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On The Eighth Day, Iguana Created Turok…

For Love of the Game: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Review by, William Griston – Gigamax Games Contributor

Originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1997, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was one of the first FPS games designed explicitly with a console in mind. While it did receive a port to the PC, it was not as well received as the N64 version. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was crafted by the now defunct Iguana Entertainment and subsequently published by the now equally defunct Acclaim Entertainment. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was given new life on the PC in December of 2015 and on Xbox One in March of 2018 by Nightdive Studios

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Nightdive has succeeded in bringing a beloved game from many of our childhoods into the modern era. They seem to have a penchant for bringing old games from defunct studios back from the dead, and I feel that we all owe them for this great service. Keep fighting the good fight Nightdive.

The Setting

Taking on the role of Tal’Set as the current Turok(in the later games of the original series, you play the role of Joshua Fireseed). All Turoks function as protectors of the barrier between the Lost Lands and Earth as well as participating in an unending struggle to stem the tide of the nefarious Campaigner’s bid to rule the multiverse. Based upon a comic book series that ran from the mid-‘50s to the early ‘80s, the Turok games are one of the few game series to feature a Native American protagonist. It’s the only one to feature a pure-blood one, which is somewhat surprising given the rich lore in their culture. I would love to play through a game similar to the setting/events in the movie Apocalypto as an example. Pre-European conquest Tomb Raider? Yes, please.

The Gameplay

While the gameplay is fairly rudimentary by modern standards, that is, you point guns at bad guys and press fire until they die. Strafing in circles is your best strategy for almost every enemy in the game with few exceptions. You can also attempt to make your foes attack each other, a feat that is much easier with the ranged enemies than it is with the melee based enemies. The caveat here is that like enemies will not attack each other, except for humanoids armed with guns. That is, Raptors won’t fight Raptors, Pur-Lin won’t fight Pur-Line.

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You are given access to a veritable cornucopia of weapons with to dispatch the various flora and fauna of the Lost Lands. Most of them are stock standard FPS fare but there are few standout weapons like the Particle Accelerator, easily one of the most unique weapons in the game, hell, in any FPS game that I have played. The Particle Accelerator charges up before automatically discharging, or you can unleash a torrent of directed plasma in front of you and most enemies hit by it will be burned to a crisp before finally exploding flinging giblets every which way.

The final weapon, the Chronoscepter is only available if you find all of the missing pieces scattered across the levels. The Chronoscepter goes boom in the most satisfying of ways, at least for the era that the game came from, for modern games, it’s rather lackluster even with the updated particle effects from Nightdive Studios’ remaster. I think the only major issue I have with the weaponry is how weak the shotguns are, especially on the higher difficulties.

The vast majority of the enemies you will face in Turok are humanoids, but there is a sprinkling of non-humanoids such as the goliath Pur-Lin(Giant Ape-like creatures, that look like angry mutant frogs) and dinosaurs such as Raptors. There’s even a small handful of bosses (Four total). The amount of dinos you face is rather minuscule considering the suffix of the game is “Dinosaur Hunter”, but I guess “Turok: Hunts Dinosaurs Sometimes” isn’t as catchy.

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The enemies are not the only threat you’ll face on your trek through the multitude of interconnected worlds. There are a bevy of hazards sprinkled liberally throughout each level from the mundane and primitive stake traps (Long branches with sharpened stakes attached to them that swing out horizontally), flesh-eating plants that fire spikes at you, and the occasional falling rock, all of which serve to bring life to a mostly empty world.

Inexplicably, there are a series of jump puzzles across a few levels in Turok. Whose idea was it to put platforming into an FPS game? They deserve far more scorn than I can muster, maybe even more scorn than the entirety of gamedom can muster (that’s a lot of scorn for those keeping track).

Exploring The Lost Lands

On your quest to collect all the pieces of the Chronoscepter and defeat the Campaigner will find you venturing through a massive and ancient temple complex. Delve into the claustrophobic depths of a mazelike catacomb, run across bridges through a village high in the trees, trudge through a wasteland filled with fields of lava, and finally the assault the Campaigner’s fortress which is a labyrinth of steel corridors. Every level has a few secret portals that pop up from time to time, given away by the telltale throbbing hum.    

