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“My mom’s #1 Source for gaming content on YouTube! I play all styles of video games and I’m usually bad at them: Subscribe for daily edited uploads!”

Gigamax is proud to present, LukeLawsonPlays, an incredibly talented and absolutely hilarious gamer who creates the most entertaining video’s you’ll have the chance to see! Welcome to the LukeLawsonPlays page on Gigamax Games.

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HORIZON ZERO DAWN Farming Fast & Easy Mods LEGENDARY!?! (Gameplay and Tutorial)

Horizon Zero Dawn mod farming all all about knowing where to farm and how to farm to quickly and easily upgrade your weapons and armor. Today we take a look at the fastest farming location in the Horizon Zero Dawn starting area of the map, cover the basics of what you will encounter and show a few examples of what mods you can gain from this method.

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I have three goals for Summer 2017, and you can personally take part in each of them!

GOAL #1 – TO INTRODUCE you to at least ONE new game that you haven’t heard of before. There are a ton of games in the world, and even more games, but if I dig deep enough then hopefully you will find something new!

GOAL #2 – TO IMPROVE my content, my channel and my level of entertainment. If you have any feedback or suggestions I encourage you to let me know in the comments section. I make these videos for YOU, so let me know how I can improve them!

GOAL #3 – TO GIVE back to my YouTube community through Giveaways, Events, and Collaborations.

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THANK YOU to each of you who have helped support this community! You have ZERO clue how awesome it is knowing that even ONE person enjoys the content I edit and upload each day while working Full-Time!! -Luke-