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Video Leaks Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode

Firestorm, the battle royale mode that's coming to Battlefield V, has leaked before its official release this month. The leak comes in the form of the mode's tutorial video, which recently appeared in multiple places online.

Battlefield V Firestorm Get's Leaked

As fans will be able to see in the video, the mode contains a solo, duo, and squad mode. Players drop into the map from above then compete to find weapons and items littered around the map and fight until there's one person left standing. Firestorm will also have three tiers of weapons: common, rare, and epic.

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The new mode will also allow for downed players to fire their sidearm while they are waiting for players to pick them back up. Unlike the recently released Apex Legends, players will not be able to truly resurrect their squad members.

Firestorm's development was not handled by the main Battlefield V team but instead by an EA owned studio named Criterion. The mode will contain a total of 64 players fighting to win with not only Battlefield V's guns, but vehicles like tanks and other troop transports.

EA responded to the leak with a cryptic tweet that seems to confirm its validity. The tweet reads "*Checks Reddit* More to come" then contains a video of a ring of fire closing in on a squad of soldiers. It seems like DICE is preparing to reveal more on Firestorm very soon. Fore more on Battlefield V and its new mode be sure to keep checking back with us here at






New Battlefield V Trailer Teases Battle Royale Reveal

New Battlefield V Trailer Teases Battle Royale Reveal

It is time for Battlefield fans to rejoice as the company behind the series, EA DICE, offered a brand new trailer for the next title, Battlefield V. This news comes only days before Europe's Gamescom convention and is followed by a teaser EA released to fans. Battlefield V is set to drop on October 11th for EA Access subscribers, October 16th for Deluxe Edition purchasers, and October 19th for those that only want the standard edition on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Battlefield 5 - Official Gamescom Trailer

The trailer certainly doesn't pull any punches when it comes to action sequences. It showcases a multitude of ways players will be able to shoot, stab, and destroy each other. All set to a sweet rendition of House of the Rising Sun, the trailer is definitely trying to portray the emotional turmoil taking place at the time. It definitely feels like DICE is going for a more cinematic experience in Battlefield V even during multiplayer battles as buildings crumble like never before and soldiers fall and climb over rubble while firing shots at each other.

Things Take a Mysterious Turn

During the final moments of the trailer, the gameplay footage takes a mysterious turn. With a plane flying over and focusing on a devastating ring of fire that is closing in around a group of feuding soldiers, this is almost certainly a tease for the Battle Royale mode that DICE said it will introduce in Battlefield V. The ring of fire seems to represent the "Circle" that is found in games like PUBG and Fortnite. When the trailer zooms in on the combatants, it shows not only classic ground soldiers but tanks as well. This addition of heavy vehicles will offer an extra layer to the Battle Royale formula that has yet to be seen.

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Hopefully, this new trailer bodes well for whatever DICE is set to reveal at this year's Gamescom conference. We here at Gigamax Games are huge fans of the Battlefield series and absolutely can't wait for the next game in the series, Check back on soon for all the latest in gaming news and industry updates!



What DICE Learned From Battlefield 5 Alpha

Last month, DICE held an early Alpha for their upcoming game Battlefield 5. This gave players a chance to try out the Arctic Fjord map. The developer released a comprehensive blog post where it discusses the data and feedback they generated from the most recent trial.

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Battlefield 5 Alpha: What DICE Needed To Know

One of the main reasons DICE held the Alpha was to test Battlefield 5's technical component, including backend systems, player scoring rate, and other critical aspects of the game. Another area the developer wanted to focus on was gameplay, more specifically, actually joining matches. Over the course of the Alpha, many issues occurred that were related to matchmaking configuration These issues resulted in players receiving error messages or being placed into less than suitable server locations leading to latency.

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According to DICE, over the course of the Alpha, players found it easier to join matches by using the server browser. While many take the manual approach of finding a server, DICE said that it is important that regular matchmaking works reliably as well. Effective matchmaking relies on a multi-layered system that involves things like server location, skill level, and more.

"There are many factors to juggle when it comes to matchmaking: finding players with equal latency and skill level, and more--and these factors all need to co-exist," DICE said. "Getting the best possible matchmaking is a challenge of balance; we want to match you into the best possible server and experience, which may take a few moments of waiting, but at the same time not have you waiting too long to deploy." (

DICE also reported that they found many issues in keeping squads together during matches. The developer wanted to assure fans that these problems would be fixed by launch, as they said: "keeping you and your squad buddies together is a big priority for us." (

More Fixes Incoming!

