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PSN Name Change Could Potentially Wipe Save Data

After plenty of fan feedback and criticism, Sony is allowing PSN subscribers to change their gamer tags. Unfortunately, this long requested addition may come with more downsides than previously expected.

When the company initially made the announcement, they warned players that their might bring some game and application compatibility issues, but it appears those testing the beta found a disclaimer that warns users they could lose a lot of information attached to their account. Some of this data includes saved data and DLC purchases.

PSN Name Change Could Cost You

This leak comes from beta testers on the ResetEra Forum. The thread points out that not all games and apps support the PSN ID switch, so those that utilize the feature may lose access to content like virtual currency, game progress, trophy completion, and leaderboard data. The users also note that some games may not function properly even when playing offline and the prior PSN ID could still be visible to other players. Those that run into issues will be able to revert back to their old tag at no additional fee, but that may not resolve all of the issues.

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As of now, it is hard to tell how widespread these issues are or if this is just Sony attempting to cover their bases in case something goes wrong. It seems like beta testers are warning interested PSN subscribers to hold off on the new feature until more information is revealed about these problems.

Once the beta ends, every PSN user will get one free name change with subsequent changes costing a $10 fee ($5 for PSN Plus). The preview program is set to finish at the end of November with the full feature making its way to consoles in 2019. Every game published after April 1st, 2018 will be compatible and Sony will release a full list of the compatible games when the feature goes live.



More Classic Playstation 2 Games Released For Playstation 4

Holy hell did they just release a lot of PS2 classics on PSN for PS4. What a nostalgia trip. Take a look at the full list below, let us know which ones were your favorite! @Gigamaxgames

Here's the full list:

  •         Canis Canem Edit (Bully)
  •         Dark Chronicle
  •         Dark Cloud
  •         FantaVision
  •         Forbidden Siren
  •         Grand Theft Auto 3
  •         Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  •         Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  •         Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy
  •         Kinetica
  •         Manhunt
  •         Max Payne
  •         PaRappa The Rapper 2
  •         Primal
  •         Rise of the Kasai
  •         Rogue Galaxy
  •         Star Wars Jedi Starfighter
  •         Star Wars Racer Revenge
  •         Star Wars Bounty Hunter
  •         Star Wars Mega Bundle
  •         Super Star Wars
  •         The Mark of Kri
  •         The Warriors
  •         Twisted Metal Black
  •         War of the Monsters
  •         Wild Arms 3

Found this list on but it was all in British… We ‘Mericanized it for you all.


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