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Latest PUBG PS4/Xbox One Patch Revamps Progression

Despite many feeling that PUBG has not kept up with other games in the Battle Royale genre, it is maintaining a healthy audience. PUBG Corporation wants to rectify some of these mistakes in its latest update for consoles. It introduces a new progression system known as Weapon Mastery, an auto-equip for attachments feature, an additional controller preset, and more.

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PUBG Corporation announced this news via Twitter. The update is scheduled to land on both PS4 and Xbox One on Thursday, June 27th. Server maintenance will begin at 1:00 A.M. on the 27th and last until 7:00 A.M.

PUBG Update: All Eyes on Weapon Mastery

The main focus of the patch is the new Weapon Mastery system that will allow players to level up each gun and earn rewards along the way. These rewards include charms and medals and will be earned independently of seasons. Each weapon includes 100 levels to achieve whilst playing.

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A new controller preset is also being introduced to PUBG for players that heavily rely on the lean feature. The developer says this new "Type C" control style is for those that use a thumb-index finger-middle finger grip.

Lastly, PUBG will receive a long requested auto-equip feature, that allows players to attach modifications to their firearm on the fly. A number of bug fixes are also being implemented, including various issues with equipping weapons, and bullets not going through some in-game objects.

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For a deeper look into the lengthy patch notes, the full report is available on PUBG's website. We here at Gigamax are big fans of PUBG, so be sure to keep checking back for all the latest details!





Highlights of E3 2019

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (more widely known as E3) is one of the largest highlights of the year for gamers. The event typically spans several days and gives us insider knowledge and access to projects from various developers, publishers, and hardware manufacturers. 

The most anticipated part of E3 is its press conferences. This year was the 25th staging of the event and while there were some lackluster moments, our focus is on the ones that blew our collective minds. Join us as we review the highlights of E3 2019.

Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077

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After CD Projekt Red gave us classics such as The Witcher Trilogy, anticipations were high for their next venture into the RPG world. These expectations were exceeded as the reveal trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 showed amazing visuals and gave us a preview of an interesting story where cybernetic modification and technology use has been taken to worrying extremes. As the trailer played, excitement only grew until it culminated in a fever pitch when a fully video game rendered Keanu Reeves showed up on screen. Things only got better when the John Wick star took to the stage to tell us more about the game. In one of the greatest E3 moments of all time, as Reeves was describing the game’s environment as “breathtaking”, an excited fan shouted, “You’re breathtaking!”, which saw an eruption of laughter from the live audience. Reeves would then respond in kind letting us all know how breathtaking we are. This moment will no doubt live on inside our minds forever.

Devolver Digital’s Big Fancy Press Conference

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You know it’s special when we include an entire conference as an entry on our list. Devolver’s conferences seem to get more interesting and more creative each year. Though their conferences are short, they are the only publisher that maintains high audience interest for the entirety of a press conference. This is because they’re not afraid to poke fun at themselves and parody the video game industry as a whole. In fact, they even took shots at the relevance of E3 this year, which shattered any semblance of a fourth wall.

Within the fun and madness were a couple of well-received indie game reveals such as Mediatonic’s Fall Guys that we can’t wait to get our excited hands on.

Final Fantasy VII Remake (Tifa and Sephiroth Reveal)

Square Enix started their conference with a bang, causing everyone to go wild at the site of a familiar menu screen. After the disappointment of not hearing anything about this much-anticipated remake at E3 2018, Square Enix needed to wow the fans this year, and wow us they did. The graphics in the reveal were stunning. We got a look at some of the gameplay, mechanics, and we even finally got a definitive release date of March 3, 2020.

Everything mentioned above was amazing, but two reveals got a reception unlike anything else in the entirety of the trailer. We knew all our favorite polygon shaped characters of old were getting a major high-definition facelift, but the sight of the beloved Tifa and the nefarious but charming Sephiroth were the icing on a very well-made cake. After years of waiting with bated breath, we are simply counting the days down to release.

Watchdogs Legion Reveal

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Though the Watchdogs games have always revolved around one of the best game mechanics of the modern era in the wake of hacking, the franchise was never as well received as Ubisoft would’ve liked. While the second entry, Watchdogs 2, was a great game, the sour taste in the mouth of gamers from the first title meant that it never got the chance to shine.