On top of on working on various improvements to stability and matchmaking. DICE is finding time to work on improving the queue system, minimizing toxicity with a non-cross-faction chat room, and taking care of strange bugs.

Here is a look at some of the gameplay issues DICE is addressing after the Battlefield 5 Alpha:

  • Revives will feel "less clunky."
  • Buddy revive will be 2.5 seconds faster.
  • Starting ammo will remain limited, but some changes are being made for "optimal balance."
  • The use of "reinforcement" weapons--which are really powerful and are meant to help turn the tide of battle--will be toned down in some regards.
  • DICE will continue to tweak Time to Kill (TTK) values with things like tuning the amount of camera shake when you're hit. The developer will consider making weapon damage changes, too, if its current efforts aren't enough.
  • Recoil for some weapons will be tweaked

Battlefield 5 is set to launch on October 19th, but subscribers to EA/Origin Access can start their war on October 11th. Fans that purchase the Deluxe Edition will be able to play on October 16th. If anyone is a big fan of Battlefield, definitely look into the various ways to play early.



Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar

In the Name of the Tsar

The next big update for Battlefield 1 is available now. Aptly named, In the Name of the Tsar, this DLC offers players an opportunity to take part in the Russian civil war. As per usual, the download includes new maps, a new mode, more weapons, vehicles, and a host of various bug fixes. Remember as of now, the update is only available to season pass holders. Without exclusive access, players will have to wait two weeks before they have a chance to play.


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  • Galicia – An entrenched fight across a war-torn river valley.
  • Brusilov Keep – A small village high in the Carpathians braces for a Russian siege.
  • Albion – German ships invade the West Estonian Archipelago.
  • Tsaritsyn – Old and new Russia clash in the war-torn streets of Tsaritsyn.
  • Volga River – An epic tank battle along Volga River.

Maps for this update try to capture the severity and brutality of the Russian Civil War in the early 1900's. The locations range from blown apart tundras to cities in all out war barely being held together. Dice also made sure In the Name of the Tsar had big vehicle battles where No Man's Land is a death sentence for anyone outside of the metal behemoths.

Game Mode

Supply Drop is the newest way to experience Battlefield 1. Made to capture the impact planes had on resupplying across the WW1 battlefields. Players will have to rush for supplies that fall from the skies and defend the box until it's empty and the team that comes out with the most supplies is the victor.

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New Operations

Fans of the Operations game mode, which recreates battles from WW1 in a conquest style fight, will be happy to hear that two new battles will be available.

  • Brusilov Offensive – The Russian army deploys new tactics on the Eastern Front in 1916.
  • Red Tide – The Russian Red Army and White Guard clash in civil war during 1919.

Weapons and Vehicles

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While Dice didn't detail all of the weapons and vehicles they provided a full list of the technology included in the update.


  • Putilov Garford
  • Ilya-Muromets
  • Y-lighter
  • 305/52 O Coastal Gun
  • Hussar Cavalry Unit



  • Model 1900
  • SMG 08/18


  • FA Automatic Rifle
  • General Liu Rifle


  • Parabellum MG 14/17
  • Perino Model 1908


  • Mosin Nagant M91
  • Vetterli Vitali M1870/87


  • C93 Carbine


  • Nagant Revolver
  • Obrez Pistol


  • Cossack Dagger
  • Dud Club

Bug Fixes

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  • Fixed issue where the wrong rank icon was displayed on the Kill Card for Rank 110.
  • Fixed issue where some weapons were not being fully customizable from the front end.
  • Replaced shortcuts on Home Screen with dynamic Battlepacks and Service Assignments widgets.
  • The name filter now trims empty filter texts in the Server Browser.
  • Game servers with custom configuration are now designated as CUSTOM in the Server Browser.
  • Fixed issue accessing Options menu after leaving the server queue.
  • Fixed an issue in the End of Round screen where all Class Rank icons were gold instead of the corresponding Gold, Silver, or Bronze Rank value.


  • Bombers should no longer take multiple damage pings from a single bullet.
  • Changes to stationary weapon repair and respawn - if not repaired for two minutes, the QF1 AA, FK96 Field Gun, and 305/52 O Coastal Gun will be restored to full health. Players can still use a repair tool to get them back into action faster.
  • Fixed issue where dismounting a horse while it was jumping would cause it to get stuck in the jump animation.


  • Fixed issue where it was possible to spawn with duplicate gadgets.

