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Ready for Dead Cells on Mobile?

The award-winning roguelike metroidvania action platformer, Dead Cells is coming to mobile.

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Mobile gaming continues to wrestle with the pay-to-win stigma. This has changed over the past couple years and with Dead Cells coming to mobile, it’s another win for mobile gamers. Motion Twin teams up with Playdigious to publish Dead Cells on iPhone and iPad. It’s expected to make its way on iOS this summer.

Dead Cells Gameplay on Nintendo Switch

The indie game was developed by the French studio, Motion Twin. It was incredibly well received immediately upon its release on May 10th, 2017. Dead Cells even took the title for Best Independent Game in 2018. Currently available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, and Mac, it’ll soon fit in anyone’s pocket.

Dead Cells will initially be released on the iPhone and iPad but the press release promised the game will later come to Android devices. For Android users, they can get notified when this will happen.

Is Mobile Gaming All Bad?

Mobile games have come a long way since its origins. This is no Clash of Clans, instead, it is the entire, gorgeous and well designed Dead Cells just on mobile devices. Playdigious even makes a special point to mention that the mobile version will have no ads and absolutely no F2P mechanics. The game will cost €9.99 and includes all the content from the PC and console version. However, it does include two game modes. These two modes include ‘original’ and  ‘auto-hit’. Any gamer that has played a mobile game adaptation of a PC or console game understands that playing on a touchscreen isn’t nearly as intuitive when compared to using a controller or mouse and keyboard. The auto-hit version of the game is expected to be a way to overcome this handicap, which will be a huge benefit in the chaotic 2D platformer.

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Dead Cells mobile will allow individuals to customize their button positions and sizes as well as feature some additional touch control customizations. Those that own a mobile game controller can breathe easy since the game will come with MFi external controller support. It seems as though Motion Twin and Playdigious are doing all they can not soil the name of the award-winning game by adding features to enhance the feel of Dead Cells mobile.

Long-time gamers tend to cringe at the idea of games like Dead Cells moving over to the mobile arena. They’ve been jaded by countless and blatant money grabs so many mobile games have turned out to be. Yet, as mobile technology continues to advance and indie games that fit the platform well like Dead Cells continue to be developed, the future for mobile gaming looks bright. Mobile gaming raked in over 48 billion dollars in 2016 and is expected to reach over 74 billion dollars in 2019. This trend isn’t going anywhere. As long as quality games like Dead Cells continue to make their way onto mobile, the western gaming community may begin to widely accept mobile gaming as a serious option.






Dead Cells Let’s Play Page

Dead Cells Indie Game YouTube Playlist

Dead Cells recently released on the Nintendo Switch and this indie game shines on the hybrid console. Gameplay, graphics, and playability all come together to elevate the entire experience. Dead Cells is both incredibly addicting and challenging, a perfect blend to keep any Roguelike fan entertained. Playthrough after playthrough, the game offers a sense of accomplishment that many Roguelikes simply can’t match.

Dead Cells Gameplay on YouTube with Gigamax Games

The Nintendo Switch is the ideal console for games like Dead Cells. Quick to pick up and get into the action, Dead Cells is always ready for “one more game”. This is not a game someone will want to play before going to bed. One game can turn into a dozen because of how easy it is to get lost in this side-scrolling adventure.

Roguelike Perfection

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Endlessly pushing forward through the procedurally generated side-scrolling world is the goal. The game opens up with a headless adventurer searching for answers and a way off of the island they find themselves on. With no choice but to defeat the foes that stand before them, their escape is held up by danger and mystery. The standard Roguelike concept is elevated by a few stand-out mechanics that truly makes Dead Cells rise above other games like it.

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Dead Cells is able to give the player a truly satisfying feeling of progression. Many Roguelikes fall into the trap of offering gamers very little in the way of rewards after death. In this game, however, when a player progresses through the game, they are rewarded with permanent unlocks and modifiers. These mechanics truly create an addicting game filled with quality content.

Thank You for Watching!

Everyone here at Gigamax Games wants to thank you for watching the playlist. This gorgeous indie game isn’t going away anytime soon. If you want to see more Dead Cells gameplay, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

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