offered an official release date for the game but the developer is aiming for a “Summer 2017” release date. Also pointing toward a speedy release is the Global Test Fire multiplayer beta that is going on from March 24th to March 26th at specific times throughout the world. If players would like to try one of the new maps and some of the new guns, they will need to log into the demo during the designated periods of time. While this may seem like a weird system, it is still an opportune time to try the new dual wield paint pistols and new ultimate abilities that look very flashy. If you would like to participate the Test Fire times are below.

Friday, March 24
12-1 p.m. PT / 3-4 p.m. ET
8-9 p.m. PT / 11-11:59 p.m. ET

Saturday, March 25
4-5 a.m. PT / 7-8 a.m. ET
12-1 p.m. PT / 3-4 p.m. ET
8-9 p.m. PT / 11-11:59 p.m. ET

Sunday, March 26
4-5 a.m. PT / 7-8 a.m. ET

Splatoon 2 looks like an awesome new entry for the series and will pair well with the Switch’s portable nature. The first game was a blast and the Global Test Fire is certain to build plenty of hype for the upcoming release. Gigamax will have more details on this colorful shooter as they become available so make sure to keep checking back with this article for more info as the release date approaches.


Diablo 3 Patch 2.5.0 Explained in Detail

Diablo 3 Patch 2.5.0 Explained

Diablo 3 just dropped a major update and there are some big changes coming to both console and PC. Those waiting anxiously for the Diablo 3 Patch that includes the Necromancer.. Sorry, this patch isn’t for you. However, there’s still room to be excited as Blizzard pulled the carpet out from underneath the Diablo community.

The Armory Is Here

diablo 3 patch, diablo armory, new update, diablo update


The first major change will be the Armory feature which was first announced at BlizzCon last year. This new features lets players store up to five different skill and armor builds for each character. This really has the potential to open up the game. Diablo 3 has a unique feature when compared with the previous versions, a character doesn’t have to commit to a skill set. This means players can now seamlessly switch between skill sets and match it with armor sets that will contribute to those skills. It seems minor, but this can really open up the game and entice players to experiment with new builds.

Another exciting addition that’ll clear up some bag space is the change that crafting materials (Arcane Dust or Forgotten Souls) will not fill up your inventory. These items will now be moved to a separate area. Materials that you are already holding will automatically be moved. This will free up some space to gather all the loot your heart desires. A little floating message will pop up above the character’s head which will keep you up to date on how many you have.

Time To Get Serious

diablo 3 patch, diablo 3 update, new update, diablo, gigamax, gigamax games


Serious players now have a new item to grind for in 2.5.0. Primal Ancients are extremely rare items, guaranteed to have perfect Ancient-level stats and the maximum amount of sockets possible. Primal Ancients will only be available after a player reaches Greater Rift 70 solo with one of the characters on their account. After meeting the prerequisite, any of the items you find will be for the class you’re playing with when it drops. This also means something else for the community. It gives players a reason to grind out and improve their character to run these Rifts solo, rather than just leaching experience and items off of Greater Rifts that are way above their ability.

The updates don’t stop there. Adventure mode is next on the chopping block as they reduced the chance certain tile sets will appear in Greater Rifts. Furthermore, the highest solo Greater Rift completion will now determine which torment levels will be available, instead of Paragon level. Also, Bonus Acts are no longer a part of the game. Completing any Act will net the same rewards as the Bonus Acts.

A fun little addition is the game now allows players to assign Paragon points 100 at a time. All people have to do is hold the Ctrl key on PC.

Seasons On Console

Those on console will be introduced to Seasons. The first will start on March 31st and will be essentially the same as the PC version, where you will start a fresh character who can’t access the bank.

This is a pretty serious Diablo 3 Patch. But, we’re still waiting for that Necromancer class to drop. Be sure to check back on Gigamax Games for the latest coverage of Diablo 3 and more!


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy New Screenshots Revealed

New Uncharted DLC Details

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was a fantastic entry to this classic series, unfortunately the developer was clear that it was the last game to contain the protagonist Nathan Drake. Many believed that this meant the end for the Uncharted series as a whole,  but now Naughty Dog is hyping up fans for brand new story DLC named Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.


The upcoming DLC is centered around some familiar faces and it should be exciting. One being the bad guys turned good, Chole Frazer and the antagonist from the base game, Nadine Ross make an appearance. These two characters are the focal point of the new screenshots that have been released this weekend.


On Saturday, the creative director for the game,  Shaun Escayg, tweeted out a screenshot and two pieces of character art, which can be found throughout this article. The screenshot is of Chole, whom players will be taking control of is holding what appears to be the ancient Indian artifact she is tasked with keeping away from the war profiteer Asav (pictured below). To help complete this task, Chole enlists the aid of Nadine making clever use of her mercenary allies.


