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RIME Indie Game Spotlight on YouTube

RIME Indie Game Spotlight on YouTube

RIME is one of those mysterious abstract puzzles from the first second the game begins. Waking up, alone on a desert island with nothing but the clothes on your back and the crabs at your feet, the story has yet to come into focus. Developed by Tequila Works and released in 2017, RIME faced mixed reviews from the critics and fans. Always preferring a first-hand look at a game, the Gigamax crew decided it was time to see for themselves.

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The game is beautiful but the sea is absolutely the superior environment. The land seemed a bit stiff but the water physics and graphics really were in a league of their own when compared to the land. Even so, the cell shading was enjoyable and easy on the eyes when walking around the interesting world of RIME.

RIME on YouTube with Gigamax Games

Gigs and Mack plan on working their way through RIME in between big game releases. This will be another playlist added to the Indie Spotlight Section! Don’t forget to let the Gigamax crew know what indie games you want to see! Comment your favorite indie game at the bottom of the page so Gigs and Mack know what to play next.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ | YouTube Playlist

Dragon Ball FighterZ | YouTube Playlist

Fighting games have been around for such a long time and gamers consistently enjoy the challenge they present. Able to be played competitively and also open to the casual player, they’re always a great time for anyone. However, throw in a Dragon Ball element and it opens it up to another huge audience. Dragon Ball FighterZ is being called one of the best Dragon Ball fighting games in years. After multiple missteps, it seems Dragon Ball FighterZ found the right formula to make an exciting and fun Dragon Ball fighting game.

Not only is Dragon Ball FighterZ great for competitive online play, but the single player is something special. Fans of the Dragon Ball franchize will absolutely fall in love with the incredible story. Even those that haven’t watched a single episode of Dragon Ball may actually find themselves falling in love with the series after playing through the single player.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Playlist

With the game offering such a variety of characters, the story mode being stuffed with content and the multiplayer experience asking for competitive play, Dragon Ball FighterZ is sure to be a source of countless new videos. The crew has been practicing non-stop so they can put on a show when fighting head to head. This fighting game will come second nature for any Street Fighter fans out there so it’ll only take minimal adjustments before feeling comfortable with the controls.

Thanks For Stopping By!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch! This will be the place to find all the latest episodes added to the Dragon Ball FighterZ playlist. Both Gigs and Mack fell in love with this flashy fighting game so new videos will be coming soon!

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The Darwin Project – Let’s Play Page

The Darwin Project – Let’s Play Page

The Gigamax crew begin their adventure with The Darwin Project thanks to receiving an Alpha key for Steam. Jumping on the brand new Gigamax Gaming PC, Gigs and Mack were ready to see what this new Battle Royale game had to offer. The crew was not disappointed with what they saw.

The Darwin Project on YouTube | Gigamax Games

A New Take On A Beloved Game Mode 

A much smaller and confined experience when compared to other Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite, The Darwin Project is something completely new. 7 players to a map, the game is focused on survival rather than conflict. Players are tasked with staying alive in the harsh, frozen environment. Building a fire is a necessity and upgrading your weapons is a must. Periodically, a hexagonal section of the map will turn red and become uninhabitable. Players will need to work around this obstacle and take refuge in the rapidly shrinking map.

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There’s no telling when The Darwin Project will be available to the public. The Gigamax crew will be keeping a close eye on this game as the small, Alpha experience lived up to expectations. Even for an Alpha, there were only a few changes we noticed need to be made. The future looks bright for The Darwin Project.

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Sonic Forces: Nintendo Switch Let’s Play

Sonic Forces: Nintendo Switch Let’s Play Page

So many might agree that Sonic Forces isn’t the best game in the world, but the Gigamax crew had to see for themselves. Being Sonic fans for a long time, any new Sonic game was worth the money just to see what they’re doing with the series. Sometimes a bad review doesn’t always mean the game is actually bad. Sonic Forces absolutely has its place in the Sonic franchise.