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The journey starts out in the lush* jungles on the outskirts of Lost Lands, which functions as a hub for the game itself. After collecting the first few keys, you’ll find yourself in a giant cave with slightly raised stone floor with a series of stepping stones marked with glyphs that correspond to a specific key for a specific portal on the cave floor leading to an archway that become active portals to each sub-world of the Lost Lands once you insert the needed keys into the corresponding mounting affixed on the central platform.

*There are trees, some vine covered walls, as well as few monkeys, boars, and deer.

Caveat Emptor(Let The Buyer Beware)

This is an old game, that means much of Turok’s content was limited by design choices of the original team (Iguana Entertainment) due to the technological constraints of the system it was created for in the first place (The Nintendo 64). The AI is pretty abysmal, the textures are low res, and the models are janky. The fog was initially used as a stop-gap to keep the framerate at a playable level, but it was put to good use by adding some much-needed atmosphere.

If were not for the fog, you would not be treated to seeing the monolithic structures that poke out of the mists at you as you approach them, nor would you have to tangle with dinosaurs charging at you from unexpected places. Even with Nightdive Studios stellar job bringing this game back from the abyss, there’s only so much polish you can put on a turd. I enjoyed my trip through memory lane, while I am honestly not sure how much of a factor nostalgia was, I expect it did play a rather large role in my enjoyment of the game so there may be some positive bias in my thoughts to the game as a whole.

Play Turok: Dinosaur Hunter if you want to see what helped influence the acceptance of the console FPS. Games like Turok, Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark all laid the foundation for games like Halo and Destiny.

If you want the flashiest of graphics with the gibbiest of gibs, I would just play the new Doom.

This review was written based off of the PC remaster of the game that was released in 2015 by Nightdive Studios and may not be applicable to the Xbox One version of the game.

The Invisible Hours Review: Movies and Gaming Collide

Game: The Invisible Hours
Tequila Works
Publisher: GameTrust/Tequila Works
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR
Genre: Spherical Narrative
Players: Single-player

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Tequila Works was absolutely successful in delivering a unique experience with The Invisible Hours. Now available for non-VR, the flat-screen version of the game is still able to remain immersive and unbelievably exciting. The second Tesla’s body was discovered, the intricate story begins to unfold in a spectacular way. This noir is truly an experience to remember.

Watch the Review Preview on YouTube!

Following this game since its release on VR, the only thing to hold me back from actually picking up The Invisible Hours was the thought of getting sucked into a game and needing to play it on PlayStation VR all the way through. This piece of tech is awesome but it can get a bit cumbersome when gaming for hours with this hunk of plastic on your head.

Now that Tequila Works was releasing their flat-screen version, I was extremely excited to get my hands on a copy. I’m not a big noir fan, and honestly, a conversation heavy game with little to no action or incredible cinematics doesn’t often catch my attention. However, there was something a bit different about The Invisible Hours.

The Cinematic Experience Begins

Following the footsteps of Nikola Tesla and getting to the bottom of his gruesome murder felt like the right combination to catch my interest. Tequila Works sent over a review copy and I couldn’t wait to get started. They marketed The Invisible Hours as a “Spherical Narrative” something that just seemed to be clever marketing language to catch gamers attention. But it actually turned out to be so much more than that.

The spherical nature became clear in the first hour of the game. It is built, unlike anything I’ve ever played before. A story unfolding and the player doesn’t have any direct impact on the events taking place. Instead, the main character isn’t really the main character. Gamers control what seems to be a “fly on the wall” kind of entity that has the ability to fast-forward, rewind, and stop time. This primary mechanic is the gem that truly makes this game shine, taking the gamer on a circular journey back and forth to get to the bottom of this mystery. 

