Mass Effect: Andromeda – Beyond The Galaxy

Mass Effect Andromeda brings players to the stars, following an incredible story and an imaginative adventure. This latest iteration of the saga takes place in the unexplored Andromeda galaxy and those who take the leap into the great unknown are sure to find themselves coming back for more. Faced with a lot of backlash focused on glitchy animations, they overshadow the beauty of the game as a whole. Sure there are some wacky glitches and some weird animation issues, but these are few and far between.

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In the recent playthrough, the Gigamax team offers a first look into the game and what players can expect to see. From incredible views to exhilarating action, this game has it all. The story is immersive and the voice acting is superb. Of course the glitches do take a bit away from the game, but not enough to impact how much it really has to offer.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Review. It will offer a wider overview of the world and a look at what Gigs and Mack thought about this thrilling game as they make their way through the story. This massive, open ‘world’ or should we say ‘universe’ is expected to bring with it plenty of content. For your Mass Effect Fix, the playlist offers a small preview.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – YouTube Playlist

Below you can find the Gigamax Mass Effect Playlist. Let’s Plays, Live Streams and crazy moments we come across as the crew makes their way through this incredible universe. Be sure to check back soon for more Mass Effect!

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