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PUBG Gets Massive New Update 21 Patch

PUBG may need to compete with Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Battlefield V in the Battle Royale Space but that hasn't stopped Bluehole from staying current with their take on the genre. The most recent update adds plenty of new stuff and fixes an extensive amount of bugs. Referred to as Update 21, this patch brings a new mode, weapon, vehicle, weapon attachment, and reward system.

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Update 21 Answers Requests

Update 21 also adds a much-requested feature to the game, a training mode that allows players to practice with the collection of tools available in multiplayer matches. This training area is set on a small island based map and contains fourteen zones for practicing different situations. Some of these areas include ramps, roads with sharp turns, gun ranges, a parachute practice zone, a location for rooftop free running, and an explosives range.

Bluehole added a new gun to all three multiplayer maps called the MK47 Mutant as well. This rifle takes 7.62 ammo and has a 20 round magazine. The gun also has two firing modes which include single shot and two round burst. Almost all rifle attachments can be affixed to the rifle, except stocks.

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The jungle island based map, Sanhok, will be receiving a new three-person motorcycle known as the Tukashai. While not the fastest vehicle in the game, it handles offroad better than any other bike.

Update 21 contains an objective system that adds rewards for completing a variety of different tasks such as picking up teammates or damage dealt with a single attack. Players will now have the ability to mark points on the compass so their squad has a better idea of where callouts are located. A new laser sight has also made its way to PUBG that fits on the bottom of rifles. Like in most games, it increases accuracy, but those with it equipped risk giving up their position.

For a full look at what Update 21 changed, find the full patch notes on the Steam message board. With PUBG out on Xbox One, there's sure to be plenty more updates in the future so be sure to keep checking back with us here at for all the details!



Monster Hunter: World to get Street Fighter 5 Content

Monster Hunter: World to get Street Fighter 5 Content

Fans of the latest Monster Hunter release will be excited to find out that Capcom is offering Street Fighter 5 crossover content for Monster Hunter: World. The DLC will let players earn armor skins that will have them looking like the Street Fighter characters Ryu and Sakura. The update announced on the Capcom Unity Blog detailed that players with a Street Fighter 5 save file will also be able to take on the Ryu quest before everyone else.

It's Almost Here

"In just a few weeks, we'll be featuring the quest to get Ryu's set as an exclusive early opportunity to PS4 players that also have a save data file from Street Fighter V (including Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition)," Capcom explained in the blog post. (

Players that have the save data will receive a quest "Down the Dark, Muddy Path." After hunters take on the hunt, they will receive "SFV Tickets" as a reward. These tickets are to be taken to the Smithy along with a variety of other materials found in the wild to fashion themselves the Ryu armor set.

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No Street Fighter? No Problem!

Capcom explained that those without the Street Fighter data won't have to wait much longer for the DLC. While the armor set will go back into rotation soon, a specific date has yet to be announced by the developer. When the time comes, two new event quests will be added to the rotation which will let all players earn the Ryu and Sakura armor on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Along with the character models, Capcom is including a bunch of premium gestures and chat stamp sets to purchase. This set will feature the iconic Hadoken and Shoruken. All of the prices are listed below.

  • Guild Card: Bonus Stage (Free)
  • Achievements: Rival, Destined, Living Legend and Bandana Girl (Free)
  • Pose: Shoryuken & Hadoken (Free)
  • Gesture: Street Fighter V Hadoken ($3.99)
  • Gesture: Street Fighter V Shoryuken ($3.99)
  • Stamp Set: Street Fighter V Set - ($1.99)

This DLC will be the second crossover between the two Capcom titles. Street Fighter V recently received Monster Hunter skins for some of their fighters to celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter: World.

Capcom seems to be fully supporting Monster Hunter: World and hopefully this means we'll be seeing many more crossovers in the future. We here at Gigamax Games are big fans of Monster Hunter: World so check back soon for all the latest updates for the game.


Lawbreakers Launches Huge New Patch

Lawbreakers All-Star Update

An update has just released for the Anti-Gravity FPS Hero Based Multiplayer experience, Lawbreakers, and it's a big one. As of now the update for Cliff Bleszinski's new game is available on PS4 and PC. The patch adds a ton of new content, most notably Boss Leagues, a new ranked mode that fans have been anticipating since the game launched.