It All Starts Coming Together

Taking place on Nikola Tesla's private island, the playable character appears without much backstory. The only option is to start walking up the winding steps in front of you. With a large body of water behind you and a sheer cliff face to your right, the steps guide you up to a large gate bearing the letters, “NT”.

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A crying woman that pays no attention to your presence and a gigantic mansion are the only things of immediate interest after reaching the top of the steps. Leaving the crying woman alone, feeling slightly offended she didn’t pay any attention to me, it was time to explore the mansion. This is when the body of the famous inventor is first discovered and things start to heat up.

As the drama unfolds, tensions flare and conversations start breaking out. From the moment Tesla's body is discovered, the game truly comes alive. What seemed like an empty mansion soon started filling with characters from all walks of life. Famous historical inventors, actors, along with people that history would have never mentioned all begin to appear from seemingly nowhere. Each of the characters plays a vital role in the stories development. All have a unique perspective on the situation that’s unfolding all around them as well as develop intricate back stories that only become clear as time goes on.

The Invisible Hours Stands Out

The feature that makes The Invisible Hours stand out and what created such a unique experience is the time control feature. Being able to rewind, fast-forward, and stop time along with the fact that your playable character is completely invisible allows Tequila Works to create that cinematic feel while still allowing gamers to have some kind of control.

As characters appear, you can follow them with the rewind function to see where they came from in the mansion and what they were up to. You can even rewind to the point before everyone was notified of the murder and fast forward to after the large group breaks up and see what they are doing in their room when they think they’re alone. It gets a bit creepy, but all throughout the game, it feels like a playable movie so it’s really not as weird as it sounds.

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Each character had an unbelievably in-depth backstory, their complex emotions that The Invisible Hours is able to portray while they were alone with their thoughts is enthralling. Hanging on every word while also anxiously waiting for their monologues to end so I could go back and follow someone else around.

Less than 30 minutes in game time went by and I already put hours into the game. Every minute that passed in game felt like it caused a chain reaction, sending me off on a wild hunt for clues, collectibles, bits of conversation, and story. It is strangely exhilarating, especially being someone who usually finds themselves losing interest in dialog heavy games.

Overview and Wrapup 

The only real complaint about the game is the fact that you had to wait for the rewind and fast-forward mechanic to wind up in order for it to go faster. It would start off slow and gradually increase in speed. This is a bit annoying since it played such an important role throughout the game. It would have been nice to have the option to have control of how fast time rewound or moved forward, instantly.

Overall the game is an interesting introduction to the Spherical Narrative genre. Tequila Works did a great job bringing this VR game to flat-screen as well. The story is fascinating and kept my attention every second I was playing. I didn’t want to miss a word and at one point I advanced to chapter 2 but didn’t want to move forward because I didn’t have a chance to follow someone back to their room and see what they were up to. It was nice that Tequila Works included a quicker way to time travel through the start menu so I was able to jump right back to the beginning of the game. 

There are a lot of secrets hiding in Nikola Tesla's mysterious mansion and the journey to uncover the truth about his death is filled with mind-blowing realizations and tense interactions. Tequila Works did a fantastic job putting this story together. I’m excited to go back and see what other secrets The Invisible Hours has in store.


Really, What’s Up With Final Fantasy: A New Empire

So Really, What’s Up With Final Fantasy: A New Empire

You’ve probably seen those strange ads for the mobile game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. This strange ‘free’ app looks like any other free to play mobile game but with one major exception, it’s based on the most recent Final Fantasy game. Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, Iignis, they’re all there but it still feels like an intellectual property lawsuit waiting to happen rather than an actual Square Enix game. But yes, this game and all of its elements are legitimately licensed from SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO., LTD. according to their official website.

Seriously, What’s Up With This Game?

A fan reached out asking us to give our impression on this game and we’re here to deliver.

New Empire, ffxv, mobile game, gigamax, gaming news

This is a game that would normally fly under the radar for Gigamax Games but there were a few things about it that did catch our eye. The marketing on those aforementioned social platforms stood out, maybe not for the best reasons but it did have our intention. The graphics (on the ads) and action looked impressive for a mobile game. However, as gamers know all too well this is a common marketing ploy. Video game developers have lied in the past when it comes to their marketing, No Mans Sky comes to mind. However, this seemed to be on an entirely different level.

