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Fortnite: Battle Royale – What’s New With Season 5?

What’s New with Fortnite Season 5?

Confirmed, Discoveries, and Rumors

Epic Games announced that Season 5 of the massively popular Fortnite: Battle Royale will begin Thursday, July 12. Fortnite Season 5 will be available immediately after Season 4 ends and Epic finishes with their scheduled server maintenance. The latest patch will open up on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST / 6 PM AET.

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Gamers are lining up for their chance to purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass. Epic hasn’t confirmed exactly what skins or other items players can expect from the newest Battle Pass or how much it will cost. With no new skins shown off, there is an image of a new mask and a battleaxe in Epic Games teaser. It seems as though this is a partial look at some of the new Season 5 skins to come.

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All previous Battle Passes cost 950 V-Bucks and it is assumed that Season 5 will be the same. Fortnite’s in-game currency can either be bought with real money, earned when they reach certain reward tiers or in the paid “Save the World” mode. 1000 V-Bucks currently costs $9.99.

Epic Games Keeps Some Secrets

The developer hasn’t been releasing a pool of details about Fortnite Season 5 but recent in-game events has imaginations running wild. A mysterious rocket in the Evil Lair took off into the sky on June 30th which caused a giant rift to open in the sky. Cracks can be seen in the bubble-like storm above all the chaos happening on the island below. Since this time, more mysterious rifts began opening up all over the map. Lonely Lodge, Retail Row, Tomato Town and more all are now home to these interesting new additions.

Along with the in-game developments that are offering hints about the content coming to Fortnite Season 5, people are starting to come across hints in the real-world. A desert in California is now home to the Durr Burger. There were also warning signs that read “warning: you are too close to the anomaly” that appeared around the Durr Burger. Visitors also discovered a card with a phone number on it and when dialed, it played audio of an object disappearing through a rift according to PC Gamer and then was changed to coordinates, Forbes cited.

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That’s not the only Fortnite imagery to appear IRL. People are stumbling across Fortnite’s loot llamas all around Europe. So far, there have been seven discovered in total. Paris, Cologne, Cennes, Warsaw, Barcelona and two in London are all home to this lovable llama. That’s a total of eight mysterious real-world Fortnite objects to appear outside of the game. What this all means is still unconfirmed. It could be nothing more than a clever (and successful) marketing stunt or a hint about what’s to come in Season 5. Gamers will need to wait until July 12th to see for themselves. 

Goodbye Playground Mode

As with the previous limited-time modes in Fortnite, this sandbox-style game option isn’t sticking around. Epic announced that Playground Mode is scheduled to be removed the same day Season 5 begins, July 12th. However, there is some good news for fans of this unique building mode. The developer confirmed that they listened to player feedback, took note of improvements that can be made, and plans on bringing it back to the game, eventually. There is no word yet on when gamers might be able to jump back in and build until their heart’s content.

Fortnite Season 5 New Map Expected

One of the biggest questions surrounding Fortnite Season 5. There is no official statement or announcement from Epic Games but is claiming dataminers uncovered the new map. The video below is from the YouTube Channel, DieBuddies Zocken, an Austrian gamer that seems as though he is playing on a dramatically different Fortnite map.

It’s no secret the Fortnite map has undergone some impressive changes since the game was released. Even with speculation mounting, the video above still remains unconfirmed.

Everyone at Gigamax Games hasn’t been able to pull themselves away from Fortnite, like most of the world. Be sure to stick around for the release of Fortnite Season 5 as the Gigamax crew will be releasing gameplay and exploring what Epic has planned for Fortnite fans with this latest update. 



Epic Makes Big Announcement Concerning Competitive Fortnite

Epic Makes Big Announcement Concerning Competitive Fortnite

Epic Games recently showed off their latest plans regarding competitive Fortnite. The developer officially revealed that they will provide $100 million in various prize pools for the 2018-2019 season. They clarified this in a small blog post where they shared their thoughts on making competitive Fortnite along with the overall experience of playing and watching the game more inclusive.

