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Borderlands 2 VR: Pandora Is Back in a Big Way!

Coming December 14th, 2018, PlayStation VR owners can pick up a copy of Borderlands 2 VR. 2K and Gearbox Software announced that Borderlands 2 VR will bring the beloved game to the revolutionary virtual reality platform for the very first time. The critically-acclaimed shooter-looter on PlayStation VR will bring this lively world even closer to gamers hearts.

Borderlands 2 VR Makes an Old Game Feel Fresh

The news broke yesterday, 10/9/18, that Borderlands 2 would be getting yet another release. Except, this time it is going to be just a bit more exciting. Borderlands 2 gave gamers endless hours of enjoyment and bringing it into VR has the potential to refresh Pandora and make this 6-year-old game feel exciting all over again.

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Well, this is exciting!

Experience the Borderlands universe like never before. Players can open life-size chests filled with treasure, guns, and have the chance to inspect the world from every angle. The real-world aiming system will completely immerse anyone wearing that PlayStation VR headset in Borderlands 2. There’s no telling how intense the action will get when the world on the screen comes to life all around you.

New Perspective and Features

Borderlands 2 VR includes additional features not found in the original. One that has the potential to transform how players experience Borderlands 2 VR, besides the game actually being in VR, is the new “Bad Ass Mega Fun Time” (BAMF Time) ability. Gamers will be able to slow down time in order to give them the opportunity to set up their next attack. Players will also have access to a Teleport option, allowing them to transport themselves across Pandora with ease. However, even with the Teleport option being included, it doesn’t seem as though the world is going to be any less extraordinary to explore on foot or in a vehicle.

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Claptrap... in VR!

2K and Gearbox Software enhanced the Borderlands 2 VR experience as well, adding a first-person perspective when driving vehicles. Players will be able to navigate the landscape, accelerate and steer with the joystick and use their headset to aim the vehicles weapons. Furthermore, if players use motion controllers, they can interact with the menu systems in an entirely new way. Point, click, drag and drop, seamlessly flow through the menu system to save time so more can be spent playing Borderlands 2 VR.

Virtual Reality Gaming - The Future?

There are high hopes for the future of Virtual Reality in gaming and the technology is still only in its infancy when it comes to consumer headsets like the PlayStation VR. However, the headset is still capable of delivering a thrilling experience. Borderlands 2 is a massively popular title and bringing it to the PlayStation VR seems like it’s going to be a perfect match.

Stop by in December to find Borderlands 2 VR gameplay. Find out how it performs on Sony’s consumer VR headset. Let's hope it lives up to expectations or at least comes close. 



Virtual Reality Made A Splash At E3 2017

VR Made A Splash At E3 2017

Virtual reality was once a gimmick, often found in arcades or hefty home systems with few games to play. From Nintendo's first step into this medium to today's Hololens and Playstation VR, the technology has come a long way. With E3 2017 offering so much information on new games, technology and consoles, it also helped support the idea that VR is becoming much more than a novelty. Rather this technology has now gotten to the point where fully fleshed out games will be available to a mass market and available completely in virtual reality.

Playstation VR, VR, E3, VR at E3

Modern virtual reality gaming is a far shot from the early days with the Nintendo 'Virtual Boy'. With hopes of becoming more than just another expensive gimmick, Sony and the other major virtual reality headset manufacturers want to turn VR into the future of gaming. However, success depends largely on video game developers willingness to take the time and craft games with virtual reality in mind.

Fallout 4

Imagine for a second, wandering the wasteland of Fallout 4 in virtual realityA complete Fallout experience but the only thing different is that you're Playstation VR, VR, E3, VR at E3actually right there, in the thick of the nuclear waste. With the snippets of  gameplay Bethesda showed off, it's hard to get a full picture of how incredible this game could actually be with this technology. Any time a game is showed off for a VR console, it can be difficult to get a true idea of just how immersive the game becomes. Nearly everyone that trys on a VR headset, no matter how much research they've done on the subject is blown away the first time they see how real that virtual world becomes. Having the ability to play Fallout 4 in its entirety on VR has the potential to be the beginning of something great.