After a long hiatus, Ubisoft returned to the title in a big way. The reveal for the 3rd entry, Watchdogs Legion, was almost unanimously well received. Taking place in a post-Brexit London, the story sees the city fall under constant surveillance and oppression. With an interesting permadeath system and the ability to “recruit and play as anyone”, it seems the possibilities are endless for the franchise’s newest entry. 

This fact came to light in a big way as the now beloved Helen was revealed. Helen is a grandma (yes, you read that right) who has some serious hacking and combat skills and she shows no signs of slowing down. Her "balls to the walls" personality and her athleticism that rivals that of people a quarter of her age are just two of the reasons the community is unable to stop talking about her.

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Ikumi Nakamura

e3 Ikumi Nakamura, e3 2019 ikumi nakamura, e3 2019 bethesda, e3 2019 gohstwire: tokyo

Most conferences see publishers talk about games and produce cringeworthy moments. That was not the case in what may have been the highlight of Bethesda’s showcase. Creative Director of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Ikumi Nakamura, came to tell us about her game and stole our hearts as she did so. Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure game that makes use of paranormal elements.

While the game looks to be great, the real highlight was Ikumi, who emanated enthusiasm with every line she spoke. She blended excitement, passion, humor, energy, humility, and appreciation in the short time she took the stage. She all but broke the internet and spawned a series of fan art and discussions.

Marvel’s Avengers

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The final entry on our list is a game that the gaming community was quite skeptical about after it leaked. After Square Enix’s showcase, however, we can honestly say that we are looking forward to this game’s release. We must acknowledge the fact that the character models are not our favorite in terms of faithfulness to the source material, however, the graphics we saw in this game are nothing short of remarkable.

Initially, you’ll have access to Captain America, Thor, Iron-Man, Black Widow, and The Hulk. More heroes are on the way and we were quite impressed to hear that they’ll be free. There’ll be no loot boxes and no paywalls, which is a welcome change in the current era of microtransactions.

The cast is just as strong as the graphics as the game features Nolan North, Troy Baker, Travis Willingham, Jeff Schine, and Laura Bailey as Iron-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and the Black Widow respectively.

Those are our picks for the top highlights of E3’s 25 staging. We don’t know about you, but we won’t soon forget any of these moments. What was your favorite moment in E3 2019? 

Special thanks to OffGamers for the guest blog submission! Read more by OffGamers!






Pokemon Go: Shiny Spinda And Legendaries Coming In July’s Field Research

A new month means another set of Field Research missions are on their way to Pokemon Go. Niantic will be implementing the new set of quests across the globe on July 1st at 4 p.m. ET. These tasks will give trainers increased chances of encountering legendaries and Shiny Pokemon.

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From July 1st through September, each Research Breakthrough a trainer achieves will lead to an opportunity to catch one of a few legendaries including Latios, Latias, Kyogre, or Groudon. On top of that, trainers will have the chance to obtain a unique Spinda with a new spot pattern through Field Research tasks, and a lucky few will have a chance at the Shiny version.

Pokemon Go - Field Research

Field Research tasks are obtained through spinning Photo-Discs at Poke Stops. The first task a trainer completes will reward them with a stamp, upon collecting 7 stamps trainers will receive a Research Breakthrough, which will finally lead to the encounter with one of the legendaries mentioned above. More details can be found on the Pokemon Go website.

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Before all of this starts, Niantic is rolling out a new monster to EX Raids. Starting June 23rd, trainers will be able to encounter the Speed Forme of the Mythical Pokemon Deoxys in EX Raids. These types of raids are invite-only and can be accessed through the use of an EX Raid Pass. The only way to receive one of these passes is by completing a raid at a qualifying gym.

Fans don't need to wait for the July's Field Research to obtain the legendary Kyogre. The water type is currently available in standard raid battles until June 27th, when Groudon will take the spot. Niantic is also bringing back the legendary thunder dog Raikou for a brief period of time. This comes as a reward for trainers completing enough Global Challenges during the recent Pokemon Go Fest. Raikou Raid Day will be held on Saturday, June 29th, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time.