Sonic Forces: Nintendo Switch on YouTube

Even though the game lacks depth, it offers the classic Sonic feel the game is known for. The Nintendo Switch allowed Sonic Forces to create such an amazing environment and playing mobile is always incredible. Even with all this amazing technology, it couldn’t create an industry stopping Sonic game.

Don’t Forget To Check Back For More

The game is relaxing to play, great to sit back and embrace the nostalgic 3D Sonic experience however the story is absolutely shallow. This didn’t stop the Gigamax crew from enjoying their time and making fun of the game made it even more enjoyable. With a classic Sonic feel, the game is almost hypnotic. Run through the missions, collect coins and spin through loops to make it to the end.

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For a closer look at the direction this game took, there’s a big surprise in the first episode. Be sure to stop by for more episodes as Gigs and Mack work their way through Sonic Forces. At first, they weren’t sold on spending any more time on the title but now they can’t wait to see how it wraps up!

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Super Mario Odyssey – Let’s Play Page with Gigamax

Super Mario Odyssey – Let’s Play Page with Gigamax

Well, the time came for Nintendo to reveal their latest Mario game to the world and people lost absolutely lost their minds. Super Mario Odyssey was a welcomed addition to the Mario franchise and nearly every Mario fan agrees that this is up there in terms of the best Mario games to ever release. Something completely unique and unlike any other Mario game, Nintendo truly delivered an amazing experience.

This has been the year of Nintendo and releasing this massive hit continued their winning streak. The Nintendo Switch has allowed this incredible company to take this classic character to entirely new heights. Not only is it great to play as Mario once again on Nintendo’s most impressive console in years, but it’s an incredible game through and through. Even if it wasn’t Mario in front of the controls, the game itself can go toe to toe with any platformer on the market today. From each unique kingdom to the puzzles and amount of content, gamers can enjoy hours of Super Mario Odyssey without getting bored.

Super Mario Odyssey on YouTube with Gigamax

One thing has been consistent in terms of criticism, people were asking for more Kingdoms. The campaign may not be the longest but after finishing the core game, it doesn’t end there. There are 999 moons to find throughout all the Kingdoms and some are rewards of challenging tasks. Some of these challenges open up after the campaign is completed but others are only available once a player reaches a certain amount of moons. This creates an incredibly addictive meta, calling for players to scour the amazing Kingdoms for these little hidden tasks.

Super Mario Odyssey is much more focused on exploration rather than running through the story. The open world layout and hidden secrets around each world truly put the gamer in charge of their own adventure. Nintendo delivered something special to gamers with Super Mario Odyssey and the gaming community couldn’t be happier. It’ll be exciting to see what comes next for the Mario franchise but one thing is for sure, the world will still be searching for those 999 moons for quite some time.

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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Let’s Play Page

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Let’s Play Page

The Wolfenstein franchise has been around for over a decade and gamers were ecstatic to hear about this latest title. Staying true to their roots, MachineGames was able to get people excited about a single-player first-person shooter game. The genre has been scarce in modern gaming as most fps’ focus on the multiplayer element of their games and the campaign is usually an afterthought. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus knocked it out of the park with their take on the experience and it could have a bigger impact on the industry as well.

Publishers and developers will be using Wolfenstein 2 as a guide in order to gauge the community’s interest. If this latest Wolfenstein game sells well, it could mean many more single-player first-person shooter games coming to modern consoles soon.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus on YouTube with Gigamax

The game overall is an incredible experience. Fast paced and extraordinary in terms of action, it was able to deliver true entertainment coupled with a fantastic story. America has fallen to the Nazi’s and gamers play as a resistance fighter ready to take back the United States of America. Not only is it an interesting story, it almost intentionally touches on important social issues in real life to pull even more emotion out of the gamer. This is a true patriotic story and it truly is a thrilling adventure.