The Experience

The Lost Legacy takes place after the events of A Thief’s End and will conclude Naughty Dogs work on the series for the time being. The DLC was only recently announced via an 8 minute video at Playstation Experience 2016 and many details are still being kept under lock and key until the studio is ready to discuss them further.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on this DLC soon, but for the time being we can only sit and wait for more content to be released.  Don’t forget to stop by Gigamax for plenty of Let’s Play videos when the game becomes available. Remember to keep checking back with Gigamax Games for all the latest in gaming news and reviews!


Nier: Automata Let’s Play with Gigamax

Nier: Automata brings a unique experience to to the 21st century gamer. The multi-genre RPG truly blew us away. Seamlessly switching between different game styles, the game stays fresh every step of the way. Staying interesting and exciting is something this game does very well.

With five alternative endings, replayability is high. The Gigamax Let’s Play for Nier: Automata covers the entire prologue, but expect many more videos in the near future. You’ll be able to see some crazy boss fights and even find some tips, tricks and secrets as Gigs and Mack progress through the story. This first section of the game offers a particularly great look at what makes Nier such a treasure.

Below, you will find the Nier: Automata playlist where the crew trucks through the first section of the game. Gigs has the controls for this attempt, and it’s his first time playing the multi-genre RPG so things get interesting. Thank you all so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoy!

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Horizon Zero Dawn Record 2.6 Million Copies Sold

Horizon Zero Dawn – Over 2.6 Million Copies Sold

Horizon Zero Dawn made quite a splash when it hit stores on February 28th. The PlayStation 4 exclusive was received well by the community and showed that there’s still some room for originality in open world games. Not only did Horizon Zero Dawn review well (9.3/10 IGN, 9/10 GameSpot, 9.5/10 Polygon), it sold well too. It broke records by selling more than 2.6 million copies within the first two week of release.

Horizon Zero Dawn, gaming, new games, new releases, sony, gigamax, gigamax gamesDeveloped by Guerrilla Games, known for their popular series, Killzone. The sales data for Guerrilla Games latest game, Horizon Zero Dawn include physical copies and online sales.

“We’re thrilled that Horizon Zero Dawn has been embraced by critics and players alike,” Hermen Hulst, managing director of Guerrilla Games said. He continued, “Developing the game was a labor of love, so it’s extremely satisfying to see that it elicits the same passion and enthusiasm from the gaming public that we felt during its development.”

Impressive on Every Level

This game takes the title for best launch of a new Sony-published IP in PlayStation 4 history. Compared with a well-established franchise like Uncharted which topped 2.7 million units sold with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End in the first week, Horizon Zero Dawn held its own. So even with a loyal fanbase, Uncharted only outsold the new release by 100,000 units.

Hulst did hint that this isn’t going to be the last time we see Aloy. It’s not clear if he was alluding to story DLC for the current game, or if they will be working on a sequel, both would be awesome.

With a host of open world games on the market, Horizon Zero Dawn had the chance to slip through the cracks. However, it defied the odds and truly stood out and the sales numbers are another indicator that Guerrilla Games is onto something with this new IP.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Adds Popular Classic Mode

Bananas, Turtle Shells and Mushrooms… OH MY!

Fans of the Mario Kart series were upset to find that when the eighth entry in the series was released, it lacked the traditional battle mode. Nintendo included a highly watered down version of the balloon popping challenge instead. The new game mode have players driving around the standard tracks instead of intelligently designed arenas. This led to one of the most stagnant battle modes in all of the Mario Kart games.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is mostly a copy and paste of the original 2014 release with a few minor differences sprinkled throughout. This time around, players will get to race as Bowser Jr. and the Inklings from Splatoon. Another major change is an overhaul to the lackluster battle mode which will surely please long time fans.

So Many Maps

Nintendo is rectifying their original mistake by restoring the beloved mode to its former glory. Arenas designed with the Switch in mind are being added as well as returning maps from previous Mario Kart games. One of the most popular veteran maps, Battle Course 1, from Super Mario Kart on the SNES is also making an appearance. This time around Nintendo added guard rails and the ability to use the map’s multiple levels to dodge shells and other projectiles.

While revisiting the classics is a good way to pass the time, it’s a lot more exciting to see a game designed for the new console. Sweet Sweet Kingdom is a fresh take on the Mario Kart 8 map Sweet Sweet Canyon. This course uses a intricate system of turns and ramps that are great for setting up sneak attacks, giving players an upper hand over opponents. Next up is Dragon Palace, based on the DLC course Dragon Driftway. The course offers a center courtyard surrounded by two giant dragon statues and a two tier pagoda for fans to launch bananas and shells at each other. The third map is the Battle Stadium track, created around the original MK8 battle mode map design.  The course plays like a circuit but keeps combatants closer together, forcing them through tunnels, anti-grav areas and over ramps.

