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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Gamers may be starting to get sick of hearing Battle Royale, but that hasn't stopped one of the biggest shooters in the world from adding the game mode to their upcoming release, Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The new mode is called Blackout and it has people talking. While Activision and Treyarch didn't offer the public too many details regarding their take on this insanely popular game type, the most recent trailer for the experience certainly clears up a lot of confusion.

Official Call of Duty: Blat Ops 4 - Blackout Battle Royale

In typical Call of Duty fashion, the trailer offers big explosions, firefights, and serious teamwork all set behind a hype-building song. Although, fans that look deeper will see a collection of details that offers the most in-depth look into Blackout yet. The gameplay footage shows a number of different tools and weapons being used by soldiers decked out in skins representing a multitude of characters long-time Call of Duty fans will recognize. Various scenes portray players utilizing the copious amount of vehicles at their disposal including helicopters, pick up trucks, ATVs, and boats.

Another massive bit of information that was revealed in the trailer is the addition of zombies, making Blackout the first major Battle Royale mode to incorporate the undead into the festivities. This obstacle will only appear in sections of the map, themed after the arenas players fought these creatures in past Call of Duty titles. The trailer shows a squad utilizing the classic Monkey Bomb to summon the creatures to an opposing team's location in an arena that looks reminiscent to the classic Asylum Zombie Mode map.

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Call of Duty Fans Dream Come True

Blackout looks like a true love letter to the Call of Duty series. It has skins based on previous characters, guns from almost every generation, and even references to their most popular game modes. A Beta has been announced for the mode that will begin on September 10th on PS4 and September 14th on Xbox One/PC. In order to access the Beta, those interested in playing on console will need to pre-order Black Ops 4, although PC players don't need to buy the game to try out Blackout mode during the beta.

The Gigamax Games crew will be sure to capture gameplay of Call of Duty Blackout the second it's available. Check back on soon to see for yourself what Call of Duty Blackout really brings to the table.



Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Getting Battle Royale Mode

Black Ops 4 Getting Battle Royale Mode

After a multitude of teases and consistent leaks over the past couple of weeks, Activision finally revealed their latest addition to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 4. Like the games that have come before it, Black Ops 4 will contain a variety of new and returning game modes such as Call of Duty's hit zombie mode. This year's installment to the series will feature Treyarch's take on the Battle Royale genre.

Who's Surprised?

Currently being called, Blackout, the new mode will have players battling until there is only one left standing much like the popular games PUBG and Fortnite. Blackout sets itself apart from the aforementioned titles by relying heavily on the previous Black Ops titles. Treyarch already stated that it wants to make a Battle Royale mode in their own way and to achieve that, they added elements from the entire series into the mode.

According to the developer, the map that players will drop into is the biggest one the company has ever made and will incorporate locations from previous Black Ops games. Players will also be able to use weapons and items from every entry of the series, including the infamous RC Car. Another new twist that Treyarch is including is land, air, and sea vehicles that will randomly spawn around the map. Finally, players will be able to take control of famous names from the series like Reznov, Hudson, and Mason.

Black Ops 4, call of duty, new call of duty, new black ops, call of duty battle royale

The Reveal Continues

Activision also dropped a bunch of other details about Call of Duties: Black Ops 4 during today's special reveal event. On top of Blackout, the developer discussed the brand new zombies campaign at length. The mode places a stronger emphasis on mystery and is set across three maps. The company mentioned that Black Ops 4 won't have a traditional single player campaign, instead, the game will have solo missions that focus on each of its Specialist characters.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12th, which is a month earlier than the series typically releases. PC players will need to have a account in order to buy the game as it is being exclusively sold through the service. A beta is going to be held for the game but Activision has yet to set a date for the test. Pre-ordering Black Ops 4 will gives gamers a chance to take part in the highly anticipated beta-test.

Be sure to stop by Gigamax Games in October for gameplay as the crew will surely be picking this game up if nothing else out of curiosity.


Call of Duty: World War II | Let’s Play Page

Call of Duty: World War II | Let’s Play Page

Another year has passed and that means a brand new Call of Duty for gamers around the world. The series has faced some harsh criticism in recent years but is still able to maintain a loyal fan base. People were sick and tired of running on walls future warfare and there was finally a change after so many years. Sledgehammer Games brings the Call of Duty franchise back to their origins with Call of Duty: WWII.

Call of Duty: World War II | on YouTube with Gigamax

The recent game met mixed reviews but the market told a different story. Selling more than Advanced Warfare, the game seems destined to leave a strong legacy. Its campaign was something out of an HBO special, depicting a classic story of the WWII American hero. Faced with adversity and tremendous obstacles, he has to dig deep to get through the horrors of this chaotic war.

Classic CoD Multiplayer

Multiplayer is the classic Call of Duty experience everyone has come to enjoy. The fast-paced action and minimal downtime keep gamers coming back for more. Eliminating running on walls and all those other future antics keeps things on an even playing field, creating a much more enjoyable experience overall.

Can’t Forget Zombie Mode

Zombie mode has come a long way since its inception. The intricate map and unique boss takes a while to get through but it’s rewarding nonetheless. Recently the Gigamax crew was able to work their way through this treacherous Zombie mode so there’s something special coming soon. Be sure to check back here for the Zombie tutorial!

Thank You For Stopping By!

Don’t forget to check in with this playlist page for even more Call of Duty: WWII episodes. From playthroughs to tutorials, the Gigamax crew has big plans for the future of this game!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more!


Call of Duty: WW2 Beta Adjustments

Call of Duty: WW2 Beta Adjustments

Call of Duty: WW2’s first beta wrapped up on August 27th and overall the game was received well by the community. There were some obvious adjustments that needed to be made such as balancing issues but the fans made sure the developers knew about them. Sledgehammer, a subsidiary of Activision, is heading the Call of Duty: WW2 project and they’re taking gamers comments to heart. Players can expect the second beta to feature some improvements that could deliver a more refined experience.

