Nier: Automata brings a unique experience to to the 21st century gamer. The multi-genre RPG truly blew us away. Seamlessly switching between different game styles, the game stays fresh every step of the way. Staying interesting and exciting is something this game does very well.

With five alternative endings, replayability is high. The Gigamax Let’s Play for Nier: Automata covers the entire prologue, but expect many more videos in the near future. You’ll be able to see some crazy boss fights and even find some tips, tricks and secrets as Gigs and Mack progress through the story. This first section of the game offers a particularly great look at what makes Nier such a treasure.

Below, you will find the Nier: Automata playlist where the crew trucks through the first section of the game. Gigs has the controls for this attempt, and it’s his first time playing the multi-genre RPG so things get interesting. Thank you all so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoy!

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