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MT Summit Gaming: Jabs and Frags

MT Summit Gaming: Jabs and Frags

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This weekend marks another incredible local eSports event hosted by MT Summit Gaming. It’s happening this weekend, January 20th and it’s a little different from their past events. Called Jabs and Frags Tandem Tournament, both tournaments for Street Fighter V and Call of Duty World War II will be taking place simultaneously. 

The two-part event will be a place for local gamers from two very different communities to join up and meet like-minded people in a friendly, competitive environment.

Location and Sign Up

Saturday, the doors open at 4:00pm at the Cradle of Aviation Museum located on Charles Lindbergh Blvd, Garden City, New York 11530. Tickets are available for both spectators and competitors. If you’re serious about being a competitor, take a look at the rules and regulations for both the Call of Duty: WWII and Street Fighter V tournaments.

First Place Prizes

With some huge prizes on the line, things are sure to heat up once the action begins. There are two tournaments taking place at the same time so that means double the prizes and excitement.

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Street Fighter V

First place takes home…

  • Qanba Obsidian Fight Stick
  • Copy of DragonBall FighterZ for the console of your choice
Call of Duty: WWII

gaming, MT Summit Gaming, esports, local gamers, local esports, street fighter v, call of duty wwii, street fighter tournament, call of duty tournament

First place team takes home…

  • $200 in gift cards
  • 4 Nubwo N2 Gaming Headsets

Raffle Prizes

The hosts are putting on one exciting raffle as well! Below is just a preview of the raffle prizes Gigamax Games will be bringing. MT Summit Gaming still has so much more to offer!

Prize Pack 1: Funko Call of Duty John “SOAP” Pop Games Figure and a $50 Amazon gift card.

Prize Pack 2: Funko Street Fighter Blanka Pop Games Figure and a $50 Amazon gift card.

SPECIAL PRIZE: The Super NES Classic!

snes raffle, snes giveaway, esports, tournament

Find more information about MT Summit Gaming and their upcoming event Jabs and Frags on Facebook

MT Summit Gaming runs their events a little different from other eSports organizations. The entire production is focused on creating the best possible experience for the gamers and spectators. Jabs and Frags has a particular surprise in store that will make competitors feel as though they’re competing on a global scale. MT Summit Gaming ensures that these events are friendly while also remaining competitive. They are masters at what they do and the tournaments they’ve been hosting continue to leave their mark on the local eSports community.

Don’t forget to stop by the MT Summit Gaming page on Gigamax Games.

Be sure to check back after the event for interviews with the tournament winners and exclusive behind the seans shots from Jabs and Frags!


Overwatch League Is Here: Update and Details

Overwatch League Is Here: Update and Details

This is a two-part article on Blizzards groundbreaking Overwatch League. Find the overview of Blizzards official eSports league directly below and the patch notes are located at the bottom half of the article. 

Overwatch League Is Officially Here

A year in the making, the premiere eSports circuit for the Earth-shatteringly popular first-person shooter, Overwatch has begun. The Overwatch League is an incredible step forward for the eSports community. Blizzard poured an impressive amount of resources into this initiative in order to make it happen. Featuring over 100 players, the league is made up of gamers from all around the world. Boston, Dallas, Florida, Houston, London, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, and two locations in Los Angeles will all be hosting this immense competition.

Overwatch League, Overwatch, eSports, Update, overwatch patch, overwatch dlc, overwatch league patch

Stage 1, week 1 begins today, January 10th. Six teams will kick off this monumental eSports competition. The event will consist of six teams competing each day from Wednesday through Saturday until the first stage concludes on February 10th. This is an arduous competition but this challenge pays off in a big way. At the end of each stage, a $125,000 prize is waiting for the winning team. The Overwatch League champions will take home a whopping $1,000,000.

To keep up with all the action, fans can follow their favorite teams and watch all the matches on

Overwatch League Update for PC, PS4, Xbox One

With the Overwatch League making its debut, Blizzard released their Overwatch update on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Fans of the Overwatch League are going to be happy to hear that new skins based on their favorite leagues’ teams will be available. The patch includes a bunch of additional changes and bug fixes that some Zenyatta and Ana players might enjoy as well.

Overwatch League, Overwatch, eSports, Update, overwatch patch, overwatch dlc, overwatch league patch

Before jumping into all the changes included in the patch, Overwatch fans are in for quite a surprise. The new skins will not be available through loot boxes which has always been the norm. Instead, the new league skins can only be purchased with League Tokens.