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“New Maps and Modes”

Before diving into the most notable updates, Sledgehammer hinted at another bit of exciting news. In their blog post, before the update information, they mentioned hearing feedback on playlist variety and are working to improve it. The next sentence stated, “You know what else would improve it? More maps and modes.” New maps and additional game modes would make an already exciting beta even more entertaining.

Call of Duty: WW2, call of duty wwii, cod, call of duty, latest games, beta, update

If you want to add feedback, Sledgehammer is taking suggestions on their official Reddit thread.

Major Improvements and Updates

- DOM kills are increased to 100pts, up from 50.

- TDM end match score is now set at 100

- Improvements are being made to hit feedback which includes better audio and a more prominent headshot indicator.

- They are reducing Molotov to x1 per Scorestreak.

- Default incendiary shells is turned off and they mentioned a future nerf is possible.

- Expect Paratrooper strength / cost balancing.

- They mention Recon Aircraft were found to be too vulnerable to rifle damage. 

- Color Blind support option will be added.

The list above includes the most major gameplay updates but you can find the full list on the official blog post

Be sure to check out the Live Stream of Call of Duty: WW2 beta below:

Beta Details

The second beta weekend begins on Friday, September 1st (10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET) and will continue through Monday, September 4th. It will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One and only to those who have preordered the game.

It was exciting to have the chance to see Call of Duty return to their roots and the beta delivered a fulfilling experience. Having the chance to play some Zombies would tie it all together however that isn’t necessarily out of the question when looking at Sledgehammer’s comments. Hopefully the developer continues to accept and embrace the feedback from the beta and makes adjustments along the way to deliver the best Call of Duty possible in November.


Call of Duty: WW2 Marketing Materials Leak Details

Call of Duty: World War 2

Activision recently revealed Call of Duty: WW2 will be the next entry in the long running series. Following the announcement, more details about the popular FPS by Sledgehammer Games were leaked.

Call of Duty, world war 2, new games, activision

Marketing materials for the game seemingly show a Friday, November 3rd release date. This is unsurprising considering the past entries in Call of Duty were all released on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. Also revealed was a vague story description.

"Land in Normandy on D-Day and battle across Europe through iconic locations in history's most monumental war," reads a line from the game description. It continues with "Experience classic Call of Duty combat, the bonds of camaraderie, and the unforgiving nature of war against a global power throwing the world into tyranny." The leak also shows that the game will focus on the bond between soldiers that before the war, had never known each other.

Call of Duty, world war 2, new games, activision

Classic CoD Multiplayer

Multiplayer will be handled much like the other Call of Duty games, with battles set across many iconic locations from World War II. The leak also mentions that players will feature a new way for players to communicate with each other but as of now there are no details on what that could be.

There will also be a co-op mode that features an original story that is separate from the standard campaign. Activision had tried this once before with their previous entry, Black Ops III.

Call of Duty, world war 2, new games, activision

All of these details have yet to be confirmed by Activision, although a live stream of the game with more details is scheduled for this week. Make sure to keep checking back with Gigamax for more details on the game as they're released!


Military FPS: Forget the Future, Go Back to the Past

The chaotic shouts of commands, debris and mud being kicked up by explosions, bullets flying by and all you have is your gun and squad of fellow soldiers. These are the epic moments we get to see in 20th century war shooters that seem to be lost in today’s first person shooter scene (FPS). As an avid fan of the old school Call of Duty’s I’d like to see the return of not just World War II era shooter, but wars from across history as well.

Today when you hear the phrase “military FPS” most visualize a multiplayer focused game with robo-humans representing some government; running across walls, shooting each other with flashy weaponry. This was not always the case though, Once there was a day where military shooter meant a cinematic campaign experience that would teach you a little history. These games would also offer a competitive multiplayer experience that felt fair for the most part.

Some of the games I’m referring to are the early Medal of Honor and Call of Duty iterations as well as non-military based ones like the classic James Bond shooters. When Battlefield 1 released late last month it brought with it a breath of fresh air for many that feel the same way as us. This amazing game reignited my love of the genre that was lost after the myriad of future FPS games that came out this year. Being stuck under fire trying to find a way out that didn’t involve double jumping was probably the best part about the experience. Its overwhelming success proves that developers can still see profit from this old school style.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the more arcade like shooters that have come out recently. My issue with the constant release of these games is that too many developers sacrifice aspects of the game to fit into this new style. For example Call of Duty used to feel like a balanced multiplayer experience but because of the future washing the series has seen, adapting to the new style has become difficult for old fans. Nothing is more frustrating than being killed by heat seeking missiles that kill in one shot. Weapons like this remove a lot of the skill from the experience and can leave players feeling helpless.

This is certainly not a serious issue but running on walls in shooters is starting to grow stale. It would be awesome to see games like Battlefield 1 release more often. Of course this is all just one frustrated old video gamer’s rant about the “good old days” of FPS's, ultimately I could be writing this same article in a few years but asking for future shooters to come back. Let us know what you think below or on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks for stopping by.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | Let’s Play!

Take a trip with us as we dive into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Beta! (Find the full game in the video below!) There are two video’s in the playlist, one of Gig’s taking the fight to Team Death Match and the second is Mack trying out the new game mode. Had fun with it, but find out how we really feel by watching the video. Thanks for coming by Gigamax to check out the new Call of Duty! The end of this month will mark the beginning of Gigamax! New content will be released everyday focused on all things gaming.

Below is the most recent addition to our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ‘Let’s Play’ series! The game was just released and we’re ready to dive into the campaign. Hope you all enjoy!

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