Even if a gamer never played a previous Wolfenstein, the game does a great job catching people up with the story. A quick and concise recap in the beginning of the game gives people a nice synopsis of the most recent Wolfenstein story ark. The New Colossus is the sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order but it still remains inviting to those that didn’t have a chance to play the first game. MachineGames really did an amazing thing with this latest release.

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Cuphead – Indie Spotlight on YouTube

Cuphead – Indie Spotlight on YouTube

The independent developers, Studio MDHR have brought the world, Cuphead. This indie game offers a host of unique features that made it truly stand out. Hand-drawn, it looks like something straight out of the 1930’s and this is not the only aspect of the game that caught people’s attention. Cuphead is one of the most challenging platformers the Gigamax crew has had the chance to play.

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Warning: Hard More

Even though it’s incredibly difficult, the unique art style and exciting gameplay makes it easy to keep on playing. In the beginning, it opens with the player walking through a tutorial to get them comfortable with the controls. After this brief introduction to the game, it sends the gamers off on an adventure. Cuphead is tasked with fending off the sentient vegetables and other whacky creatures around the world. Navigating the overworld allows the player to freely choose missions and bonus levels. Shops and other locations are scattered around this overworld and it adds another level of adventure to Cupheads’ quest.

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Overall, the game delivers an incredible experience through and through. From the amazing art and graphics to the challenging platforming along with the difficult 2D shooting mechanics, Cuphead earns its spot as one of the best Indie Spotlights this year.

Cuphead: Indie Spotlight on YouTube

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch! More Cuphead episodes will be coming soon. This game is unlike anything else out right now and it absolutely deserves a playthrough. Because of how challenging this indie game actually is, it will take some time to make it to the end. Come offer some support with a Like or Comment!

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New Hellblade Patch Fixes Tons of Bugs

New Hellblade Patch Fixes Tons of Bugs

It has been a little over a week since Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was released and the developers are already patching a variety of bugs that have been plaguing players. While the independently developed game was praised as one of the best games to come out this year, it certainly had its issues. That’s why the developer, Ninja Theory, rushed to get this patch out detailed here on their blog.


There were bugs that would break the game or stop character progression entirely and these were the first to be addressed. They also fix a variety of collision issues that would send the player out of the game world and make it impossible to proceed. PC players will also be happy to hear that an issue involving the menu not loading has been patched.

There’s No Stopping Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory doesn’t plan on stopping either. The blog post also detailed that they’re still hard at work looking into bug reports so expect more updates in the near future. One patch, in particular, is the performance issues that PC players with AMD GPUs have experienced.

Below we have a full list of the patch notes that you can also find on Ninja Theory’s blog. While releasing broken games should never be acceptable, it’s hard for a small development team to take care of all the issues right at launch, sometimes it takes time for the community to find the problems and aid in pointing out where they are. Hellblade was an excellent game that should be in every gamers library especially after the patch. Gigamax managed to beat the game while only encountering one game breaking bug. If you’ve had issues make sure you report it to

Patch Notes:

-Fixed a crash that could happen if two Keep Guard enemies are standing close to each other and one dies.
-Russian subtitles for the Hellblade feature have been added.
-Fixed an issue where the audio would be out of sync with the Hellblade feature if it has been paused for an extended period of time.
-Fixed an issue where the Baldr Masks in the Tower Shard level are white on the inside.
-Fixed scenarios resulting in unlit geometry after reloading from checkpoint.
-Fixed a potential progression stopping bug in the Fenrir Cave by the ‘M’ rune door puzzle.
-Fixed potential progression stopping bug in Fenrir Cave due to check pointing after skipping a lit region.
-Fixed potential progression stopping bug in Fenrir Cave if player fails to collect floor rune after combat and subsequently dies.
-Fixed collision issues that could allow players to unintentionally exit the game world.
-Fixed audio cut-out issues.
-Added audio cues for hidden faces.
-Fixed audio hard cut at the end of various cut scenes.
-Fixes for audio lip sync issues.
-Audio balancing fixes.
-Various subtitle localisation fixes across a number of languages.