Gears 5: Free DLC Maps, No Season Pass, No Random Loot Boxes

The upcoming Microsoft exclusive Gears 5, which got another cinematic preview at this year's E3, is right around the corner. As the September release date draws near, more details are being revealed about the third-person shooter. A recent post on the Gears 5 website informed players the game will include free DLC and the lack of a season pass.

Gears 5 Cinematic Preview

The blog post shows off a cinematic look at the new character Fahz. The developer also explains the new 3-player co-op mode, Escape. Although, the biggest reveal was how Microsoft plans on handling the additional content releasing over the course of the game's life span.

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The developer behind Gears 5, The Coalition wants to ensure they create a player first experience, which means some of the additional content will be free. Gears 5 will not have a season pass or loot boxes and will feature free DLC maps for both public and private play. Also included are microtransactions, but the post ensures that all purchases will be direct and not feature any RNG. The different types of cosmetics up for purchase include costumes, weapon skins, banners, expressions, executions, blood sprays, and marks.

Gears 5's story follows Kat Diaz as she looks into her heritage and her connection to the Locusts (bad guys of the Gears series). Xbox boss Phil Spencer is confident in Gears 5 and said that the game was looking great when he went to visit the Vancouver based studio. Gears 5 releases on September 10th on Xbox One and PC with a versus technical test scheduled for Friday, July 19th. We here at Gigamax are excited for the next game in this long-running series, so be sure to keep checking back here at for all the latest updates.






Is E3 Getting Old? What Does the Future Hold?

High costs and more effective ways for game companies to spread the word about major announcements could be killing E3. The video game industry is maturing and these events may become a thing of the past.

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Press events like E3, Gamescom, and PAX play a major role in the video game industry. It’s the time of year where even casual gamers spend a little time tuning in to these highly produced conferences to see what’s on the horizon. Events like E3 are a time for gaming companies to make their major reveals, new console announcements or showing off a highly anticipated or completely secret title. However, companies like Sony and Activision have turned to other means to share their news with the gaming community. Nintendo never takes to the main E3 stage and instead holds a Nintendo Direct. E3 is an exciting time for gamers, but the cost and effective alternatives to a massive press conference are becoming more attractive.

E3, or Any Game Conference is Costly

It isn’t cheap for a company to attend E3. In 2017, a large scale E3 booth cost around $6,600 per day and that’s the low end according to Booth space is only the beginning. At the Game Developers Conference in 2017, a pre-cut 10ft x 10ft carpet cost $191, a simple plastic chair runs $60, and GDC charges $118 per day for electricity (10 Amp/1000 Watts). These were the prices in 2017. As with any event, product, or service, expenses increase over time.

All the prices listed above only include the bare minimum, just a carpet, a chair, and electricity. It still requires a tremendous amount of money to ship equipment or a booth to a conference. Shipping 1,000 pounds of freight through UPS Air Freight can cost upwards of $6,500. Now it’s time to think about hotel rooms for staff, travel, and all the marketing materials adds up quickly. An E3 conference could cost as much as a house. Companies are beginning to question whether the cost is justifiable.

E3 2019 wasn’t quite the same without some of the massive names in gaming. Both Sony and Activision were a no show. Instead, they decided to host streams rather than physically attend the conference. Blogs, social media, YouTube, there are multiple avenues for Sony and Activision to inform their fans. These massive companies were both able to get their announcements out and at the same time avoid the monstrous expense that comes along with attending E3 2019.

Phil Spencer Misses His Friends

Phil Spencer, Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft came out after E3 2019 and expressed concern about the future for this staple of the gaming industry. He made the point to state that E3 isn’t just about the new releases and company announcements, it’s about the perception of the industry. The World Health Organization classified Gaming Disorder as a recognized disease and E3 is a time to show gaming is beyond just the anti-social kid in the basement. Spencer does have a vested interest in how E3 performs. He currently sits on the board of directors at the Entertainment Software Association, the group responsible for hosting E3 every year.

