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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Update Hit A Snag

PUBG’s Update Hit A Snag

Bluehole had some upsetting news for fans of PUBG as the highly anticipated Public Test Server update was put on hold. According to the developer, “the test server build is not stable enough to roll out.”( The patch they have lined up is a substantial one, including new weapons, skins, and a car horn. Due to complications with a client crash bug, the July monthly update will now be moved to the 3rd of August.

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See what’s waiting for players in the next big patch and find a preview of just how big PUBG is becoming.

What You Can Expect

Honk Honk!

One of the additions to the patch which made people lose their minds is the addition of a horn. Drivers can now honk their horns which will default to the left mouse button. Tweet after Tweet, people expressed their approval as though this filled a serious void within the battleground.

The New Boom Stick

Get ready for a new weapon, the Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle. The Mk14 EBR, chambered in 7.62 will accept all sniper attachments and have a selective fire option, too. This means players can either use it to sweep a room or pick off enemies at a distance. It will be exclusive to crates, so expect this new gun to be falling out of the sky August 3rd.

A New Look

Ready for a makeover? PUBG’s monthly update will include its first new face presets and new hairstyles. These will come at a cost and are expected to be priced at 3,000 in-game currency.

Time To Get Hardcore

First-Person Only servers will be one of the most impressive game changing updates that have come to PUBG. Creating a more hardcore shooter experience, players will have the option to choose between standard and first-person only servers. This means looking around corners or over cover will expose a player instead of them having the ability to just move around the camera.

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This option will cater to the more hardcore crowd but could also be a nice change of pace for casual players. It will be important to keep in mind the lean buttons (defaulted to Q and E) which will greatly increase a players chance of survival.

The Usual

Bluehole will, of course, be sticking to their regular maintenance with the latest patch. A few UI changes, user experience update, and server stability will be included. For a more detailed look at the subtle changes, take a look at Blueholes official announcement.

PUBG Just Keeps On Growing

PUBG just hit a major milestone. Selling over 6 million copies according to Bluehole and the game also reached a new concurrent peak personal record of 481,291. This substantial growth has put PUBG ahead of Fallout 4 in the Steam charts. Indie games continue to surpass all expectations. With games like PUBG making headlines and breaking records, there’s no telling what the future has in store for indie developers and their artwork. 

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10 Video Games To Watch Out For In June 2017

10 Highly Anticipated Video Games in  June 2017

The top 10 Video Games to watch out for in June 2017! The latest titles for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Be sure to check back on Gigamax Games for more!

Tekken 7 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – June 2

tekken, gigamax, video games, june 2017 releases, new releases

Tekken 7 is exclusive to Japanese arcades but the rest of the gaming world will soon be playing this highly anticipated fighter in the comfort of their own home. With a wide range of unique characters and fighting styles, Tekken has always delivered tense, exciting and competitive gameplay.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – June 6

Elder Scrolls Online continues their expansion of its incredible world with the release of the Morrowind DLC. In standard Elder Scrolls Online fashion, the DLC will be free for ESO Plus members. Each one of The Elder Scrolls Online DLC’s has been packed with content and unique environments and Morrowind looks as though it will deliver another unforgettable experience.

DiRT 4 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – June 6th

dirt 4, racing games, gigamax, video games, june 2017 releases, new releases

A mix between a simulator and fully fleshed out game, DiRT 4 promises an adrenalin rush second only to getting behind one of these off-road machines in real life. DiRT 4’s developer, Codemasters are excited to debut a ‘game-changing’ system they call Your Stage. This is a rally route creation tool, letting the player produce nearly limitless and unique rally stages you can race and share with friends.

Wipeout Omega Collection (PS4) – June 7

wipe out ogema, gigamax, video games, june 2017 releases, new releases

This futuristic racing game series is a staple in Playstation history. The original trilogy helped set the very first Playstation apart from the other consoles on the market. Fans of the series might want to take a look at pre-order bonus which includes the original Playstation One box art.

Arms (Switch) – June 16

Nintendo is nearly ready to release one of their new IP’s, specifically crafted for the Nintendo Switch. Arms looks like the perfect game to play with friends as you battle with their motion-controlled fighting system.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (PS4, PC, Mac) – June 20

Get ready to liberate Ala Mhigo, a land conquered by the Garlean Empire in this new adventure. The Warrior of Light and his comrades takes them beyond the borders of Aldenard but make sure to prepare because untolled challenges lie in the Far East.

The Golf Club 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – June 27

golf club 2, gigamax, video games, june 2017 releases, new releases

More and more, people love to play online casino and then finish their time up with a round of golf. Dubbed as the ‘most dynamic golf game ever created’, the career mode is filled with subtleties like precise swing mechanics and beautiful sprawling courses. Players can create online Societies and challenge other communities to earn money and build up that all important street credit.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (PS4) – June 27

This pre-sequel to the mystery adventure
game Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, is unlike the first two games. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls lets the player take on the role of two heroines as they try to survive a city thrown into violent anarchy.

Valkyria Revolution (PS4, Xbox One, Vita) – June 27

valkyria revolution, gigamax, video games, june 2017 releases, new releases

This title is finally making its way over the the Americas and will stand out from previous Valkyria games. Valkyria Revolution will not be a sequel to Valkyria Chronicles series and should be considered a spinoff. Taking place in a entirely different timeline, it’ll be a great new adventure for those familiar with the franchise and easy to jump into for newcomers.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4) – June 30

crash bandicoot, gigamax, video games, june 2017 releases, new releases

Any fan of the original Crash Bandicoot series will be ecstatic to find out the game is getting a full HD remaster this June. Play through the original three games, Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped in a nostalgic revisit to this Playstation classic.