Even though Boss Leagues is now live, it seems like the first season is a bit of a test. Season 0 is what the studio named this "beta season" and plans on gathering feedback so they can improve future seasons. Currently, there are three game modes in Season 0: Blitzball, Uplink, and Occupy, which don't allow doubling up on roles, much like the ever popular, Overwatch. The studio also made it easier to find players by extending matchmaking parameters.

The new update also includes a brand new map where players can test their skills in Blitzball. It's known as Gateway and is located above the streets of San Francisco. "Gateway, the Blitzball stadium, is a such a marvel, as it floats effortlessly in the sky thanks to Hadronium's anti-gravitational properties," Boss Key says. The studio updated the Redfalls map to contain a Blood Moon that gives the stage an overall creepier vibe, but in terms of gameplay, this new aesthetic does not do much.

Stealth 700 Gaming Headset for PS4

Today's update will add a bunch of new content players can unlock through the loot box system. In total there are more than 120 new items to collect. Lastly, the update adds a much-needed tutorial mode which was a confusing misstep when the game first launched. The full patch notes for the game are below and Gigamax will be keeping a close eye on Lawbreakers developments, so be sure to check back for more information!

LawBreakers PS4 2.0 Patch Notes:

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  • "We're increasing the out of combat delay so that hopping from engagement to engagement takes more strategy."
  • Increased the time it takes out of combat for health regen to start from 3 → 5 seconds.
  • "With the health adjustments in Patch 1.4, Assassins aren't as squishy and don't need as much help sustaining while in Frenzy. We've cut down on the healing per hit to address this."
  • Arc Blade's healing per hit, while Frenzy is active, has been decreased from 70 → 55.
  • Frenzy replenishes all movement charges upon activation (Patch 1.4 missing note)
  • "We've added more charges to Firefly so that Battle Medics can command the battlefield a bit better. Having the same amount of ammo on both weapons should help their swap timing and make them more viable in skirmish modes."
  • Firefly's number of charges increased from 4 → 6.
  • Increased time between replenishing Firefly charges from 0.2 → 0.25 seconds.
  • "Enforcers health has been brought down since previous patches have increased his survivability."
  • Base health reduced from 500 → 475.
  • "We've added charge multiplier logic to the Omega that increases alongside damage. This should reward high accuracy players and curtail "spam slinger" effectiveness."
  • *NEW* Gunslinger's Omega headshot multiplier will now scale up based upon how long your charge your shots.
  • Omega's min headshot multiplier is now 1.1.
  • Omega's max charged headshot multiplier is now 1.75.
  • “Harrier's kit inherently makes them extremely survivable, so we've knocked 25 points off of their Base Health. The Shoc-Croc has been adjusted to deal more damage if you can train your weapon on an enemy's head. We've also shortened the length of Convergence to make it less oppressive."
  • Base health reduced from 450 → 425.
  • Shoc-Croc's headshot multiplier increased from 1.5 → 1.75.
  • Laser Tag cooldown visual now changes from red to blue when able to fire.
  • Convergence beam duration reduced from 6 → 5 seconds.
  • "Juggernaut needed a bit of help when low on ammo, so Instigator has gotten a reload speed bump. We're working on some bug fixes to reload issues overall in future patches that will help them out."
  • Instigator's reload speed has been sped up by 10%.
  • Holo-Deflector can be manually destroyed by pressing the activation button again (Patch 1.4 missing note).
  • "Titan has gotten some quality of life improvements this patch. They can now perform more actions while in Berserk mode, and we've added our version of a much requested range indicator for Hammerhead rockets."
  • *NEW* Detonation indicator will now appear when a target is within a rocket's explosion radius.
  • Pulverize's max damage increased from 125 → 175.
  • Titan can now kick and jump while Berserk is active.
  • "Vanguard's Meteor Shells + Pulsar burst potential has been dialed in a bit and we've made the shell's self damage less punishing."
  • Pulsar's damage radius lowered from 200 → 175.
  • Pulsar's max damage lowered from 120 → 110.
  • Hydra's time it takes to get to full fire rate has been increased by 7.5%.
  • Updated Hydra's primary reticle.
  • Meteor Shells self-damage reduced from 100% → 50%.
  • "Wraith is getting outdueled and damaged at his intended effective range. We've adjusted the reload speed to help them exchange fire and increased the minimum damage from Wasp to match a default kick. Chrono Switch has also seen an adjustment so that hitting targets with it should be more reliable."
  • Spektor's falloff start distance increased from 600 → 750.
  • Spektor's reload speed has been sped up by 25%.
  • Wasp's minimum stab damage increased from 30 → 75.
  • Chrono Switch's slowing rings travel speed has been increased by 30%.
  • Increased the time between firing Chrono Switch's slowing rings by 10%.