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As the video game industry continues gravitating toward streaming as a way to communicate with the community, an E3 kind of conference begins to look less and less worth the expense. Nintendo crushed it with their Nintendo Direct. Streaming news costs a mere fraction of a ticket to E3. Of course, smaller companies are at a massive disadvantage. Sony, Activision, Nintendo; these organizations have a pile of money to throw at advertising and already have a huge community.

E3 2019 was always a time to gather around and watch the highly produced press conferences. It’s unclear how long this will last but it’s unimaginable to think E3 and similar events will disappear altogether. Instead, it’s much more likely for big name companies to take a back seat when it comes to attending these conferences. This would leave room for smaller game companies to use the main stage to build their notoriety.

Only time will tell what the future holds for E3 and other large scale gaming conferences. There’s no word about Sony or Activision regretting their decision to sit out of E3 2019. If this trend continues, it may leave room for smaller companies to take their place and reach a worldwide audience. As the video game industry continues to evolve, will continue to watch and report. Be sure to keep checking back for all the latest news, reviews, and gameplay and to stay up-to-date with this ever-changing community and industry.






Shenmue 3 Developer Addresses Fans Concerns Over Epic Store Exclusivity

The developer behind Shenmue 3, Ys Net, revealed last week during E3 that the crowdfunded sequel will appear on the PC as an Epic Store exclusive at launch.

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Initial fan reaction was mixed, with many feeling agitated that Ys Net had moved back from their initial statement that said the game would be available on Steam. The developer still plans on launching the game on the platform, but not for 12 months after the initial release.

Ys Net has responded to the disparaging comments on their Kickstarter Page, saying that they are listening to fans. Important Representatives from the studio are currently on their way back from E3 2019, but the studio assured fans that they plan on sitting down and finding a way forward in returning fan confidence to the game when they get back home.

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"We want to make sure that the Backers are aware that we are listening to their concerns," Ys Net says in the update. "We kindly ask all our fans to have some patience, we are currently at E3 demoing the game and need to get back to our respective offices to assess the situation and together find a way forward to justify the trust you placed in us." (

Back in 2015, development was funded on Kickstarter for Shenmue 3 by 69,000 backers contributing a total of $6.3 million. The publisher behind Saints Row, Deep Silver, later stepped forward to take on publishing rights for the game.

Shenmue 3, shenmue, kickstarter, epic games, epic games store, epic store, steam, pc gaming, ys net, gaming, games, gigamax, gigamax games

Shenmue 3 was just one of the titles the Epic Games Store said was coming to the platform as a timed exclusive. The studio clarified that this move was made because Epic offered them a unique sense of stability that they could not find anywhere else.






An Argument for Making Video Games Weirder

They just don’t make video games the way they used to. This isn’t to say the quality has decreased, but the weirdness sure has. It seems like game development companies just aren’t too keen on taking risks with weird games these days.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, weird games, video game articles, video game news, video game opinions, gigamax, gigamax games

There is plenty of innovation going on, such as cloud services, shareability, and streaming technology, but there is a serious lack of weirdness. Gone are the days of seeing Santa Claus in a sumo suit body slam a mutant bunny rabbit in a game like Clay Fighters 63 1/3 and people playing a game all about Michael Jackson’s signature moonwalk dance (Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, yes that’s an actual Sega Genesis game from the 90s.)  

Indie Developers Save the Day

Since the major companies are squeamish, the torch has been passed to smaller, independent developers. “If you’re looking for weird games, try checking out the work of less mainstream creators such as LGBTQ and people color. You’ll get a look at bizarre and fun worlds of romantic giant robot fights and more. Games with these kinds of themes are risky, to say the least, but they are also very fun and a refreshing break from the usual,” recommends June Camp, tech writer at NextCoursework and 1Day2Write.

One recent weird development is the release of Playdate by Panic. Playdate is a unique, handheld gaming device that offers users a 12-week schedule of mystery games. It’s kind of amazing this thing was made, considering it’s the exact opposite of what mainstream gamers have been seeing for years. “People are used to predictability in their games. They get into a pattern of using that same loadout for Call of Duty or Fortnite, hiding in the same spot on the maps, etc. Playdate is much more unpredictable and hopefully, it is signalling a more creative turn for the gaming industry,” writes Douglas Grimm, CRO expert at WriteMyX and BritStudent.

