Welcome To Our Playthrough of ‘We Happy Few’

Hope you all enjoy!

We Happy Few is a look at an alternate dystopian past filled with happy pills, lunatics, and rotten fruit. Gigs and Mack are stepping willingly into this scary alternate world and meeting the local psychopaths.

Join us as we make our way through this unfortunate version of Britain. This survival game’s beta is part of the Xbox Preview program. The developers over at Compulsion Games have done an impressive job showing an early version of their procedurally generated survival horror game. We have had a great time returning to the game with every new update they have released.

In our most recent play through we took a dive into We Happy Few’s Clockwork update. This update changed plenty in game functions as well as adding some necessary components. A new way of handling dialogue  is one of the many new addition we enjoyed, instead of conversations happening while the game world is running they now snap and pause the background action. This change ensures that none of the players quests are interrupted or broken. Another great update is the new starting zone, now when the player wakes up in the world there is a bigger underground base to take a look at. This new area is filled with more clues into the lore of the game and why exactly everyone is so crazy. It also finally answers why those police officers so willingly stopped chasing you in the tutorial!


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