Fallout 4 at E3 Trailer


Different kinds of games are coming out for Virtual Reality, not just large open world RPG’s. Those with a need for something a little more shoot-em-up got their fix this E3. DOOM will be coming to PSVR and it looks like a new spin on a classic shooter. Fast paced and gruesome as ever, DOOM VFR looks as though it is absolutely ready to deliver a wild ride.

DOOM VFR at E3 Trailer

Skyrim VR

Now rewind to a world without nukes and instead walking through the expansive world of Skyrim, completely immersed in virtual reality. Skyrim will soon be coming to virtual reality. This game has been released so many time it’s almost starting to get funny. However, even though this release may not include a Master Sword, it will allow a player to get up close and personal like never before with this incredible world. One thing that was clear from the E3 footage, graphics will suffer as they do with almost every VR game out there but the experience may overshadow this drawback.

Skyrim VR at E3 Trailer

Skepticism is high that virtual reality, especially home consoles like the PlayStation VR will take off. This isn’t the first spout of VR consoles to hit the market, but the technology has come so far. Video games have been taken to the next level and VR headsets are able to deliver that immersive experience gamers were always chasing. It’ll take some time before we see what the future may hold for Virtual Reality gaming but E3 offered the community some hope. 

Be sure to check back soon as we breakdown even more announcements from E3 and take a closer look at the Tech, Games and Updates to make the big screen.



Forge Reply Announces Theseus for PSVR

Forge Reply Announces Theseus for PSVR

The independent studio, Forge Reply just announced that they will be releasing a new PSVR game this summer. The small studio is taking a cinematic approach to VR in their upcoming game, Theseus. This game is built completely for virtual reality, Forge Reply is building a new action adventure game that will make the player feel completely immersed in this new and amazing world.

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A Modern Take on The Classics

Theseus is a new and modern take on the classic Minotaur and the Labyrinth myth from ancient Greece. To introduce the game Forge Reply has released an announcement trailer that gives players an intense look into what their game is all about. Check out the reveal trailer below to get a good look into what this upcoming virtual reality experience is all about.

In Theseus, the player wakes up alone in a new and terrifying location with only the voice of a mysterious woman to guide them. The protagonist will wander the halls and alleys of the ancient Labyrinth looking for a way out or meet their demise in the giant maze. Unfortunately they are not alone in the stone hallways, the Minotaur is there and not terribly happy that someone has invaded his home.

Independently Developed

This new independently developed virtual reality game looks like an intense experience and we can't wait to get our hands on it. It's great to see the new and exciting ways developers are approaching the VR medium. With PSVR being the first consumer level experience for this tech, it is a smart move for Forge Reply to make it the first system to receive Theseus. Expect a lot more information as we get closer to the release date along with gameplay videos to get an even better look into the game. Make sure to keep checking back with Gigamax for more on this interesting VR game!


Playstation VR: Upcoming Game Releases

Playstation VR: 2017 Game Releases

One of the primary concerns with the Playstation VR was the lack of games. There were some simulators, a few Playstation VR exclusives and of course, Resident Evil 7 but the future was unclear. Now, the clouds are beginning to part and we have some kind of idea of what the future may hold for the Playstation VR. Be sure to check back here as games are added to the list once more release dates become available.

Take a closer look at the success of modern Virtual Reality Gaming!


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Image Source:

Release: May 16th 2017

Setting out with a mission to locate scientists studying an anomaly near the planet Jupiter, the unknown object hurles the player and crew of scientists into an unexplored new world.

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Impulse Gear


Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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Image Source:

Release: May 30th 2017

Launch yourself into space and take your place in the bridge as you explore the galaxy in the U.S.S Aegis! Not only can you explore the new ship but players can go back in time to the 1960s and control the original bridge from the U.S.S Enterprise

Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment


The Persistence

the persistence, playstation vr, playstation vr games, virtual reality, gaming news

Image Source:

Release: May 2017

Set in the year 2521, you play as a series of different characters all exploring a story from a different perspective. The game tells a story about a group of people which were studying black holes until one of these experiments went horribly wrong.

