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Cory Barlog Confirms No DLC For God of War

God of War was one of the biggest critical and economical video game success stories from last year. Sony has no plans for an expansion to last year's Game of the Year title. Cory Barlog, Director for God of War, confirmed this today on Twitter.

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What's Next for God of War?

"There is no DLC coming for the game. Sorry," said Barlog on Twitter. This was in response to a separate tweet that seemingly teased a new God of War announcement. Barlog wanted to clear up any confusion and confirm that this message was referencing the game's anniversary celebration.

It has already been confirmed that fans will receive a free PS4 theme and avatar set, and Barlog teased that even more was on the way. But this announcement won't be related to God of War DLC.

DLC is "Too Ambitious"

Barlog spoke earlier this year to Kinda Funny and said that he was interested in making a DLC, but he was told it was too ambitious and the idea was ultimately scrapped.

God of War

It was allegedly going to be similar to the huge story expansions that both Last of Us and Uncharted 4 received, which warranted their own stand-alone expansions. "It would [have] ended up being its own thing," Barlog said of the God of War expansion we'll never see. "Rightfully so, everybody said, 'Dude, this is crazy, this isn't DLC, this is a little too big."

The future of God of War is still out of focus. It's not clear what the developers have planned to keep God of War alive. However, the Gigamax Games crew will be keeping a close eye on any announcements. Be sure to visit again soon for the latest gaming news!






God of War PS4 Review – Kratos Never Looked So Good

If you were a fan of the first three God of War games or the various side stories that were released on the PSP/Vita, the latest entry in the series is a huge departure from what you’ve played before. God of War on the PS4 takes some huge risks that are all ended up being wildly successful. They highlight what a positive change bringing more maturity to a well-known game/character can do for a long-running IP. While many may be turned off by the brutal difficulty the beginning hours of the game may hold, it is important to stick with it and get comfortable with the new mechanics. With an open world, side quests, and actual character development, this is God of War like you’ve never seen it before.

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God of War Like Never Before

Fans of the series will immediately notice that the first ten minutes does more to develop Kratos as a character than any game before it. The game opens with Kratos teaching his son, Atreus, the basics of wilderness survival,  showing a side of the protagonist that many didn’t believe existed. Instead of just murdering every being in sight, age has brought some restraint to our hero, allowing the game to take an introspective look at how murdering every Greek God weighs on his conscience and how he tries to hide from his demons. That’s not to say Kratos is an open book, in fact, he’s quite the opposite, only revealing his deepest thoughts when speaking to his son and when thrown into moments that shake our previously unshaken hero to his core. God of War is absolutely packed full of these kinds of intense moments.

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This game is packed to the brim with monstrous battles. Players will not need to go far to fight their next massive foe or group of enemies. A lot of this is thanks to the new side quest system that is full of unique adventures that are as fleshed out as the optional quests in The Witcher 3. Not only do the side quests offer visual splendor, but they deliver a deeper look into the relationship between Kratos and his son, Atreus. While Kratos may seem more vulnerable emotionally, that does not make him any less of a savage.  When pitted against some of the ugliest/scariest monsters Norse mythology has to offer, the Kratos the world has grown to know and love comes out.

The New Combat System

Combat has taken a huge turn in this entry. With every swing,  dodge, and block being deliberate and a keen eye necessary to watch the move of every enemy on screen, it’s unlike anything a God of War fan has experienced. Instead of relying on the hack and slash nature of the previous titles, the new game takes a few cues from Dark Souls and puts an emphasis on proper timing, blocking, and dodging.

Every enemy now has a combat level and if pitted against an enemy above a players gear level, the fight will be next to impossible. Even enemies that are at your gear level pose a serious threat and unprepared gamers will quickly learn not to underestimate even the grunts of the fantasy army. Kratos still uses his host of unique finishing moves that will make even the most vetted God of War fans cringe as enemies literally get torn to pieces.

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As previously mentioned, gear score is a huge part of moving forward. Completing side quests, exploring, and killing strong enemies will pay out in unique material drops that can be taken to the smithy and be crafted into new armor and weapon upgrades to increase Kratos overall level. RPG fans will recognize the color-coded equipment system with white being common and orange being top tier. Unique items have interesting perks attached to them that add spectacular bonuses to Kratos while in combat. There are even a few different armor sets for Atreus even though he doesn’t have a real health bar. Instead, his equipment makes him better in the different support roles he plays.