Mass Effect: Andromeda – Gameplay Playlist with Gigamax

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Beyond The Galaxy

Mass Effect Andromeda brings players to the stars, following an incredible story and an imaginative adventure. This latest iteration of the saga takes place in the unexplored Andromeda galaxy and those who take the leap into the great unknown are sure to find themselves coming back for more. Faced with a lot of backlash focused on glitchy animations, they overshadow the beauty of the game as a whole. Sure there are some wacky glitches and some weird animation issues, but these are few and far between.

mass effect, Mass Effect, Andromeda, new game, video games, gigamax games, latest games, reviews, gameplay


In the recent playthrough, the Gigamax team offers a first look into the game and what players can expect to see. From incredible views to exhilarating action, this game has it all. The story is immersive and the voice acting is superb. Of course the glitches do take a bit away from the game, but not enough to impact how much it really has to offer.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Review. It will offer a wider overview of the world and a look at what Gigs and Mack thought about this thrilling game as they make their way through the story. This massive, open ‘world’ or should we say ‘universe’ is expected to bring with it plenty of content. For your Mass Effect Fix, the playlist offers a small preview.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – YouTube Playlist

Below you can find the Gigamax Mass Effect Playlist. Let’s Plays, Live Streams and crazy moments we come across as the crew makes their way through this incredible universe. Be sure to check back soon for more Mass Effect!

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Prey – Sci-Fi FPS – Inside Look with GIGAMAX Games

Prey Is Almost Here

Prey is coming May 5th 2017 to Playstation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The upcoming sci-fi shooter was developed by Arkane Studios, known for their incredible first person stealth action games, Dishonored and Dishonored 2. Published by Bethesda Softworks, Prey has some big names behind it. There is a host of game footage available and from the video’s it’s clear, Prey shares a lot with their earlier titles.

The game offers multiple paths for the player to choose from, RPG elements and creative puzzle solving. To begin, you choose from a male or female character which can have a slight impact on the perspective the player will experience throughout the game. It delivers some incredible ambiance and music that helps immerse the player in the dangerous world. Prey of course, looks and feels a lot like Dishonored. However, it does share some similarities with Bioshock and Dead Space as well.

A Mash Of Classics

It’s clear Arkane Studios was influenced by other hit sci-fi games while still maintaining its own unique feel. A huge plus is the fact that the game has multiple ways to complete levels. This ensures each player can have a slightly different experience through the campaign. It’s always nice when a single player story game gives the gamer some kind of option when it comes to experiencing the story. It gives some incentive to replay the game while still ensuring a fun and exciting experience the next time around.

Below is a great video that walks through the first 45 minutes of gameplay. *Spoiler Warning*; A big twist is given away in the first 15 minutes. So if you want a completely fresh experience, we suggest you get hyped about the little bit of info we offered and pass on the video until having the chance to play it for yourself. If you’re on the fence about buying it, we highly recommend you check it out. Just from the first 45 minutes, we’re on the edge of our seat waiting for Prey to drop.



Final Fantasy XV Update Frenzy – New DLC and More! with GIGAMAX

Final Fantasy XV Update Frenzy


Final Fantasy XV Update:  The creators finally address the highly criticized 13th Chapter. However, this isn’t the only update the game will receiving. A slew of updates will begin releasing starting on Feb. 21. The director, Hajime Tabata offered up this information during their live-stream dedicated to Final Fantasy XV.

The first update will be primarily for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Available on Feb21st, this update comes along with the “booster pack” DLC. After this update, Final Fantasy XV will run at 60fps. Along with this performance update, players will now be able to listen to music while riding the chocobo. We here at gigamax don’t agree with installing radio’s on animals… But I digress. Additionally, the level cap will be raised to 120.

Next up will be the highly anticipated Chapter 13 update which releases on March 28th. This update also comes along side the “Episode Gladiolus” DLC. The Chapter 13 update will include various improvements to the notoriously slow last chapter. Facing an outcry from fans, Tobata ensured they will fix some of the issues they’ve heard about. However, few details were offered about what content will be included in the updated final hours. One exciting detail that was offered was that Gladiolus will be a playable character during this section of the game. The update is perfectly timed as the ‘Episode Gladiolus’ DLC allows players to use the character throughout its duration.

Don’t Rush

final fantasy xv update, final fantasy 15 update, gigamax games, gigamax, final fantasy car


Initially, gamers thought the developers ended up rushing Chapter 13 but Tobata quickly dismissed those claims. “The direction of chapter 13’s content was a deliberate decision made by the development team,” he explained. “That said, the amount of stress inflicted on the player while running through this chapter was greater than we had anticipated. We believe resolving this issue will naturally lead to a better gameplay experience.” (

This outlines all the content detailed in the Final Fantasy Live Stream. However, the new content still doesn’t end there. Tobata revealed an ‘Episode Prompto” DLC will release in June. One of our favorite characters, this should be an exciting and humorous addition to Final Fantasy XV.

Expected in the future, an update will allow Noctis to take the Regalia off-road. No other details are available and no release date was set. This is a feature that will truly offer an exciting experience for our second play through.



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