Genre: Sci-Fi horror
Publisher: Firesprite



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Release: July 2017

Those giant robot shooter fans out there will be happy to see this one. Playing as a six-story-high war machine, you destroy everything in its path to defend America against a totalitarian leader.

Genre: Story-Driven Shooter
Developer/Publisher: Skydance Interactive
Release: July 2017


Fate/Grand Order VR Feat. Mashu Kyrielight

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Image Source:

Release: Estimated 2017

This is a VR version of the original RPG game named Fate/Grand Order.

Genre: ‘RPG’
Developer/Publisher: Type-Moon


Dino Frontier

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Image Source:

Release: Estimated 2017

Build and manage your own Wild West frontier settlement, but there’s a serious twist. You’ll have to manage this settlement sharing the same space as Jurassic era monsters!

Genre: Tabletop Strategy Simulation
Developer/Publisher: Uber Entertainment


ARK Park

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Image Source:

Release: Estimated 2017

Not to be confused with Ark Survival: Evolved, the VR experience will let players get up close with the creatures from the game. It will offer information on the incredible creatures, but as the available information suggests, it will not be a fully fleshed out Ark Survival game.

Genre: Simulation/Informational
Developer/Publisher: Snail Games’ Peacock Studio + (Creative input) Studio Wildcard


The Walker

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Image Source:

Release: Estimated 2017

Be prepared for fantasy combat in The Walker’s highly detailed environments. Using guns, swords, spells and the promise for infusing weapons with special powers, there’s a lot in store.

Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Publisher/Developer: Sony’s China Hero Project



The Year of Virtual Reality – Gigamax Breaks It Down

The Year of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has long eluded the AAA gaming scene. Some VR technology has reached the consumer. However, technology like the ‘3D Head’ or Nintendo’s ‘Virtual Boy’ were just not practical for the gamer at the time. A truly powerful gaming Virtual Reality headset has only recently began to reach the mass market. The Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive and the Playstation VR are just some of the major VR headsets that have revolutionized the video game experience. No longer are we gamers stuck looking at a 2D world through a pane of glass. There’s so much more!

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Nintendo 'Virtual Reality'

3d head old virtual reality headset, unsuccessful virtual reality headset gaming gigamax, gigamax games

'3D Printing'

The idea of a great Virtual Reality setup is exciting, but how well did these technologies sell in 2016? This is an extremely important question to ask for a couple reasons. First, if this technology sells well out of the gate, it’ll entice technology manufacturers to continue and improve on the hardware. Secondly the more units sold, the more game developers will begin to work on exciting and lengthy games specifically designed to be played in VR. For any owners of the Playstation VR, they know the struggle of looking for a new VR game that will offer a complete gaming experience. Many games feel like a tech demo rather than an actual game.

Exact sales numbers are hard to come by, which isn’t usually the best sign. From reports, we can compile a rough estimate on the total units sold for the most popular models.


Sony announced that PSVR outsold every console on the market in Japan in less than a week, selling over 51,000 units from October 13 through October 16. An analyst firm, IHS Markit marked down 1.4 million units sold this year. A HTC Vive rep has claimed the company sold over 140,000 units. One million people have used Samsung’s Gear VR according to multiple statements by the company. Manufacturers of VR gaming headsets have been undoubtedly elusive when it comes to exact sales numbers. We can assume, millions of consumers have access to a gaming VR headset, a decent foundation to build from.

Let’s circle back to Playstation VR real fast. This is truly a Virtual reality headset for the mass consumer. When it comes to the PSVR, anyone with a Playstation had the option to make the purchase and begin gaming. Even with the Oculus, before the new reduced PC Spec update, an individual needed a robust gaming PC to use it. Even now, PC's a few years behind the curve won’t be able to deliver a solid VR experience. Samsung’s headset had a substantial reach as well, but didn’t have comparable power to Oculus or PlayStation’s gear. Playstation VR may be most successful consumer level Virtual Reality gaming headset on the market today.