“We’re getting behind competitive play in a big way, but our approach will be different,” Epic Games explained. “We plan to be more inclusive, and focused on the joy of playing and watching the game.” (

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More details on how the tournaments will be structured and the platforms they have planned will be revealed in the weeks ahead. (We will be sure to offer an update whenever the company shares what its plans are.)

That’s Big Money

According to the website E-Sports Earnings, the $100 million that Epic Games plans on dishing out more than doubles the $38 million in total prize money that Valve had given out for all of the Dota 2 tournaments that were held through 2017. Valve’s biggest Dota 2 event, The International, paid out what was once the biggest prize pool in gaming history with an astounding $25 million for the one event. To compare another ultra-popular game, Blizzard’s first Overwatch Tournament only has a prize pool of 3.5 million for its entire season.

Fortnite brings in almost $1 million a day from just the mobile version of the game and according to analysts, the PC and console version both make more money than that in a single day. The game may be free, but the industry is quickly embracing the trend of charging for cosmetics that have no impact on gameplay. Most developers see this as a fair revenue source that makes their game both competitive and profitable.

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Epic Games currently has a competitive Fortnite competition planned for E3 2018, where celebrities and players will play Duos together.

In other news, Fortnite just received another big update that finally added the long-awaited jetpack into the game. This is shortly after the game’s latest limited time mode, Solo Showdown, which was a competitive version of Fortnites’ famous solo mode. For more information on competitive Fortnite, be sure to keep checking back with!


Fortnite Players Get Freebies Following Server Outages

Fortnite Players Get Freebies Following Server Outages

After Epic Games installed their latest 3.5 updates to Fortnite things quickly took a turn for the worse. Players soon found themselves unable log into the game. Unfortunately, the patch had rendered the game completely unplayable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. Thankfully, the studio fixed a majority of the issues and is now apologizing to fans with a collection of giveaways. The Guided Missiles have also been temporarily removed since the bug was discovered as well.

“It’s been no secret that over the past 24 hours we’ve been experiencing issues with our services that have prevented many of you from playing Battle Royale and Save the World. We’re sorry,” Epic Games says in a message on its website. “We know how frustrating this has been. We messed up here.”

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Epic Games Says Sorry

To make it up to players and thank them for their patience Epic Games is offering free items that can be claimed for a limited time. This weekend fans will be able to pick up a free Back Bling item, a new customization slot that was added to the locker in season 3. Also available this weekend, Save the World players can pick up a free Troll Stash Llama. Gamers can claim their items by heading to the respective in game stores.

Additionally, Battle Royale players will receive a pack of Battle Stars, which are used to rank up an individuals Seasonal Battle Tier. Save the World players will also get an unidentified amount of seasonal gold. Unlike the freebies given away on the store, these giveaways will take some time to distribute, given out during a planned update later next week (most likely Wednesday night into Thursday Morning).

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Epic Games assured fans that they will release a detailed report next week that will go over the problem that occurred this week and their plan to improve services moving forward.

No word was given on when the Guided Missile will return to Fortnite but at least players are able to jump into the game again. As for the 3.5 update, Epic Games added a new Port-A-Fort item that allows players to deploy a fort on the spot. Week 8 challenges are also available to owners of the Battle Pass, unfortunately, the studio had to delay the limited time 50 Vs. 50 Mode until next week due to the server issues.

Catch Up on The Updates!

The Gigamax Games crew keeps up with the latest Fortnite updates and game modes. Stop by for some of the streams with the playlist above!


Fortnite’s Latest Update Expands Map

Fortnite’s Latest Update Expands Map

Epic Games finally dropped the latest 2.2.0 update for Fortnite on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. As the studio detailed previously on their blog, it deals mostly with their very popular Battle Royale mode, adding a newly updated version of the map, pre-game voice chat, and more.

The Largest Expansion Yet

The map updates are the biggest expansion to the free-to-play game. A few new areas have been added to the map, mostly to the west side of the island, which before the update had been somewhat lacking in terms of locations. These areas include a new city section and underground mines. Some existing areas have also received an update, with Epic creating more distinct differences between the various biomes. As lead systems designer Eric Williamson said recently, “The swamp feels swampier, the mountains feel more mountain-y. Really, the different areas of the map feel more unique.” (

Epic also added their new level-streaming system. Although it doesn’t directly have an effect on gameplay, Epic says it “enables a richer map and improved performance.” Console load times have been “greatly reduced” according to the studio and there should be less hitching issues in general. Visual improvements were also been made, with new water, grass, and foliage effects now in place.