Mod’s Bring the Weird

One major advantage that PC gaming has over consoles is that you get a lot more creative because of the ability to mod games. Modding, which is slang for modifying, involves changing the structure, appearance, and even the gameplay of a game. If you’re computer savvy enough, you can improve a title’s graphics or even add in brand new elements. In fact, the highly popular game DOTA is a product of modding. Once the modifications are done, the user plays the altered version, with the mod basically sitting on top of the original game.

DOTA, weird games, video game articles, video game news, video game opinions, gigamax, gigamax games

Mods are generally about fixing bugs and catering to preferences, but they can also get pretty darn weird. Once you've played a game long enough, you start to wonder things like “I wonder what my character would look like with chainsaws for arms?” and “How would it look if he fired snowballs out of his gun rather than bullets?” Modding can also make games weird in ways beyond these kinds of goofy, but purely aesthetic, alterations. People have rebuilt entire games, using mods to create a higher quality graphic and gameplay experience for the player. One example of this is Black Mesa, which is a complete rebuild of the popular game Half-Life. Black Mesa is the same basic game, but with better graphics, new items, new character dialogue, and even a brand-new soundtrack. It feels almost like a new release, but it’s still basically Half-Life.

Minecraft is an ideal game for modders. One of the weirder mods is turning the baddies into horrifying zombies with blood dripping from them. Another modder was dissatisfied with the unrealistic way that creatures reproduce in the Minecraft universe. The resulting mod features both distinctly male and female creatures, pregnancy, a mating season and more. This kind of bizarre attention to detail is what makes weird mods one of the best parts of any gaming experience.

If reading about these bizarre mods makes you want to go out and learn how to mod your way to your own weird game, be sure to do it right. Take your due diligence and make sure you are using safe sources for your modding. Check out sites such as the Steam Community Workshop, MODSonline, Nexusmods, and MinecraftMods. Who knows, maybe your weird modding will be the start of the awesome new, weird video game the world needs badly.

Emily Marchant

Emily Marchant is a blog contributor for PhDKingdom. She looks after the renewal and retainment of subscribers, using email newsletters, sponsored content, and events. Emily is a great project manager, team member and marketing manager at Academic Brits and Origin Writings.






FTLoTG – Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review

Review by, William Griston, For Love of the Game – Gigamax Games Contributor

Splitgate: Arena Warfare was created by an extremely small indie studio called 1047 Games and is the bastard lovechild of Halo and Portal. It is one of those games that you never knew you wanted and once you got it you cannot get enough.

The developers have a public discord server and frequently interact with the community and take suggestions to heart, for better or worse. With a ton of active users and moderators, their discord always has people willing to offer suggestions for improving your gameplay or even helping you troubleshoot issues with performance.

Free to play, but not pay to win

Splitgate is entirely free to play, just download it from steam and hop in.

Splitgate does have microtransactions in the form of aesthetics, which are at the time of this writing called disco balls which you trade in for SAW(Splitgate: Arena Warfare) Packs, essentially playing the same role Loot Boxes from Overwatch. There are plans to allow players to purchase specific armor pieces and various skins for weapons, armor, and portals.

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If you aren’t competitive, give it a pass

Definitely not for the faint of heart or the slow of reflexes, Splitgate offers intense and high-speed gameplay not seen all that often in the modern era. The gunplay is lifted directly from Halo, with all the weapons baring more than a striking resemblance to the ones from its progenitor. Halo always had a solid core for the gunplay, add in the portals from Portal and you have a recipe for a twitchy arena shooter with an extremely high skill ceiling. The biggest problem is that the game is exceedingly punishing of new players as they are both unfamiliar with the maps and not used to the addition of the portals to the usual FPS gunplay dynamic, enabling more familiar players to pop in behind them when they least expect it.

