Orisa Joins the Crew

Blizzard has officially confirmed the newest character coming to their immensely popular multiplayer shooter, Overwatch. Orisa is a guardian tank developed by robotics expert, Efi Oladele, whom was recently teased by the developer in a blog post. It seems as though Blizzard is trying to expand on the lore of the game in a big way as Orisa has plenty of back story.

According to a host of detailed blog posts and leaks over the past couple weeks, Blizzard has painted a vivid picture of Efi and her robot buddy. Efi, being the good natured soul that she is, had recently won a grant for furthering her skills to help keep humanity safe. She decided that the best way to accomplish this was building a giant robot centaur that has plenty of weaponry. Orisa is an upgraded OR15 robot that was recently decommissioned because of… Technical difficulties. (See Picture Below)


Source: http://bit.ly/2m334Mj

Orisa’s Personality Core

Efi gave Orisa a personality core and a bunch of new armaments for players to experiment with. As a hero in the game, Orisa has a two star difficulty rating and supposedly has the best range of any tank character. Her main weapon is a “Fusion Driver,” which is a mini gun like arm that can deliver sustained damage but significantly lowers speed while being fired. Next up is the “Fortify” ability which lets Orisa take more damage and power through action-impairing effects.  She also has a graviton charge launcher named “Halt!” that not only slows enemies, but pulls them toward the explosion as well. Her last main ability is “Protective barrier” that offers a deployable barrier for allies to hide behind.  Finally Orisa’s ultimate is a “Supercharger” that powers up friendly attack damage in a wide area, the device can be destroyed so it’s suggested that a barrier be deployed over it.


Source: http://bit.ly/2mTqAuH

Orisa is currently live on the PTR for players to test out and give opinions on. If you have the ability to try her out we recommend giving it a shot. Blizzard appreciates the feedback and test data that ultimately helps balance the game. Right now there is no word on when Orisa is going to be patched into the game, but hopefully players won’t have to wait long. Keep checking back with Gigamax for more details on this very unique character, we will have gameplay videos of Orisa the minute she is available for us to play.