Combat tweaks:


-Adjusted automatic difficulty enemy health scaling and Senua’s damage taken/given modifiers.


-Increased damage value of certain combo finisher attacks.
-Adjusted rate of combat focus resource build-up in Hard difficulty mode or higher.
-Fixed issue with stinger animated cameras popping if the same attack was repeated.

Warrior Enemy

-Warriors now have an increased chance of evading certain heavy attacks.
-Fixed missing sound effects on certain reactions.

Protector Enemy

-Health values have been lowered.
-Will now remain vulnerable for longer after his shield guard has been broken.

Keep Guard Enemy

-Fixed a potential crash bug if Keep Guard enemies are standing close together and one of them dies.
-Tweaked rotation rate during certain attack windups.
-Fixed missing sound effects on certain attacks.


-Fixed an issue where Surtr was able to throw Senua outside of the arena.


-Fixed an issue where Valravn could not be damaged while in Focus for certain combos.
-Parried projectiles will now remove shadow state on hit.


-Health values have been adjusted.
-Fixed issue where certain attack were not dealing damage correctly to Fenrir.

Revenant Enemy

-Adjusted slide properties for certain attacks.
-Adjusted cooldown for parry and evade defensive actions.
-Parried projectiles will now remove shadow state on hit.

Photo Mode

-Fixed an issue where motion blur is applied to object incorrectly during Photo Mode.
-Removed the second slider that did nothing when cycling through the Effects tab.

PC Only fixes

-Fixed an issue where altering master volume would cause no audio to be played during the intro.
-Fixed the lack of vibration with the Steam Controller for the Blindness level
-Fixed an issue where key bindings and run toggle were not being saved between game sessions
-Fixed an issue where looking around with the mouse during the boat intro was not working.
-Fixed an issue where Focus was not able to be assigned to another key.
-Fixed an issue where tabbing out during cut scenes would cause audio to go out of sync.
-Fixed an issue where the menu would not load on start up.




ARMS – Nintendo Switch Playlist

ARMS – Nintendo Switch Playlist with Gigamax Games

ARMS, Nintendo’s new I.P., is finally here and it was well worth the wait. This intense fighter is truly a unique mix of mechanics and chaos. Outfitted with springy arms, the goal is to knock out your opponent before they have the chance to take you out. Jumping around the selection of arenas, players fling their arms at a distance and curve the punches to eliminate their opponent. Barriers located around the ring offer players the chance to wrap their enemies arms up and counter with a devastating blow.

ARMS, nintendo, nintendo switch, switch, gigamax, gigamax games, YouTube, vball

Multiplayer Modes and More!

That was only one of the multiplayer options the game has to offer. V-ball and Hoops are the other game types available. V-ball is literally volleyball but instead of a ball, players play with a bomb on a timer. Once the short timer ends, the orb drops wherever it’s located and a point is scored. Players fight, not with each other, but to keep the ball in the air and on their opponents side of the net.

Hoops, a Gigamax favorite is a variation of half-court basketball, without the ball. Players fight for the opportunity to grab their opponent and either slam-dunk their enemy for two points or launch them across the arena for their chance at a three-pointer.

These game modes and the variety of fighters offer gamers a chance to spend hours throwing extended punches while never getting bored. ARMS truly shines when played with a friend, providing some nail-biting matches. Nintendo has done it again, developing an addictive fighter with some loveable characters.

ARMS, nintendo, nintendo switch, switch, gigamax, gigamax games, YouTube, hoops

ARMS – Gigamax YouTube Playlist

Below you will find the ARMS playlist by Gigamax. Watch as Gigs and Mack go head to head, showing off all the multiplayer game modes. There will be more video’s coming soon so be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more in the future.




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