Indie Week Celebration: YouTube Playlist

Indie games have a special place in the Gigamax crew’s heart. Being an independent organization, developing, producing and publishing a complete video game isn’t easy. These games are usually put together by small teams that pour their heart and soul into their adventures. Every now and then, Gigamax hosts and Indie Week, showcasing some of the classics and new arrival to the indie game scene.

This is a little look at the indie games the Gigamax has celebrated. Be sure to keep checking back for information on upcoming Indie Weeks!

Find the Indie Game playlist below!

Some of the games that make up this playlist include Rocket League, Oxenfree, Cuphead, Enter the Gungeon, The Darwin Project and so many more. With some incredible indie games coming in 2018, you can be sure this playlist will continue to expand!

Time To Celebrate

Let’s celebrate all the hard work that has gone into these works of art. AAA games are of course usually more graphically appealing with larger worlds utilizing their bigger budgets but at the same time, they feel more sterile.

When big corporations get their hands on the creative process of developing a video game, things start to change and often times suffer. Indie games avoid this kind of corporate input and instead, the teams create their own vision without the need to appease their bosses. This is what allows indie developers to truly push the envelope and develop the games they want to make. This kind of passion is worth celebrating and that’s exactly the goal of Indie Week at Gigamax Games. 

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