  • *NEW* Multi-region Queue has been added to place players with acceptable latency in matches from all around the country and/or world.
  • *NEW* First Win of the Day XP Bonus has been added for getting your first win in any mode.
  • *NEW* Progression UI Widget has been added to the bottom right to show current Account / Boss Leagues progression, as well as a current creds total.
  • *NEW* Customizable reticle options in the Settings menu now include a Simple Dot, Simple Circle, and Simple Crosshair plus color options.
  • Increased the amount of XP awarded in all modes for time played. This means quicker account progression for everyone.
  • Added in text for score amount awarded on scoring events.
  • Added in major text announcements for carriers picking up the objective object in Blitzball, Overcharge, and Uplink.
  • Crosshairs now draw on top of all HUD elements.
  • Made it so that text chat does not switch sides during death cam.
  • General Spectator improvements to overall visuals, clarity, and bug fixes.
  • Added in a ton of stat tracking for different weapons, abilities, and scoring events for roles that are displayed on the statistics page of the player profile.
  • Improved hit registration by speeding up smoothing on replicas to make positions more accurate.
  • Added latency compensation logic to improve Arc Blade grapple hit detection.
  • Titan rocket air detonation has latency compensation (so if you detonate it when you see it near somebody, it should deal damage, even at higher pings)
  • Redesigned the "Play" mode selection screen.
  • Added bonus XP when backfilling into and completing a match that was missing players.
  • Don't count a match as a loss for a player that joined late and filled in a missing player's spot.
  • Visual improvements for full-screen effects like Distortion Field and Chrono Switch's slowing effect.


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UI -
  • Fixed framerate drop issues in the main menu.
  • Fixed issues related to Blitzball carrier's status not updating for people who just joined a match in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where a teammate's name would sometimes appear red when you first see them.
  • Fixed a host of in-game scoreboard alignment issues dealing with Twitch status, icons, and text placement.
  • Fixed multiple issues during the end of match podium not rendering appropriately on 21:9 aspect ratio monitors.
  • Fixed a bug where being stabbed and killed by TAC knife would cause death cam to break.
  • Fixed overtime text announcement not showing in Blitzball.
  • Fixed multiple match history issues related to missing player names and stats for matches played.
  • Fixed error sound not playing issue when attempting to equip a locked account portrait.


  • Fixed an issue where shooting the Alpha while blindfiring Omega would interrupt Omega's animation.


  • Fixed issues that improve the transition from sprint super jumping into blindfire,


  • Fixed wall jump occasionally triggering on stairs and other unintended surfaces.

Turf War

  • Tiebreaker overtime rules in Turf War fixed, so you have to capture 2 zones to win.
  • Fixed crashes occurring directly after killing an objective carrier with a kick.
  • Fixed an issue where players could potentially cycle to a new match and see a black screen during character select, they would not be able to play without restarting.
  • Fixed an issue where not all assist based scoring events were tracking for achievements.
  • Fixed a bug where holding left d-pad and left stick would cause settings to adjust twice as fast.



Final Fantasy XIV Director Wants Game on Switch

Final Fantasy XIV Director Wants Game on Switch

Final Fantasy XIV is an amazing MMORPG that has captured the hearts (and wallets) of many players around the world. This game has a pretty hardcore fan base that would love to see it played by as many people as possible. If things go as planed, fans will soon see this experience on two more consoles.

Final Fantasy xiv, stormblood, gaming, gaming news, gigamax, gigamax games

The Inside Scoop

In a recent interview with gaming publication, Kotaku, the game's director, Naoki Yoshida, stated that "would love for as many players to be on FFXIV as possible" and continued by saying "conversations have been had with Phil Spencer of Microsoft, and the upper management teams of Nintendo." ( Although if this were to happen, Yoshida has one condition that may be the biggest hurdle.