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Image Source:

Even More New Stuff!

Some other new features include the ability to voice chat in the lobby before you start the game, a neat little update to the killfeed to show how far a sniper rifle kill was, and a reworked version of the Scoped rifle sight. Recently Epic Games took out friendly fire, although this may be a temporary measure as they evaluate what impact it has on the game.

This update is big news for fans of Fortnite. With all of these substantial additions and changes, it seems that Epic Games is focused on quality of life fixes for their Battle Royale experience. The full patch notes for version 2.2.0 are available on the studio’s website and don’t forget to check back with for all the latest information on Fortnite!


Fortnite Battle Royale Dev Sues 14 Year Old in Anti-Cheating Battle

Fortnite Battle Royale Dev Sues 14 Year Old in Anti-Cheating Battle

In a brash display last month, Epic Games decided to make an example of two Fortnite Battle Royale cheaters. Instead of just banning the players they chose to take them to court. In a recent reveal, it has been detailed that one of the accused fans of the game is only 14 years old, and his mother has issued a response to the developer’s lawsuit.

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In an open letter to the court, she attacked Epic’s handling of the case, which she provides plenty of context for.

  • Her first point is that Fortnite’s terms require parental consent for minors, which she says was never given.
  • She also argues that Epic’s case is based on loss of profits, but argues that the game is free-to-play, in order for the company to prove a loss they would need to release a statement that showed how the cheating directly caused a “mass profit loss”.
  • Another valid argument is that by attacking the player rather than the websites that sell/provide the cheating software, Epic has ultimately made a scapegoat out of a 14 year old.
  • Epic also alleged that her son helped create the software used to cheat, which she claims is not the case, he simply downloaded the program as a user.
  • Her final point goes on to say that when Epic released her son’s name publicly with the suit that the company violated Delaware laws that deal with revealing information on minors.

Gaming website, TorrentFreak, pointed out that you’re not actually allowed to sue a minor directly, which could show that Epic did not know the full identity of the player before moving forward with the case. You can read her full letter below:

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Fortnite Battle Royale Made Some Enemies

The various cases were issued last month when Epic began going after cheaters that had used the website Addicted Cheats to obtain “aimbots” that help give players a competitive advantage in the game. Although the cheats and other services from this site are not free, users pay a monthly subscription fee of around $5-$15 a month based on their membership level.

After reviewing their End User License Agreement and the Copyright act, Epic decided to take the users to court instead of just issuing a ban which is typically the case for similar situations. While cheaters can ruin a game experience for many people, this move seems a bit overdramatic for the game company. It is obvious they are trying to use scare tactics to prevent cheating but ultimately they are targeting the wrong group of people and may, in fact, make the problem worse. will keep their eyes on the case so be sure to check back for updates as they become available.


Fortnite: New Twist or Blatant Ripoff?

Fortnite: New Twist or Blatant Ripoff?

Video games are constantly evolving. A lot of the time, developers take successful ideas from other games and change it up a bit to make an entirely new title. However, sometimes, a game can be a little too similar to the original title which they took their ideas from. This has been the discussion surrounding Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.  

Let’s take a look at the similarities between the two games and how they differ. It’s an interesting list and one that might lead to more questions than answers.

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1) 100 person deathmatch and the last one standing is the winner.

2) Squad mode, where players can team up to compete against other squads and the last group standing, wins.

3) Both of the games begin in ‘lobby island’ where all 100 players can run around, shoot guns, and scream loud into the mic.

4) Once the game officially starts, players are flown toward an island and can choose when to jump out of the aircraft.

5) After players jump out of the aircraft, they skydive down to their desired location and eventually float down and land gently.

6) Both only have one map as of now and bear striking similarities.

7) Players start unarmed and must scavenge around the map looking for weapons, ammo, and protective items.

8) The map begins to shrink because of an outside force which continues to close in on the players as the game goes on, forcing them into each other.