So what this all means is that 2016 built the foundation of a successful future for Virtual Reality. Technology and video game developers have taken note, but seem to be waiting anxiously to flood the market with hardware and software. A representative from Oculus made a remark saying that they are far from reaching saturation, meaning every person that wants one, doesn’t have one yet. 2017 has a lot in store for Virtual Reality. Let’s all hope they continue releasing substantial AAA games for the hardware so our expensive headsets don’t go to waste and don’t fade away, becoming nothing more than a novelty.



'Let's Plays'

Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier

Virtual Reality has always been an eluding dream for gamers of all kinds. We had some novelty VR experiences out there, at Disney, Arcades and other attractions. They were cool, exciting, but the user had little to no control over their experience in that interactive digital world. These past couple years has finally broke that trend, letting VR users explore and open and interactive world. Many of the systems out there, Oculus, Vive even cheaper versions like Google Cardboard was this technologies segway into the consumer market. The virtual world was nearly upon us.

VR gaming offers the user an experience that was next to impossible to achieve without this incredible technology. The first time I put on my Playstation VR and became completely immersed in the gaming world, I was shocked and bewildered. I fell in love with this incredible way to game. The second I unboxed my Playstation VR I knew it was going to be something mindblowing. It looked like a fighter jet helmet when you first opened that slick packaging it came in. (This really doesn’t have anything to do with the system or the technology, but the box it came it is something to note. It was a sleek white box and to open it, you pushed the top back and it kind of looked like a treasure chest. The only thing that would have made it cooler would be a light shining up and “ahhh” was sang when it opened.)

PSVR - Impression

The first game I played on the VR was “No Man’s Sky”, before you look it up, no, it is not VR compatible. But playing non-VR games on Playstation VR is still an experience. It opens the game screen up inside the visor, basically acting like a personal IMAX theater. I purchased my VR at the midnight release and had work early in the morning so I started the download of Eve Valkyrie(a Playstation VR compatible game) and wanted to at least try the thing out before I went to bed, so ‘No Man’s Sky” was my go-to.

First, I looked around at the world of this alien planet., a bit disappointed I was still playing in 2D. I walked around a little bit, with each step becoming a little more amazed by this technology that was strapped around my head. Before long, my character wandered off a cliff and plummeted into the water below. Instinctively I threw my hands up, controller goes flying, thinking I’m actually falling off a damn cliff.

My first run of a VR compatible game was right after work the day of release. Valkyrie was downloaded and I was ready for my first go at a true Virtual Reality experience. It was everything I could have imagined and more. I was completely immersed in this world filled with spaceships and enemy threats,. The first mission had me flying this incredible craft through the void of space and I was watching my hands minic my controls as this spaceship pilot. I saw my shoulders, the inside of my craft from every angle, and tracking targets to the left and right of me with my eyes and head., It truly made me feel as though I was in this craft, billions of miles away flying through space. As cool as it was, I do have to admit there are areas which the technology and games need to improve.

Limitations vs. Functionality

The Playstation VR functioned great, easy to set up and delivered an extremely thrilling Virtual Reality experience. However, the resolution was something that threw me off at first. I was a bit confused, expecting to see a 1080p screen in front of my eyes and instead saw this slightly pixilated, holographic world that surrounded me. When I say ‘slightly pixilated’ I am more referring to the way a holographic playing card looks when you shift it to perform its action. It was strange and took a little time to get used to. Yet, after putting a few hours in, I completely forgot about the slight imperfection in the screens resolution.

There is one thing I need from my Playstation VR that it just can't deliver on, a full fledged single-player adventure game. Granted, it has been only a few weeks since the hardware became available to the masses. Resident Evil 7 is something to look forward to, but the games that are coming out which have VR aspects are usually only available on some levels. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Tomb Raider, Battlefront just to name a few games that are coming out with VR missions. But these are really the only things that I have against Playstation VR, other than that it’s a good buy.

Thank you all so much for reading, hope you enjoyed my impression of Playstation VR and Virtual Reality gaming in general. We as gamers have come so far and the technology only continues to get cooler. Can’t wait to see how this technology progresses in the next few years. In all honestly, the next few months have a lot in store as well. Check back soon for more reviews, tech and industry news!

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