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Could Blizzard Be Teasing Overwatch’s Next Event

[Update] Overwatch Storm Rising has been announced. A detailed look at the new event can be found, here.

It hasn't been long since Blizzard rolled out their latest Overwatch hero, Baptiste, and now it appears their gearing up for a new event. Fans have recently discovered a teaser that could point to the theme, a news article from Havana, Cuba.

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Overwatch Event Time!

The article, penned by the fictional author, Marise Solis, details the story of Don Rumbotico and his rum business. Although, this company has gotten so large that its original purpose has been long forgotten. It looks like Havana has gained a few private investors that are buying land and filling the territory with armed guards. This could indicate a new map for players to explore in the near future.

Further indicating that Havana, Cuba will be the game's next location, the flight indicator in Numbani Airport lists the capital city as a destination.

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Blizzard released a second fictional article indicating that Florida and Bahamas are preparing for a category 3 storm known as, Hurricane Fernand. The hurricane is originating in the north and passing conveniently through Havana. Every civilian has been evacuated so the area is just waiting to be torn apart in a fight between good and evil.

We'll be sure to have an update when Blizzard finally pulls back the curtain so be sure to check back here at!






Hero 30, Overwatch Welcomes Baptiste

Baptiste makes his debut on the Overwatch PTR shortly after the characters full reveal. Blizzard released a detailed origin story trailer which hinted at his abilities and what drives the latest Overwatch character.

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Baptiste is a combat medic, ready to fill its role on the support side of the character select screen. Both capable in dishing out damage and keeping teammates alive, hero 30 is ready shake up the meta.

Blizzard Official Baptiste Story Trailer

From a turbulent time in the Overwatch lore, Baptiste chose a path that he would soon regret. This incredible origin story builds a complex layer beneath what is already an exciting new character. Blizzard has the spectacular ability to offer gamers so much more than just a new character to their first-person shooter. Each belongs in the Overwatch world for one reason or another. Baptiste is no exception.

The video below is the developer update, hosted by Jeff Kaplan where he reviews Baptiste origin story and offers insight into each of his abilities.

Jeff Kaplan Speaks About Hero 30 | Baptiste Breakdown

Baptiste includes some impressive abilities that are sure to change how teams approach situations. Come take a closer look at each:

  • Primary Weapon: The Biotic Launcher is a medium range, three-round burst rifle. It has a secondary fire mode that launches a grenade that heals through splash damage. It cannot heal Baptiste himself but can heal as many teammates that are standing in its blast radius.
  • Exo Boots: Baptiste uses his Exo Boots to charge up a jump meter while crouched. When crouching and a player hits the jump button, depending on how much Baptiste’s jump meter has been charged, he will leap high into the air.
  • Regenerative Burst: This is a heal-over-time ability that affects everyone, including Baptiste, in the immediate area around the new combat medic.
  • Immortality Field: When this high-tech device is deployed, it creates a cylinder around the device. Teammates that are within this field can still be damaged but cannot drop below 20% health. The UI will even alert the enemy team that those players within the Immortality Field are immune to damage. The device itself can be destroyed which puts an end to this powerful shield ability.
  • Baptiste’s Ultimate, the Amplification Matrix: To help his team deal massive amounts of damage, Baptiste’s Ultimate ability spawns a wall that his teammates can shoot through. The ability will “significantly” increase all damage dealing abilities as well as any healing effects that pass through the Amplification Matrix.

Blizzard is doing a great service to all Overwatch healers by adding to the support options. Adding Baptiste and all of his unique abilities is sure to galvanize the game for both casual and competitive Overwatch gamers. As stated above, Baptiste is available now on the PTR but no word on when hero 30 will make his way onto PS4, Xbox One, or regular PC servers. Be sure to check back on for more gaming news every week and stay up-to-date with the latest Overwatch has to offer.






Overwatch’s Doomfist: Meet the Brand New Fighter

Overwatch's Doomfist: Meet the Brand New Fighter

After a big origin story reveal last week, Blizzard surprised everyone and made the long awaited antagonist, Doomfist, playable on the Public Test Realm (PTR). This powerhouse is a welcomed addition to the already jam packed character roster. Mixing melee with a bit of ranged makes Overwatch's Doomfist a formidable opponent. To herald the announcement, Blizzard released a short animated clip that shows the characters escape and how he got put in jail in the first place.

Dommfist: An Origin Story

Doomfist's origin is a bit of a sad one. Once a highly intelligent and charismatic public figure, Akande Ogundimu, was born to a wealthy family that owned a prestigious prosthetic technology company. Ogundimu expanded his family's company to new levels and in his free time dedicated his life to learning various forms of martial arts. After the big Omnic Crisis he unfortunately lost his arm which was quickly replaced with a good ol' robot arm. But because this is a bad guy origin story, the robot arm made him ineligible in the martial arts tournaments he once held close to his heart. Eventually trying to fill this void led him into the arms of the evil mercenary company, Talon, which he quickly took over his business. After years of running the mercenary group he was taken down by our heroes over at Overwatch and locked up until his recent escape.

Overwatch's Doomfist

Combat and Abilities

Doomfist has a host of abilities available to him in order to take out the competition. His main weapon is a short range "Hand Cannon" that is like a shotgun version of the mega buster. Not very good at a distance, this gun is able to close the gap for the character to start using his Doomfist gauntlet, the real damage dealer. Doomfist is also able to close the gap with his seismic slam ability that lets him leap through the air and upon landing, nearby enemies will be dragged toward him. Once up close the anti-hero can use his rising uppercut ability to deal massive damage and launch his opponents into the air. Another handy move in his bag of tricks is the rocket punch, which deals a ton of damage after a short charge and will do even more if the enemy hits the wall. Doomfist will also gain shield charge upon successful ability hits and his devastating ultimate, meteor strike, sends the character to the sky to come crashing back down killing all that land in the blast radius.

Doomfist sounds like an awesome and unique character but that's not surprising considering Blizzard's recent additions to the game. This launch follows up their recent "Lunar Colony DLC" and fans can't wait for the antagonist to be available to all. Currently, Doomfist is only available on the PTR but Gigamax will be sure to have footage when he launches on the PS4 so be sure to keep checking back for more info!


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