Final Thoughts 

God of War doesn’t feel like a sequel, it feels like a perfect restructuring of a series that was quickly growing old and tired in its ideas. This game is essential for any PS4 owner and could easily be a frontrunner for game of the year. The developer took a huge risk in fundamentally changing nearly every aspect of the game but ultimately, it is exactly what the series needed. Hopefully, other reboots will learn from the success of this game and strive to reach the same level of quality.


Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018

The time is almost here when a new year brings in a host of new adventures to experience. In this list, we take a look at the most anticipated video games of 2018 and when they will be available to play. Unfortunately, not all these dates are set in stone but check back as time goes on for more information as it becomes available.

What games do you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

God of War (PS4) - “Early 2018”

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With a groundbreaking series to live up to, this latest look into God of War seems to be the right step for the developers. Experiencing the world as an older and wiser Kratos, the trailers seemed to show a different side of this epic warrior. The world hasn’t had a new God of War since July 14th, 2015 and even that was just a remaster. Gamers are itching to get another chance to play as this powerful god. With no official release, gamers are keeping a close eye on any announcement surrounding this new release.

Days Gone (PS4) - “Early 2018”

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Any fan of the survival horror genre will be excited to hear SIE Bend Studio is expected to release Days Gone this upcoming year. The release trailer showed off in 2017 (find it below) immediately left people asking what happened to this decimated world. The main character, a former biker outlaw seems to embrace the terrible situation he finds himself in, ready to shoot and slaughter anything that gets in his way. The impressive gameplay available as of now ranks Days Gone high on the most anticipated video games of 2018.

Anthem (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - Fall 2018

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EA had a rough year in 2017. From a loot box controversy and the fallout that followed, it looks as though they want to make up for their blunder with the release of Anthem in 2018. Dubbed a shared-world action-RPG, the gameplay released is visually stunning. The world looks immense and dangers could lurk around every corner. Flying through the world in what resembles an Iron Man suit, players explore the impressive primeval landscape. The graphics and gameplay look absolutely exquisite but depending on how they handle the game post-launch will most likely determine its succus. 

Monster Hunter: World (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - January 26th

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018, monster hunter worlds, new games, 2018 games, 2018 game releases, gigamax, gigamax games

The Gigamax crew are all huge fans of the Monster Hunter franchise. From the very first time they picked up the PlayStation controller and slain their first monster, they were hooked. Bringing the Monster Hunter experience back to console and those as powerful as the ones we have today is a reason to celebrate. The Monster Hunter: World Beta left people on the edge of their seats just waiting for a chance to play the full game. This is surely set up to be unlike any Monster Hunter that has come before it.

Sea of Thieves (Xbox One, PC) - March 20th

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018, sea of thieves, new games, 2018 games, 2018 game releases, gigamax, gigamax games

Recently, Gigamax was invited to the Alpha test for Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately, the NDA blocks any gameplay from being shared but the concept is what got people excited. Who hasn’t at one time wanted to bring their friends on a pirate adventure? Sea of Thieves finally gives gamers this opportunity. Take to the high seas in this open-world adventure, completing quests and collecting booty. The progression system ensures everyone and anyone can experience this adventure together, no matter how long anyone has been playing, too.

We Happy Few (PC, PS4, Xbox One) - April 13th

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018, we happy few, new games, 2018 games, 2018 game releases, gigamax, gigamax games

This game has been in early access for a while now and Compulsion Games was making some impressive progress. It seemed as though any time gamers picked it back up, something was being added or improved. Finally, the time has come and on April 13th, 2018 people will have the chance to experience the full game in all of its glory. The story seemed fascinating and that was surely just the beginning. Be sure to check the gameplay below to see what’s in store in We Happy Few.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, Xbox One) - Spring 2018

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People absolutely lost their minds when the official announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 came out. One of the most popular games in its day, it’s hard to find someone who didn’t like the first game. Now with Red Dead Redemption 2 expected to drop in Spring of 2018, gamers are anxiously waiting for that official release date. There are very few western games out there and Red Dead did it right. Be sure to check back as more information surfaces surrounding one of the most anticipated video games of 2018.

The Last of Us Part II (PS4) - 2018? (Revised) 

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The Last of Us was an absolutely mind-blowing adventure all the way through. The thrilling yet heartwarming story of a jaded adventure stuck in a world falling apart at the seams meeting up with an unlikely companion left its mark on the gaming community. People just didn’t want it to end and Naughty Dog ensured that the adventure didn't have to. With more and more reports coming in about The Last of Us Part II is only around halfway completed, it's looking as though it might miss their 2018 release. Be sure to keep checking back for more information as more details become available. 


Don't forget, let us know what you would put on this list! Add your most anticipated games of 2018 in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook!


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