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1) Cartoony graphics give Fortnite a different feel from the more gritty, realistic PUBG.

2) Fortnite has no prone, changing the stealth aspect when compared to PUBG.

3) Players jump out of a floating bus instead of a plane as in PUBG.

4) Gamers cannot find armor around the map in Fortnite, instead, they pick up ‘Shield Potions’.

5) Fortnite offers no attachments for the guns like in PUBG, what you see is what you get.

6) PUBG has first person servers and an option to aim down the iron sites. Fortnite is stuck in 3rd person. 

7) The feature that separates Fortnite the most from PUBG is the building aspect. Players can collect materials from around the map and build forts and cover. This is the key feature that has the most dramatic effect when it comes to the differences of  Fortnite from PUBG.

Final Thoughts and Your Input

Just from looking at the lists above, it’s clear that there are more similarities than differences. Most of the differences are even just splitting hairs, like not being able to go prone. However, these unique aspects from Fortnite do add some interesting dynamics which PUBG cannot provide. Still, PUBG seems as though it’s the superior shooter but this is not to say Fortnite doesn’t deliver a quality gaming experience. 

The question remains, is Fortnite walking a very fine line between blatant ripoff and unique interpretation? Or did the Fortnite developers, Epic Games, simply steal an innovative idea and implement their mechanics on top of PUBG?

With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer, Bluehole, releasing a statement on September 22nd explaining that they felt Fortnite copied their game and might pursue legal action, the world may soon find out.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, we want to see how gamers feel about this complicated situation.


E3 2018: Top 5 Biggest Nintendo Direct Announcements

E3 2018 is receiving mixed reviews but there’s no denying there have been some incredible announcements and reveals. Nintendo was the last major gaming company to hold their press conference and they did it in the classic Nintendo style. Hosting a Nintendo Direct on June 12th, they stunned the gaming community with some massive gaming news.

These top 5 biggest announcements from the Nintendo Direct were both a cause of excitement and utter disbelief. After reviewing some of the best announcements from Nintendo’s press conference, be sure to jump to the bottom of the page for the even more Nintendo news from E3 2018.

Splatoon 2 The Octo Expansion Available Today!

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In a big surprise to every Splatoon 2 fan, Nintendo told the world the first paid expansion will be available today, Wednesday, June 13th. This news broke yesterday, a classic move by the world-renowned game company. The Octo Expansion is a new single-player adventure and includes over 80 new missions. Taking on the role of Agent 8, players will use this new character to fight their way through an underground facility to make it to the surface of Inkopolis. The Octo Expansion will cost $19.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

Fortnite Battle Royale Available on Switch

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Following speculation and leaks, Epic Games confirmed their monstrous smash hit, Fortnite, will immediately be available on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo loves their last-minute announcements and Fortnite is no exception. Unfortunately, there was no mention of Nintendo-exclusive skins or content but it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine a Link or Mario skin making it to the Nintendo version. Fortnite is a fantastic shooter for the hybrid console and having the option to go mobile is a perfect fit for this specific Battle Royale game. As of now, there is no cross-play with PS4 Fortnite players and PS4 gamers can’t even transfer over their progress.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Character Roster – Ridley Request Granted

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The wait is finally over and the latest Super Smash Bros. announcement was well worth it. Dubbed, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the game will include all the characters from the series’ history. That’s over 60 fighters people will have the chance to play. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an entirely new game, not a port. They completely redesigned all the characters, even the classics like Metal Gear Solid’s Snake, to improve their look and the way they play. The Nintendo Direct even let fans know the highly requested, Ridley from Metroid, whom fans have been asking Nintendo to include for over a decade will make it to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game will be available on December 7th of this year.

Super Mario Party

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This fall, Nintendo fans will be able to play a brand new Mario Party on the Switch. Called, Super Mario Party, the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct presentation offered some impressive gameplay and additional details. Super Mario Party invites Switch players to get together with other Switch owners to play a kind of local multiplayer. This modern version of a LAN party gave Super Mario Party the ability to feature minigames that encourage secret collaboration between players, working together to take down the competition, unbeknownst to the other individuals using their own Switch console.  The world can expect to dive right into the newest addition to the Mario Party family on October 5th, 2018. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC

Nintendo’s E3 2018 press conference revealed that the latest Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC will work off of a pair of previous updates the game received in March. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country will be available to season pass holders late this summer. Gamers will have a chance to pick up a stand-alone retail package of the new storyline on September 21st. Season pass holders will be able to explore this legendary new adventure as early as September 14th.