Lastly there’s the Lunar Colony battle map which shakes up the typical battle style. Since this course is located in space, players will constantly be in an anti-grav state. This leads to higher and farther jumps, players will utilize the ability to launch themselves out of moon craters located around the course. Nintendo is also adding maps from a few other franchises this time around. One of the coolest additions is a recreation of Splatoon’s Urchin Underpass map. Instead of covering the map in paint with wacky guns, this time players will launch wacky items from karts at each other.

When Can We Play Mario Kart?

Players will be able to start fighting each other on April 28th, 2017 and we here at Gigamax are pumped to jump back into this insane racing game. We loved it back in 2014 and the changes Nintendo’s making has us excited to hop back in and pop as many balloons as possible!


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Let’s Play with Gigamax

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an amazing, awe inspiring experience that is one of the best games to come out in the past decade. So Mack and Gigs decided to hop into it and make a couple Applebee’s jokes. All kidding aside, this game really is amazing and a great addition to the Zelda family. This time around Nintendo abandoned the traditional Zelda format and made an open world that is easy to spend hours in.

Gigs and Mack take their time in this let’s play to run around and show you some of the nuances of the latest entry. Starting out at a small stable filled with creepy children, the guys make their way down into one of the 120 shrines located throughout the game. After leaving the shrine the guys spot a horse that isn’t even aware it’s Gigs’ new best friend.  In a nail biting moment, Gigs sneaks up on the wild beast BUT CAN HE CAPTURE IT, he may doomed to fail and be alone forever. See what happens next in the exciting let’s play below!

If you’d like to find more of our let’s plays don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel to find videos on all the latest releases.


Fire Emblem Gaiden Remake Has Some Changes in Store

Fire Emblem : Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing

Nintendo recently shared some updates on the upcoming 3DS game Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. This new entry is a remake of the 1992 release Fire Emblem Gaiden.


At this years PAX East, Nintendo gave a good look at the upcoming game ahead of its May 19th release date. The preview offered some insight into the upcoming remake and its major new features. New to the series is a world map structure that allows player to have more freedom in their mission selection.

One of the biggest new additions fans will find on the world map are dungeons. These introduce a new look for the game by abandoning the over the top camera and having the perspective switch to 3rd person. Much like a traditional RPG dungeon, these explorable areas offer destructible objects and treasure chests that contain items and gold. Enemies of course wander the dungeons and when engaged, the fight will occur much like a traditional Fire Emblem fight. Players can attack enemies before the fight to gain an upper hand, this also works for the enemy if they manage to hit the character before a fight. Dungeons behave like a side mission with access to your squad and abilities and the opportunity to fight multiple enemies.

Another big departure from the traditional Fire Emblem structure is the introduction of pre-set main characters. Instead of designing their own characters players, will switch between two protagonists, Cecilia and Alm. Both have an overarching objective of saving their country but their approach is very different. Because of these differences players will be able to swap between two whenever they want or forced swapped at specific points in the story. Echoes is also noteworthy for being the first game to have full voice acting for all the characters.

Poor Mages


Some changes to the units themselves will also be making their way to the game. Archers can now counter attack from only one tile away, making them more viable for fans of an aggressive strategy. Opposite to the archer buff, mages are being nerfed in a serious way, now when casting spells this popular unit will have to expend a portion of their health bar.

Weapon durability will also not be included in Fire Emblem Echoes after being taken out of Fire Emblem Fates. The game is also sticking true to its source material by not including a support system or a weapon triangle, but the developer assures that there will still be a way to gain an advantage.


PlayStation 4 Update 4.50 Available Now

PlayStation 4 Update – 4.50

The highly anticipated PlayStation 4 update 4.50 was released yesterday adding an array of new features to the system. This patch was previously announced under the codename “SASUKE” although many fans knew the details due to an error on the Chinese Playstation Blog. A leak had also appeared on Reddit, suggesting that the PlayStation 4 update would arrive March 7th.

Many of the changes to the UI are barely noticeable with very little done to how the system looks. Most of the major updates come in the form of new customization updates. The patch offers users the ability to upload custom backgrounds with screenshots they’ve taken. Also available is the addition of external hard drive support. Sony has been behind Microsoft and Nintendo in regard to external HD support. Looking to rectify this problem, the PlayStation 4 will now accepts outside storage of up to 8 terabytes.

While most the changes were either to the benefit of the console or inconsequential, one change has seemingly irked the entire fanbase. The notifications tab is no longer separated into easy to operate categories. Now it’s mashed together into one long and untidy list. Many other changes deal with PS4 Pro support and add more accessibility options for owners of the elite system. For a full list of the changes check out the list below.