Yoshida confirmed in the interview that if the game were to be made available on both consoles that they must has cross platform play. He stated that the reason this has to happen is because many companies don't realize how consistent updates and the way servers are maintained and operated for MMO's go into how the game runs. "Those can become a hurdle when we consider operating FFXIV for an extended period of time," he said. "So when I talk to those first-party companies, I ask them, 'Do you have the capability to prepare for that, do you have the resolve that you're going to make sure to take responsibility and take care of those, do you have that willingness?'

Final Fantasy xiv, stormblood, gaming, gaming news, gigamax, gigamax games

Sony seems like a lost cause in terms of cross platform play. Recently, the company opted out of allowing both Minecraft and Rocket League to be played between the competing consoles. This follows the announcement at Microsoft's E3 conference where they laid out plans to continue support for cross platform play between the Switch and PC players. Sony currently has no intentions to ever allow cross platform play and may never allow it to happen on their consoles.

Recently Square Enix debuted the most recent expansion for FF XIV, Stormblood and has made it clear that they are going to continue to support the game. Gigamax Games has recently become heavily invested in this game and will keep a close eye on any updates the developer releases so make sure to keep checking back for more.



The Elder Scrolls Online – Gigamax YouTube Playlist

The Elder Scrolls Online – Gigamax YouTube Playlist

The Elder Scrolls Online faced a slow release. Little media coverage and limited attention by the developers lead to the game being overlooked by many. However, with a few great DLC’s and the recent Morrowind expansion, The Elder Scrolls Online found its second wind. With fans flocking back to this MMO, it was time to add it to the video collection.

the elder scrolls online morrowind, morrowind, expansion, gigamax, elder scrolls online, nj gaming

More To Come!

Big fans of The Elder Scrolls games and avid MMO gamers, Gigamax was excited to see ESO live on. Starting off the Gigamax ESO playlist was the crew’s first look at the Morrowind expansion. Gigs and Mack make new Warden characters, starting a new journey to explore a familiar world.

Beyond just Morrowind gameplay, be sure to check back soon for dungeon runs, leveling and pvp! Gigs and Mack are having a great time with the new updates so expect more very soon!

Looking for more information on Morrowind? We have you covered!

The Elder Scrolls Online – Gigamax Playlist

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If you’re looking for the latest gaming updates, there’s more articles waiting for you


Playstation VR: Upcoming Game Releases

Playstation VR: 2017 Game Releases

One of the primary concerns with the Playstation VR was the lack of games. There were some simulators, a few Playstation VR exclusives and of course, Resident Evil 7 but the future was unclear. Now, the clouds are beginning to part and we have some kind of idea of what the future may hold for the Playstation VR. Be sure to check back here as games are added to the list once more release dates become available.

Take a closer look at the success of modern Virtual Reality Gaming!


farpoint, playstation vr, releases, game releases new games

Image Source:

Release: May 16th 2017

Setting out with a mission to locate scientists studying an anomaly near the planet Jupiter, the unknown object hurles the player and crew of scientists into an unexplored new world.

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Impulse Gear


Star Trek: Bridge Crew

star trek bridge crew, new games, playstation vr, playstation vr new releases, upcoming releases, games, video games

Image Source:

Release: May 30th 2017

Launch yourself into space and take your place in the bridge as you explore the galaxy in the U.S.S Aegis! Not only can you explore the new ship but players can go back in time to the 1960s and control the original bridge from the U.S.S Enterprise

Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment


The Persistence

the persistence, playstation vr, playstation vr games, virtual reality, gaming news

Image Source:

Release: May 2017

Set in the year 2521, you play as a series of different characters all exploring a story from a different perspective. The game tells a story about a group of people which were studying black holes until one of these experiments went horribly wrong.

Genre: Sci-Fi horror
Publisher: Firesprite



archangel, playstation vr, playstation vr games, playstation vr game releases, new vr games, latest vr games, gigamax, gigamax games

Release: July 2017

Those giant robot shooter fans out there will be happy to see this one. Playing as a six-story-high war machine, you destroy everything in its path to defend America against a totalitarian leader.

Genre: Story-Driven Shooter
Developer/Publisher: Skydance Interactive
Release: July 2017


Fate/Grand Order VR Feat. Mashu Kyrielight

fate grand playstation vr, playstation vr, new games, new releases, latest games, gigamax, gaming news

Image Source:

Release: Estimated 2017

This is a VR version of the original RPG game named Fate/Grand Order.