Now for More from the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct!

Hollow Knight is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Daemon Machina, a new mech-based action game, will release on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Fire Emblem: Three Horses, a brand-new Fire Emblem was announced during the Nintendo Direct.

The original arcade eSport, Killer Queen Black has been given new life and this multiplayer action/strategy platformer will be making its way to the Switch.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure is coming!

Fallout Shelter can be played on the Nintendo Switch right now!

Octopath Traveler, from Square Enix, is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch on July 13th. A demo will be available on the Nintendo eShop on June 14th.

Dragonball FighterZ is coming to the Switch this year!

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker will be available on July 13th.

And so much more! Stick around as the Gigamax Games crew continues to reflect back on all E3 2018 had to offer.



Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Getting Battle Royale Mode

Black Ops 4 Getting Battle Royale Mode

After a multitude of teases and consistent leaks over the past couple of weeks, Activision finally revealed their latest addition to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 4. Like the games that have come before it, Black Ops 4 will contain a variety of new and returning game modes such as Call of Duty’s hit zombie mode. This year’s installment to the series will feature Treyarch’s take on the Battle Royale genre.

Who’s Surprised?

Currently being called, Blackout, the new mode will have players battling until there is only one left standing much like the popular games PUBG and Fortnite. Blackout sets itself apart from the aforementioned titles by relying heavily on the previous Black Ops titles. Treyarch already stated that it wants to make a Battle Royale mode in their own way and to achieve that, they added elements from the entire series into the mode.

According to the developer, the map that players will drop into is the biggest one the company has ever made and will incorporate locations from previous Black Ops games. Players will also be able to use weapons and items from every entry of the series, including the infamous RC Car. Another new twist that Treyarch is including is land, air, and sea vehicles that will randomly spawn around the map. Finally, players will be able to take control of famous names from the series like Reznov, Hudson, and Mason.

Black Ops 4, call of duty, new call of duty, new black ops, call of duty battle royale

The Reveal Continues

Activision also dropped a bunch of other details about Call of Duties: Black Ops 4 during today’s special reveal event. On top of Blackout, the developer discussed the brand new zombies campaign at length. The mode places a stronger emphasis on mystery and is set across three maps. The company mentioned that Black Ops 4 won’t have a traditional single player campaign, instead, the game will have solo missions that focus on each of its Specialist characters.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12th, which is a month earlier than the series typically releases. PC players will need to have a account in order to buy the game as it is being exclusively sold through the service. A beta is going to be held for the game but Activision has yet to set a date for the test. Pre-ordering Black Ops 4 will gives gamers a chance to take part in the highly anticipated beta-test.

Be sure to stop by Gigamax Games in October for gameplay as the crew will surely be picking this game up if nothing else out of curiosity.


SolidTony on Twitch

Gigamax Games Features ‘SolidTony’ 

Gigamax is proud to present, SolidTony! This incredibly talented gamer and Twitch streamer is joining the team as a social contributor! Welcome to the SolidTony page on Gigamax Games.

Sign up for the Giveaway Now!

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Giveaway Begins July 9th and runs until August 9th!

Sign up below and enter now for your chance to win.

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Win a FREE Visa Gift card loaded with enough money for one Brand New Game! 

Choose your next adventure with this incredible gift from Gigamax Games and SolidTony!

To keep up with the latest announcements, be sure to keep checking back here and follow Tony on Twitter and Twitch!


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SolidTony – Featured Twitch Streamer on Gigamax Games

Catch the SolidTony Stream on Twitch!

Find Out More About SolidTony:

His name is Tony, and he loves to play a plethora of games including:

  • Smash
  • MGS
  • God of War
  • Fortnite
  • PUBG
  • Starcraft II

Do you want to become a featured content creator? 