Maps and Modes

  • Fixed collision on staircase in Fort de Vaux to allow players to climb them while prone.
  • The Best Squad screen will now appear after an operation is completed.
  • Fixed issue where character models would appear blurry in the Best Squad screen.
  • Improved loading of the Customize Soldier screen on the main menu.
  • Fixed issue where the kill card would sometimes not show while spectating other players.

Other than a few other minor changes that is everything that is added with the In the Name of the Tsar expansion. This DLC gives the perfect excuse to hop back into the game and test out all the new equipment available. This is not the end of Battlefield's expansions though, two more are currently planned with no confirmed release date. Make sure to keep checking back with for more information when it becomes available!

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Battlefield 1 Four DLC Details Revealed with Gigamax

Battlefield 1 - Four DLC's Explained

Battlefield 1 is a fantastic step forward in EA and DICE’s franchise and they’re getting ready to drop four new DLC's. A detailed look into these unique expansions has become available and below you’ll find a breakdown of each one. With so many great games being released, it’s impressive Battlefield still has the strength to pull the community back in time and time again. Take a look and see what’s in store.

The upcoming expansions will be available as individual purchases, or free for Premium Pass holders. As of now, the Premium Pass costs $50 so maybe ‘free’ isn’t the right term.

“They Shall Not Pass”

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Players will have a chance to play as the World War 1 era French army, fighting across four French maps. The Car 2C tank also makes an appearance in the DLC which is the game's newest behemoth class vehicle. This is by far the most highly covered of the four expansions as it's currently available on the Community Test Environment.

“In The Name of the Tsar”

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The second expansion puts the player directly in the front lines with the Russian army, ready to ride along with the “legendary Hussars." The historic Brusilov offensive and Albion assault are the primary theme of the second DLC.

“Turning Tides”

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Battlefield 1 is taking to the sea in this expansion focused on naval warfare. A new destroyer and coastal class airship will become available which is going to add even more diversity to this already unique first-person shooter. Players will be tossed into the hell of war as they take part in the Zeebrugge raid and storm the beaches of Gallipoli.


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This expansion will include some of the most “infamous battles of WW1." This is where some of the most “brutal tools and unique weapons” will rear their ugly heads. When faced with tremendous obstacles, people will do whatever it takes to survive. Desperation and deadlock describes World War I perfectly and the weapons making their way to this fourth expansion will be a testament to that fact.

Battlefield 1 has delivered so much entertainment and this is the perfect time to release an expansion of this size. This is not to say the game was getting stale, but it’s definitely time to learn some new maps, weapons and find ourselves in some new crazy situations.


Military FPS: Forget the Future, Go Back to the Past

The chaotic shouts of commands, debris and mud being kicked up by explosions, bullets flying by and all you have is your gun and squad of fellow soldiers. These are the epic moments we get to see in 20th century war shooters that seem to be lost in today’s first person shooter scene (FPS). As an avid fan of the old school Call of Duty’s I’d like to see the return of not just World War II era shooter, but wars from across history as well.

Today when you hear the phrase “military FPS” most visualize a multiplayer focused game with robo-humans representing some government; running across walls, shooting each other with flashy weaponry. This was not always the case though, Once there was a day where military shooter meant a cinematic campaign experience that would teach you a little history. These games would also offer a competitive multiplayer experience that felt fair for the most part.

Some of the games I’m referring to are the early Medal of Honor and Call of Duty iterations as well as non-military based ones like the classic James Bond shooters. When Battlefield 1 released late last month it brought with it a breath of fresh air for many that feel the same way as us. This amazing game reignited my love of the genre that was lost after the myriad of future FPS games that came out this year. Being stuck under fire trying to find a way out that didn’t involve double jumping was probably the best part about the experience. Its overwhelming success proves that developers can still see profit from this old school style.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the more arcade like shooters that have come out recently. My issue with the constant release of these games is that too many developers sacrifice aspects of the game to fit into this new style. For example Call of Duty used to feel like a balanced multiplayer experience but because of the future washing the series has seen, adapting to the new style has become difficult for old fans. Nothing is more frustrating than being killed by heat seeking missiles that kill in one shot. Weapons like this remove a lot of the skill from the experience and can leave players feeling helpless.

This is certainly not a serious issue but running on walls in shooters is starting to grow stale. It would be awesome to see games like Battlefield 1 release more often. Of course this is all just one frustrated old video gamer’s rant about the “good old days” of FPS's, ultimately I could be writing this same article in a few years but asking for future shooters to come back. Let us know what you think below or on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks for stopping by.

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