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Spreading the E-Sports community, the love of video games, and the opportunity to compete across Long Island and beyond.

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 March 23rd, 2018 | Sign Up Now!

opens at 5:00pm ET, bracket begins at 7:00pm ET

Test your skills in the heralded new Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS4 against the best challengers from across Long Island in a tournament of regional proportions. Find out where the event is being held through the Sign Up link!

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Our Grand Champion will get to choose their prize from$100 in GameStop gift cards and a new gaming headset or a Dragon Ball Z merch box of equal value.The remaining prize will go to the second place winner.


For ultimate glory and your choice of prize for only $10 with advance sign-up ($15 the day of)
Spectators are free. Meet talented gamers, up and coming video game businesses, and other notable guests


Your talent as Long Island’s best Dragon Ball Fighter

Upcoming Tournaments!

  • April 28th: College Pro-Tour Season
 More Information To Come!