Main Features In The Latest PlayStation 4 Update

1. You can now use a USB storage device to install applications, or move applications from your PS4’s system storage. The following USB storage devices can be used. Select(Settings) > [Devices] > [USB Storage Devices], select the connected USB storage device, and then format it for use as extended storage.

2. The quick menu is now more user friendly. Creating, joining, and other party features are even easier to access.

3. (Notifications) has been redesigned. All notifications now appear in a single list.

4. When using Remote Play on a Windows® PC, Mac, Xperia™ Smartphone, or Xperia™ Tablet, you can now use your device’s microphone for voice chat in games or in parties.

5. You can now use screenshots to customize the background of your home screen and function screen. Select(Settings) > [Themes] > [Select Theme] > [Custom].

6. You can now post screenshots directly to activities, such as those shown in [What’s New]. Press the SHARE button, select [Screenshot], and then select [Activities] as the upload destination. Also, you can now tag games and fellow players.

7. You can now post animated GIFs to activities and social applications.

8. Your status is now visible as (Mobile) when you sign in to an application such as (PlayStation App), even when you are away from your PS4 system. This means you are available to communicate with Friends.

9. You can now make a party public or private even after the party has been created. Select (Party) > [Party Settings] > [Party Privacy].

10. PlayStation VR now supports Blu-ray 3D™ content.

Other Features In Version 4.50

1. The PS4 system you use to sign in to PlayStation Network for the first time is now automatically activated as your primary PS4 system.

2. As a parent or guardian, you can now easily create sub accounts for your children when creating your master account.

3. You can now upload or download saved data right from the home screen. Press the OPTIONS button, and then select [Upload/Download Saved Data].

4. You now have the option to share screenshots on PlayStation Network. When sharing, you can also adjust privacy settings.

5. You can now launch ‘SHAREfactory’ right from Capture Gallery. Press the OPTIONS button while viewing Capture Gallery, and then select [Edit in SHAREfactory].

6. You can now change the color of your profile screen to match the cover image. On your profile screen, select (Options) > [Change Cover Image] > [Change Background Color].

7. When reporting inappropriate content, you can now preview your report before sending.
The design of (PS4 Remote Play) for Xperia™ has been updated.

8. When you receive a party invitation, you can now respond from (Messages) or (PS Messages) with a quick reply.

9. Your profile screen cover image on your PS4 system is now displayed in (PS Messages).

10. Cinematic mode image quality on PlayStation VR has been improved.


Nintendo® Slams Copyright Hammer on 3DS Modchip Seller

Nintendo Wins Copyright Case Against ‘Go Cyber Shipping’

Nintendo is notorious for the no nonsense crack down on any brand using their Copyright in any way, shape or form. This goes for videos on YouTube to pirated games on their consoles. Some of the company’s Copyright enforcement seem a bit harsh, but others are justified. You can decide for yourself what you think about this latest case, but here are the details.

The latest copyright case went down in Canada where Nintendo accused Go Cyber Shipping (GCS) and its founder, Jeramie King, of illegally selling 3DS flashcarts, modchips and other piracy-oriented tools. This is the first case of its kind, testing the Canadian Copyright Act’s anti-circumvention measures. The law basically runs parallel to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the US.

GCS did try to claim, support for homebrew games made the sales acceptable. However according to the decision by the Canadian courts, there’s a legal way to write games for the 3DS. GCS’s sales of bootleg material far outweighed any homebrew uses. GCS will be ordered to pay Nintendo $12.76 million Canadian ($9.5 million US) in damages along with a formal apology on its website.

modchip, nintendo, 3ds, gaming, gigamax, nj gaming, mods,

Gigamax Meets Nintendo

Here at Gigamax we recently just experienced our first run in with Nintendo as a legal entity. Our latest Let’s Play, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was flagged on YouTube for Copyright infringement. Monetization was turned off, but no strike was issued and no penalty was handed out. So it seems as though Nintendo didn’t really give us any trouble, it ultimately is their game after all. But, to see that the video is owned by “NintendoJP” is a little disheartening. Putting hours of work into a video just for it to get claimed by another company can feel like a punch in the gut. However, in the grand scheme of things it’s not the end all be all and we learned a lesson. We’ll count that as a win.

GCS’s latest copyright case with Nintendo stands as an example of both the benefits and pitfalls of these anti-circumvention laws. Furthermore, seeing how Nintendo handles a small entity such as Gigamax it’s a but conflicting. Are they just money hungry, attempting to monopolise their ancient I.P’s? Or are they trying to protect an idea that the company holds close to their heart and in the competitive industry, trying to protect what little(not so little) they have? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or on Facebook and Twitter!

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