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The game modes are pretty standard for an arena FPS game(Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, King Of The Hill, Oddball, SWAT), most of them have been lifted from Halo with some of their own versions of game types from other popular shooters thrown in. The developers have even seen fit to include Kill Confirmed from the Call of Duty franchise with their own spin on it called “Teabag Confirmed”. This silly game mode is a fun diversion from the stock standard Team Deathmatch fare. The objective of “Teabag Confirmed” is a case of “What’s on the tin, is in the tin”. The player literally has to Teabag the dog tags that an enemy player drops upon death to gain a point for your team, or Teabag a friendly set of dog tags to deny a point for the other team. It’s the kind of game where being the best at getting multikills may not actually help your team as you can still lose a game if no one is there to ‘bag the tags’, even if you manage to go twenty and zero.

It includes a plethora of maps, some of which I’m still learning offer a rather sizeable amount of content, and totally original maps being the best ones of the bunch(SAW Stadium is a personal favorite).  I’m sitting on around 10 hours played (I managed to hit rank 12 in Skirmish before the first reset in early June of 2019). I still have a long way to go before I consider myself a “master” of this game, but it’s a helluva a lot of fun and it scratches that competitive itch.

In Closing

I wholeheartedly encourage you and all of your friends to give the game a shot (IT’S FREE!). With the caveat being that until the player base increases you may be stuck waiting a while for the Matchmaking Queue to pop, but the option for customs gives you a way to skip the queue and jump straight into a game after game after game and play whatever game mode you so choose.

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You will need a fast finger and quick wits to survive in this game, as it is not newbie friendly.
The biggest snafu recently was the removal of the Social(casual) playlist and forcing everybody to play the ranked mode. Like any game with a ranked mode, it tends to be full of sweaty tryhards. They quickly reversed that decision, but the choice hurt the game as the queue times went from a minute or two to five or more, depending on the time of day. Obviously playing at prime time is your best bet, which for me as a west coaster is between 6pm and 9pm. Splitgate averages around a thousand players a day which is hurting the queue times for matchmaking as a whole, whether you are interested in Ranked or Social(the Casual playlist). This is quite frankly the biggest issue with the game right now. Luckily, it also has a custom server game browser with dedicated servers for the players to host their own games with the default rules or with customized rules(low gravity, high speed, etc), and the customs tend to fill up very fast.

Give it a shot, you might like it.

Join the official discord and join the community, tell them you heard about it on Gigamax, or you know, don’t.


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Urges Sony & Activision To Return To E3

Xbox was lonely at E3 2019. Phil Spencer asks Sony and Activision to come back and partake in next year's E3 conference.

E3 2019 is wrapping up and this year Sony was noticeably absent from the festivities. Sony didn't have a floor presence or offer a press conference. Activision also took a leave of absence from the event as well as many other companies. Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, recently shared that the conference did not feel the same without Sony or Activision, and he wishes they would come back.

Phil Spencer Opens Up

During an interview with website Giant Bomb for an E3 live stream, he spoke on the relevance of the event and what it means for the game industry and how the show's profile is hurt by Sony and Activision not being there. "I wish Sony was here," Spencer said. "E3 is not as good when they're not here," is what Spencer had to say on the two companies opting out of this E3 2019.

E3, E3 2019, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, Activision, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Phil Spencer, Gaming, Gigamax, Gigamax Games

E3 is an important event for the gaming world, Spencer said. He expressed that it's a time of the year when people around the world are watching the industry, even those who are not particularly interested in gaming. One recent threat, Spencer pointed out, was the World Health Organization classifying Gaming Disorder as a recognized disease.

He said that E3 is an important time to show the world that video games go beyond just kids in basements. Without the help of industry juggernauts like Sony and Activision the event could take a huge hit in terms of recognition.

E3, E3 2019, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, Activision, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Phil Spencer, Gaming, Gigamax, Gigamax Games

Spencer is on the board of directors at the Entertainment Software Association, the group in charge of running E3 every year, so obviously he has a vested interest in both companies returning to the event. Other board members include Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, and ZeniMax's CEO, Robert Altman.

Sony explained they did not attend E3 this year due to wanting to find new ways to engage and entertain their fans around the globe. Before the show started, they gave PS4 owners their first look at Death Stranding and shared the first details about PS5. Although, without the company being at E3 2019, it is unclear when fans will hear about upcoming first-party titles like The Last of Us 2.

Even with Sony's and Activision's absence, E3 2019 offered an incredible lineup of gaming news. Be sure to keep checking back on to catch up with all the most exciting announcements from this monumental event.