Genre: ‘RPG’
Developer/Publisher: Type-Moon


Dino Frontier

dino frontier, playstation vr, new games, latest releases, gaming news, indie games, gigamax

Image Source:

Release: Estimated 2017

Build and manage your own Wild West frontier settlement, but there’s a serious twist. You’ll have to manage this settlement sharing the same space as Jurassic era monsters!

Genre: Tabletop Strategy Simulation
Developer/Publisher: Uber Entertainment


ARK Park

ark park, new playstation vr games, latest playstation vr, game releases, new games, gigamax

Image Source:

Release: Estimated 2017

Not to be confused with Ark Survival: Evolved, the VR experience will let players get up close with the creatures from the game. It will offer information on the incredible creatures, but as the available information suggests, it will not be a fully fleshed out Ark Survival game.

Genre: Simulation/Informational
Developer/Publisher: Snail Games’ Peacock Studio + (Creative input) Studio Wildcard


The Walker

the walker, playstation vr, new games, playstation vr releases, latest gaming update, gigamax, gigamax games

Image Source:

Release: Estimated 2017

Be prepared for fantasy combat in The Walker’s highly detailed environments. Using guns, swords, spells and the promise for infusing weapons with special powers, there’s a lot in store.

Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Publisher/Developer: Sony’s China Hero Project



Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Playlist with Gigamax

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Playlist with Gigamax

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is definitely not for the weak. Interesting mechanics and precision style combat make it difficult to jump right into. Unless a player swings away wildly in every direction with no regard for the well being of teammates. You can decide which the Gigamax crew is made up of with the video below.

In all honesty, it was a fun game delivering some exhilarating moments followed by questions and laughs. Released in 2012, it’s a relatively old game and was worth the revisit. Anyone looking for a fun, simple game to burn some time and test your skills, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare might be the right pick.

Take a look at the video below as Gigs and Mack take their first look into what the game has to offer. It may not be for everyone and it is a bit old, but it could be a good buy. Thank you all so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoy!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [Chivalry Is Far From Dead] – Gigamax Games

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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Gameplay Playlist with Gigamax

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Beyond The Galaxy

Mass Effect Andromeda brings players to the stars, following an incredible story and an imaginative adventure. This latest iteration of the saga takes place in the unexplored Andromeda galaxy and those who take the leap into the great unknown are sure to find themselves coming back for more. Faced with a lot of backlash focused on glitchy animations, they overshadow the beauty of the game as a whole. Sure there are some wacky glitches and some weird animation issues, but these are few and far between.

mass effect, Mass Effect, Andromeda, new game, video games, gigamax games, latest games, reviews, gameplay


In the recent playthrough, the Gigamax team offers a first look into the game and what players can expect to see. From incredible views to exhilarating action, this game has it all. The story is immersive and the voice acting is superb. Of course the glitches do take a bit away from the game, but not enough to impact how much it really has to offer.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Review. It will offer a wider overview of the world and a look at what Gigs and Mack thought about this thrilling game as they make their way through the story. This massive, open ‘world’ or should we say ‘universe’ is expected to bring with it plenty of content. For your Mass Effect Fix, the playlist offers a small preview.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – YouTube Playlist

Below you can find the Gigamax Mass Effect Playlist. Let’s Plays, Live Streams and crazy moments we come across as the crew makes their way through this incredible universe. Be sure to check back soon for more Mass Effect!

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Diablo 3 Patch 2.5.0 Explained in Detail

Diablo 3 Patch 2.5.0 Explained

Diablo 3 just dropped a major update and there are some big changes coming to both console and PC. Those waiting anxiously for the Diablo 3 Patch that includes the Necromancer.. Sorry, this patch isn’t for you. However, there’s still room to be excited as Blizzard pulled the carpet out from underneath the Diablo community.

The Armory Is Here

diablo 3 patch, diablo armory, new update, diablo update


The first major change will be the Armory feature which was first announced at BlizzCon last year. This new features lets players store up to five different skill and armor builds for each character. This really has the potential to open up the game. Diablo 3 has a unique feature when compared with the previous versions, a character doesn’t have to commit to a skill set. This means players can now seamlessly switch between skill sets and match it with armor sets that will contribute to those skills. It seems minor, but this can really open up the game and entice players to experiment with new builds.