Ranging from $5 for 100 Tokens to $100 for 2,600 Tokens, it will be quite pricey to buy the lot. Each skin will cost 100 Tokens. All the skins will cost $1,200 so it might be worth picking out your favorite teams and sticking with them. The good news is that players will automatically get 100 Tokens just for logging on while the first stage is active (Jan 10th – Feb 13th).

Character Changes

There are a few big changes coming to some characters as well and the main menu is getting an update, too. Target’s health bars will be visible to Zenyatta when Orbs of Discord and Harmony are used. Gamers will notice a new Overwatch League area in the main menu where league matches can be streamed. Console players will see some exciting changes as well. The communication wheel selections can be bound to a button and players will now be able to change the crouch mechanic to a press and hold command. Finally, Ana will have an additional setting for Friendly Aim Assist Strength to help players personalize the level of assistance when aiming at teammates.

A bunch of bug fixes is coming to the Overwatch League update, take a look at the official patch notes for additional information.




Blizzard Opens New Overwatch eSports Division

Blizzard Opens New Overwatch eSports Division

Blizzard Entertainment Inc. recently announced the formation of a new division which will oversee Overwatch’s esports efforts. This will be a separate entity from Blizzard’s current Esports division and will use the Major League Gaming name and all of the organization’s assets which the company acquired in 2015 for $46 million. Blizzard made a statement back in November of 2016 that it planned to launch an Overwatch league with hopes of building the “world’s premier esports league.”

esports, activision, blizzard, mlg, new division

The new division will oversee management, operation, sales and distribution for all Overwatch’s esports programs which include the upcomingOverwatch World Cup and Overwatch League. The Overwatch World Cup finals will take place at BlizzCon 2017. It will be interesting to see how the finals go as Blizzard has complete control over every facet of their hit titles’ championship event.

What’s The Official Word?

MLG, esports, blizzard, overwatch, activision

“The new division which will retain the MLG name, will build on Blizzard’s nearly 20-year history as a leader in esports and leverage MLG’s extensive experience with live events and content distribution,” Blizzards press release read. “It will also operate the MLG-branded media network, which will broadcast both Blizzard and Activision esports content as well as other premium gaming programming.”

Blizzard thinks Overwatch is the next big thing and it’s beginning to look as if they’re absolutely right. However, the organization isn’t putting all their eggs in one basket. Their other games will continue to be run by Blizzard’s original team for games like, StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft, leveraging the MLG division’s sales, media production and distribution capabilities along the way.

Nowhere To Go But Up

Esports continues to become more popular, gaining international attention and expanding every year. Blizzard is an economic powerhouse and it’ll be exciting to see how far Overwatch can go in the esports world with a dedicated division focused on the development and expansion of Overwatch’s competitive presence. However, Blizzard’s new division could just be a way for the company to keep tabs on the quality control of all Overwatch tournaments, media and advertising. Only time will tell how or if this new move will impact  MLG’s future. Be sure to check back on Gigamax soon for the latest gaming industry developments.

For more, take a look at the complete Press Release from Blizzard



eSports Gaming and The Future | Gigamax Games


esports, videogames, video games, processional gaming, content, contributors, esports teams

For those who are wrapped up in the competitive world of gaming, it may be a surprise to learn that eSports is still very much in its infancy. The concept has been around for decades but recently it has skyrocketed in popularity.  We here at Gigamax Games want to make sure that our site is a place where gamers can go for not only the latest news and developments, but to keep up with their favorite eSports teams and latest announcements.

Our content contributors range from fans to professional and ex-eSports gamers, and they’re here to deliver the community exactly what they want to see. Highlights, articles and live coverage all can be found at Gigamax games, soon.

The video game industry is taking off and covering eSports will be a critical aspect of this evolution. There have already been amazing events held all over the world with gamers from nearly every nation on Earth. Fierce competition and amazing talent have culminated into spectacular events. Larger venues and a wider expanse of eSports games to choose from have really opened up this segment of the industry. It’s about that time where the world takes it seriously and Gigamax Games is here to do its part.

The Report

Our coverage is expected to begin in early 2017 as we construct our electronic sports section of our website. We are currently looking for more *Content Contributors* who would like to offer their input and have a platform to develop and distribute their own content. Credit will be given to the content creator and they will earn a spot on our content contributor page!

Are you an eSports fan or even a professional gamer that would like to offer their own input? Send us an email at and we can discuss how you can get involved! You can find out more about our Social Community of content contributors, (Here). We are also excited to start covering some of the members of the professional video gaming community as well. If you’re a gamer that would like a spotlight piece on Gigamax Games, we would be excited to get in touch! Thank you all for stopping by, hope you’re all excited as we get ready to take Gigamax to this rousing new level.


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