Top 5 Moments from the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct

Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct during E3 2019 and blew audiences away with a massive roster of exciting news. New games, unexpected announcements, and even sharing some disappointing delays, this is the place to find the top 5 moments from Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct.

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Nintendo didn’t officially take to the E3 2019 stage but in standard Nintendo fashion, they hosted a Nintendo Direct during the massive video game conference. The Nintendo Direct kicked off on Tuesday, June 11 at 12 p.m. ET. There was a slew of information shared with audiences causing the gaming community to collectively lose their minds. From new games to disappointing delays and everything in between, Nintendo once again crushed their E3 appearance.

The entire Nintendo Direct from E3 2019 that took place on June 11th can be found below. Included beneath the video are the top 5 moments from this show-stopping event.

E3 2019: Top 5 Announcements from the Nintendo Direct

Two New Smash Ultimate DLC Characters

The time has finally come for those anxiously waiting to learn which DLC characters Nintendo would add to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo began the Super Smash Bros. DLC character announcement by unveiling the Dragon Quest XI hero that will be making his way to the game. This character has no name as of now but that didn’t stop fans from embracing this new fighter with open arms. As more information is revealed, check back here to find out more about this unnamed Dragon Quest XI hero.

There were rumors circulating that Steve from Minecraft would be joining the extensive list of fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This was not a rumor hard-core Super Smash or Nintendo fans particularly enjoyed. People were begging to play as Doom Guy, Master Chief, or the classic Banjo-Kazooie instead. Nintendo didn’t disappoint.

At the very end of the E3 2019 presentation, Nintendo gave fans the exact moment they’ve been waiting for. The game company announced Banjo-Kazooie will be joining the fray. Banjo-Kazooie and his famous cargo shorts are back, coming to Super Smash Bros in fall of 2019.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report about the massive bombshell Nintendo dropped about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel. The short teaser was capped off with the words “The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development,” There was no additional information available such as a release date or its title. With the spectacular success surrounding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo set the bar high. To deliver an experience beyond the first new Zelda game made for the Switch is nearly unfathomable. However, if they offer fans a Zelda game that even comes close to creating a similar experience for gamers, it would still be above and beyond most games on the market today.

No More Heroes 3 for Switch

Fans have been waiting patiently waiting for a new addition to the No More Heroes franchise since “Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes” released in January 2019. Nintendo announced No More Heroes 3 during its Nintendo Direct at E3 2019, finally giving fans of this interesting mess of an adventure some relief. The action-adventure hack and slash published by MARVELOUS! will come to the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

No More Heroes 3 is expectedly weird just like its previous entry to the series. It will pick up 10 years after the first game and thrusts gamers into a mind-bending adventure. The story begins in Travis’ hometown of Santa Destroy where he will encounter a monstrous “artificial metropolis”. Travis is left to face countless unexpected challenges and there’s no telling how this strange story will progress.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo fans can’t wait to get their hands on the next Animal Crossing, which will also be the first Animal Crossing on the Switch. During the Nintendo Direct, the world got its first look at the new game. Dubbed, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it will undoubtedly be another serene adventure that gamers will play for years to come. Nintendo’s post-show Treehouse presentation dropped even more exciting news about the next installment of Animal Crossing, it will feature couch co-op, supporting up to four players. Gamers will also be able to enjoy doing chores and living their Animal Crossing life with up to eight players online.

There was some bad news to follow the reveal. Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ release was pushed back until March 20, 2019.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Compatible with Poke Ball Plus

Those that purchased the Poke Ball Plus controller with last year’s Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee will be happy to hear it can be used once again. Real-life Pokemon trainers that pick up a copy of either Pokemon Sword and Shield have another chance to use that interesting peripheral. Nintendo hinted at a secret bonus when players send their Pokemon to the Poke Ball Plus controller and take them on walks. Even though the controller will be compatible with the game and allow gamers to take their Pokemon around town, it doesn’t sound like gamers will be able to use the Poke Ball Plus as a controller.

What were your favorites announcements from Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct? Leave a comment and let the Gigamax Games crew know! Check back again soon as E3 continues for even more of the latest news and announcements!

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