This streamer from Long Island, NY has a long history in the competitive gaming scene. Still participating in tournaments like those hosted by MT Summit Gaming, SolidTony can be found on Twitch during his downtime.

Stick around for all the updates coming from SolidTony and his new partnership with Gigamax Games.

This will be the place to find the latest information on tournaments SolidTony will be participating in and what games people can expect to see Tony streaming every week.

New highlight videos are coming soon, so be sure to check back!

Follow all the action and get ready for an exciting future filled with amazing gamers and great times.

THANK YOU to each of you who have helped support this community!



Gaming Community on Gigamax Games

Radical Heights Gameplay First Impressions

Radical Heights Gameplay First Impressions

Gameplay from Boss Key Productions new Battle Royale game, Radical Heights is beginning to surface. The early access is now available for free on Steam and gamers have a lot to say about it. Boss Key Productions is a relatively new developer, founded in 2014 and their most well-known game so far was Lawbreakers. The underwhelming sales and performance of Lawbreakers has gamers uncertain whether or not Radical Heights will be able to catch the gaming world’s attention.

Gameplay from GameSpot

A Redemption Story

Lawbreakers fell flat against other hero based shooters like Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege to name a couple. Now Radical Heights is going up against monstrous Battle Royale games this time around. Fortnite and PUBG have absolutely stole the world’s attention when it comes to the Battle Royale genre and the indie game ‘Darwin Project’ has also captured the imaginations of gamers. Huge hits like Grand Theft Auto V, Overwatch, and the Division all have or had at one time rumors circulating that they’re exploring a Battle Royale mode. Even the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 has seen its share of Battle Royale rumors. Boss Key is up against some heavy hitters and the jury is still out if Radical Heights will be able to find its own spot in this competitive genre.

boss key productions logo, boss key radical heights

Exploring the gameplay that’s coming in, Radical Heights has some interesting features that make it stand out. The 80’s game show themed setting gives the entire game a different feel when compared to the other massively popular Battle Royale games on the market today. PUBG’s gritty shooter experience and Fortnite’s cartoony graphics don’t come close to the experience Boss Key Productions created with Radical Heights. If it’s better or worse, that still remains to be seen. However, unique is absolutely the word to describe the setting Boss Key created.

Something A Little Different 

The waiting lobby lets player race with BMX bikes, creating a little more of an interesting pre-game experience. When the match starts and gamers jump into the relatively small map, one of the first things they’ll notice is landing is a bit rougher than Fortnite or PUBG. There is no parachute and instead, the character does a classic 80’s combat roll on landing. It is yet to be seen if this will only be a feature during early access but it actually adds a bit of excitement to the game. Forgoing the parachute allows gamers to get on the ground and into the action quicker. Beyond these interesting additions, the gameplay itself stands out among the current Battle Royale environment.

radical heights top gunz, radical heights, new steam games, latest games, early access

One of the most exciting features that are unlike the aforementioned Battle Royale games is the cash system. Around the map, there are cash registers and other objects that can be broken open and cash comes falling out. Players accumulate cash to buy guns and gear from vending machine-like objects located around the map. Instead of collecting all the equipment around the map, this new mechanic is an exciting feature. These vending machines have the potential to be a focal point of action and epic battles. There are still health packs and even food that can be found around the map but gear to win games will all come from the vending machines. 

Not only can people buy equipment with the cash they pick up, they can save it for later matches. Players can withdraw or deposit cash at any time during a map at one of the Cash Back machines and can also use the money they earn to purchase cosmetic items in between rounds.

Combat and Final Impressions

The combat is intense, violent, and exhilarating. Fast-paced, the game doesn’t have some of the long lulls that can be found in PUBG’s original two maps. Even though it’s in its early access, the game runs relatively smooth and seems to be put together well. The inside of buildings are a bit bare but the shooting mechanics and gunplay seemed tight and responsive.

Overall Boss Key Productions may have missed the mark with Lawbreakers but Radical Heights has a great chance of leaving a strong impression on the gaming community. Going up against international hits seems to be Boss Key Productions play and if Radical Heights hits big it could redeem the young developer.

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