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The Real-Life Skills Taught by Video Games

Playing video games is an often-derided past time for children because the consensus is that they could be doing a number of other more ‘productive’ activities. Sports, playing in the company of friends, learning a musical instrument and reading are all examples of these ‘better’ pursuits. However, playing video games actually offers kids the opportunity to practice a number of skills which will stand them in good stead for their adult lives.

Learning from Mistakes

In nearly every video game that you play, there is an objective. In trying to reach that objective, you will make good choices, resulting in progress, and then you will make wrong decisions, which in some cases, will see you start from the very beginning once more (think ‘Snake’ on the old mobile phones as a great example). Now, it is hard to argue that this situation doesn’t mimic real life.

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“The fact is that over the course of your life you will make mistakes: how you learn from these will often define the success you find, or don’t. That is a very valuable lesson that playing video games teaches you, and of course, in the case of most games you start again and avoid your previous mistake – a truly inspirational message for your real life,” argues Todd Grogan, a game blogger at UK Writings and Revieweal.


Closely linked to the previous point is the concept of perseverance, for you would never give up a video game after just one attempt: you would dust yourself down and start again, often numerous times, until you were able to succeed in what it was you set out to achieve. That is a truly inspirational message for life.

Negotiation skills

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In many games you must learn to negotiate effectively: think the Chocolatier series of games where the objective is to become a chocolate tycoon, for example. The truth is that life involves any number of situations where an effective negotiation strategy is key: from haggling over an item in a market to discussions over your salary. This is just another example of a real-world skill that can be honed within the confines of a role-playing game, for example.


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This is an obvious one but it is no less relevant. There is almost an endless list of games which involves playing as a team, from sports games such as FIFA to Fortnite, where you can participle as part of a unit. Everyone must learn to work together at some stage in your life, whether it’s in your job or in a relationship. Playing sports as a child is often stated as the best way to hone this skill, but video games can involve a high level of team participation, and that is no less valuable.


We often hear how people are becoming more impatient, and in some ways that is probably true. Social Media tends to create a ‘now’ culture and digital marketing practices tend to utilize this fact – the modern attention span has certainly dwindled to the extent that we know very well how to discern between something that is interesting and something that is not at a break-neck speed. That said, kids who play video games often have to display huge modicums of patience in order to succeed. Fortnite is once again a classic example as success will not be achieved in a short space of time – often hours must be spent perfecting your skills in order to progress. 

“The high levels of patience required to succeed in many video games is a classic example of a skill that we must learn to develop if we want to succeed in life. Patience, as they say, is a virtue, and any activity in which we spend countless hours improving and perfecting technique will prove to be a valuable lesson for life,” says Therese Faulkener, a lifestyle writer at Academized and Big Assignments

Strategy and Problem-Solving

The majority of games require a strategy in order to succeed. This is as true of role-playing games as it is with the more conventional strategy games that would spring to mind, such as Civilization. With a strategy developed through a trial-and-error process, and the ability to solve the problems that present themselves, success in these games is impossible to achieve, and if that doesn’t mirror real life, then it is hard to say what does. Those who approach life with a finely-tuned strategy can enjoy unrivaled levels of success in whatever field it is they are seeking it in, from their career to their personal life. Similarly, the ability to solve the problems that life throws at you will see you continue to prosper. 

In Summary...

These are just some simple examples of how playing video games can actually prepare young people for all the rigors and complications of life. Far from being a waste of time, most video games, if not all, involve the honing of a skill which can be easily applied to real-life activities – something usually overlooked by critics.

Nora Mork is a lifestyle and tech journalist at Paper Fellows and Research paper writing service. She shares her ideas by speaking at tech events and writing columns for University assignment help blog.

Really, What’s Up With Final Fantasy: A New Empire

So Really, What’s Up With Final Fantasy: A New Empire

You’ve probably seen those strange ads for the mobile game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. This strange ‘free’ app looks like any other free to play mobile game but with one major exception, it’s based on the most recent Final Fantasy game. Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, Iignis, they’re all there but it still feels like an intellectual property lawsuit waiting to happen rather than an actual Square Enix game. But yes, this game and all of its elements are legitimately licensed from SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO., LTD. according to their official website.

Seriously, What’s Up With This Game?

A fan reached out asking us to give our impression on this game and we’re here to deliver.

New Empire, ffxv, mobile game, gigamax, gaming news

This is a game that would normally fly under the radar for Gigamax Games but there were a few things about it that did catch our eye. The marketing on those aforementioned social platforms stood out, maybe not for the best reasons but it did have our intention. The graphics (on the ads) and action looked impressive for a mobile game. However, as gamers know all too well this is a common marketing ploy. Video game developers have lied in the past when it comes to their marketing, No Mans Sky comes to mind. However, this seemed to be on an entirely different level.

FFXV: A New Empire promised exciting quests, action, and combat when in reality it is just another “age of empires” tower defense style mobile game. Yes, it does use the Final Fantasy universe but things are so much different.

Even with the Final Fantasy inspiration, this game is nearly identical to all the other tower defense, base builder, free to play mobile games on the market today. There are a lot of different things to do but there’s very little substance when it comes to the content.

“Questing” They Call It

New Empire, ffxv, mobile game, gigamax, gaming news

The questing system is extremely shallow. The only thing a player has to do to complete a quest is click “start” and wait for the timer to tick down. Fighting other bases and monsters is dull as well. The tiny sprite that represents a character slowly walks through the overworld, swings its sword and walks back to the base. There was only time Noctis is ever actually seen fighting and that was in the ‘Proving Grounds’. Noctus runs toward an enemy and each slash of his sword uses 50 Ether. Ether is not easily found and it costs an incredible amount of ‘Loyalty’ to purchase more.

With the lack of exciting content, there is one thing that this game does very well, entice the player to purchase the in-game materials and currency. There are so many things to do, even if they’re shallow, there’s a lot of different bases to upgrade, bosses to fight, in-game items to purchase but free players are extremely limited. To continuously play, the only real option is to pay.

Time Goes On But The Game Stands Still

After a while playing, there was the inevitable point where you are stuck waiting for resources to generate and a building to finish completing. The only New Empire, ffxv, mobile game, gigamax, gaming newssaving grace would be free to play mini-games that gamers could play while waiting around. However, there were actually multiple mini-games to choose from. This could have been the ultimate “Is this actually a great mobile game I would have missed out on?”

Clicking on the first one brings the player to a classic tower defense game. You build turrets that defend a wave-like onslaught of enmities, protecting the walls of your empire. This was exciting, having the chance to play fun games while resources accumulate or buildings to upgrade could have been great! However, players only have one attempt and then they are locked out with a 24:00 timer. Gamers only get 1 chance to play a single mini-game per day. There are 4 mini-games to try and a 24-hour timer shared between them. This means it will literally take four days to try each of the mini-games and you only have one attempt.

Final Thoughts

At the beginning they give you an incredible amount of resources and leveling up the citadel is a breeze. This honeymoon stage ends abruptly and they make it abundantly clear that in-game purchases are easy to complete and readily available. It’s unfortunate that the Final Fantasy brand is associated with this kind of game. The beautiful thing about Final Fantasy is the abundance of content a game purchase offers. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is the opposite. The shallow and lackluster content teases people along to get hooked and then once they level their buildings to about level 8, resource requirements for an upgrade increase exponentially. The only way to continuously play this game is to buy the in-game currency, however, if you’re a very patient person and don’t mind putting the game down for long periods of time, it’s a great distraction for a short period of time.


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