Another exciting addition that’ll clear up some bag space is the change that crafting materials (Arcane Dust or Forgotten Souls) will not fill up your inventory. These items will now be moved to a separate area. Materials that you are already holding will automatically be moved. This will free up some space to gather all the loot your heart desires. A little floating message will pop up above the character's head which will keep you up to date on how many you have.

Time To Get Serious

diablo 3 patch, diablo 3 update, new update, diablo, gigamax, gigamax games


Serious players now have a new item to grind for in 2.5.0. Primal Ancients are extremely rare items, guaranteed to have perfect Ancient-level stats and the maximum amount of sockets possible. Primal Ancients will only be available after a player reaches Greater Rift 70 solo with one of the characters on their account. After meeting the prerequisite, any of the items you find will be for the class you're playing with when it drops. This also means something else for the community. It gives players a reason to grind out and improve their character to run these Rifts solo, rather than just leaching experience and items off of Greater Rifts that are way above their ability.

The updates don’t stop there. Adventure mode is next on the chopping block as they reduced the chance certain tile sets will appear in Greater Rifts. Furthermore, the highest solo Greater Rift completion will now determine which torment levels will be available, instead of Paragon level. Also, Bonus Acts are no longer a part of the game. Completing any Act will net the same rewards as the Bonus Acts.

A fun little addition is the game now allows players to assign Paragon points 100 at a time. All people have to do is hold the Ctrl key on PC.

Seasons On Console

Those on console will be introduced to Seasons. The first will start on March 31st and will be essentially the same as the PC version, where you will start a fresh character who can’t access the bank.

This is a pretty serious Diablo 3 Patch. But, we’re still waiting for that Necromancer class to drop. Be sure to check back on Gigamax Games for the latest coverage of Diablo 3 and more!


Battlefield 1 Four DLC Details Revealed with Gigamax

Battlefield 1 - Four DLC's Explained

Battlefield 1 is a fantastic step forward in EA and DICE’s franchise and they’re getting ready to drop four new DLC's. A detailed look into these unique expansions has become available and below you’ll find a breakdown of each one. With so many great games being released, it’s impressive Battlefield still has the strength to pull the community back in time and time again. Take a look and see what’s in store.

The upcoming expansions will be available as individual purchases, or free for Premium Pass holders. As of now, the Premium Pass costs $50 so maybe ‘free’ isn’t the right term.

“They Shall Not Pass”

they shall not pass, battlefield, battlefield 1, gaming, new games, video game news, gaming news, gigamax, gigamax games

Players will have a chance to play as the World War 1 era French army, fighting across four French maps. The Car 2C tank also makes an appearance in the DLC which is the game's newest behemoth class vehicle. This is by far the most highly covered of the four expansions as it's currently available on the Community Test Environment.

“In The Name of the Tsar”

in the name of tsar, tsar battlefield,, battlefield, battlefield 1, gaming, new games, video game news, gaming news, gigamax games

The second expansion puts the player directly in the front lines with the Russian army, ready to ride along with the “legendary Hussars." The historic Brusilov offensive and Albion assault are the primary theme of the second DLC.

“Turning Tides”

turning tides, battlefield, gaming, new games, gaming news, DLC, battlefield update, gigamax, gigamax games

Battlefield 1 is taking to the sea in this expansion focused on naval warfare. A new destroyer and coastal class airship will become available which is going to add even more diversity to this already unique first-person shooter. Players will be tossed into the hell of war as they take part in the Zeebrugge raid and storm the beaches of Gallipoli.


apocalypse, apocalypse battlefield, apocalypse update, DLC, battlefield, battlefield 1, gaming, new games, video game news, gaming news, gigamax, gigamax games

This expansion will include some of the most “infamous battles of WW1." This is where some of the most “brutal tools and unique weapons” will rear their ugly heads. When faced with tremendous obstacles, people will do whatever it takes to survive. Desperation and deadlock describes World War I perfectly and the weapons making their way to this fourth expansion will be a testament to that fact.

Battlefield 1 has delivered so much entertainment and this is the perfect time to release an expansion of this size. This is not to say the game was getting stale, but it’s definitely time to learn some new maps, weapons and find ourselves in some new crazy situations.


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