FFXV: A New Empire promised exciting quests, action, and combat when in reality it is just another “age of empires” tower defense style mobile game. Yes, it does use the Final Fantasy universe but things are so much different.

Even with the Final Fantasy inspiration, this game is nearly identical to all the other tower defense, base builder, free to play mobile games on the market today. There are a lot of different things to do but there’s very little substance when it comes to the content.

“Questing” They Call It

New Empire, ffxv, mobile game, gigamax, gaming news

The questing system is extremely shallow. The only thing a player has to do to complete a quest is click “start” and wait for the timer to tick down. Fighting other bases and monsters is dull as well. The tiny sprite that represents a character slowly walks through the overworld, swings its sword and walks back to the base. There was only time Noctis is ever actually seen fighting and that was in the ‘Proving Grounds’. Noctus runs toward an enemy and each slash of his sword uses 50 Ether. Ether is not easily found and it costs an incredible amount of ‘Loyalty’ to purchase more.

With the lack of exciting content, there is one thing that this game does very well, entice the player to purchase the in-game materials and currency. There are so many things to do, even if they’re shallow, there’s a lot of different bases to upgrade, bosses to fight, in-game items to purchase but free players are extremely limited. To continuously play, the only real option is to pay.

Time Goes On But The Game Stands Still

After a while playing, there was the inevitable point where you are stuck waiting for resources to generate and a building to finish completing. The only New Empire, ffxv, mobile game, gigamax, gaming newssaving grace would be free to play mini-games that gamers could play while waiting around. However, there were actually multiple mini-games to choose from. This could have been the ultimate “Is this actually a great mobile game I would have missed out on?”

Clicking on the first one brings the player to a classic tower defense game. You build turrets that defend a wave-like onslaught of enmities, protecting the walls of your empire. This was exciting, having the chance to play fun games while resources accumulate or buildings to upgrade could have been great! However, players only have one attempt and then they are locked out with a 24:00 timer. Gamers only get 1 chance to play a single mini-game per day. There are 4 mini-games to try and a 24-hour timer shared between them. This means it will literally take four days to try each of the mini-games and you only have one attempt.

Final Thoughts

At the beginning they give you an incredible amount of resources and leveling up the citadel is a breeze. This honeymoon stage ends abruptly and they make it abundantly clear that in-game purchases are easy to complete and readily available. It’s unfortunate that the Final Fantasy brand is associated with this kind of game. The beautiful thing about Final Fantasy is the abundance of content a game purchase offers. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is the opposite. The shallow and lackluster content teases people along to get hooked and then once they level their buildings to about level 8, resource requirements for an upgrade increase exponentially. The only way to continuously play this game is to buy the in-game currency, however, if you’re a very patient person and don’t mind putting the game down for long periods of time, it’s a great distraction for a short period of time.


‘OXENFREE’ Let’s Play – Playlist with Gigamax Games

‘OXENFREE’ Let’s Play – Playlist with Gigamax Games

Oxenfree absolutely deserves a close look for anyone that enjoys an obscure but interesting story. Beautifully designed, this indie game is one to remember. Gigs and Mack take a look to see why Night School Studios creation made so much noise when it was released in January of 2016. Going in completely blind, the crew shows anyone interested in Oxenfree exactly what they can expect.

An aspect of the game that really stood out was the art. Beautiful scenes behind muted colors creates the right atmosphere for this obscure indie game.

oxenfree, indie game, indie games, let's play, gigamax

The first 30 minutes was mostly just getting the player introduced to the characters. A bunch of kids on a ship to an undisclosed destination was curious enough to keep interest high before the ‘action’ started. Able to pick different dialog choices, the player has some freedom with how their character interacts with the other NPC’s. The story is something that truly stands out in this game, and Gigamax is excited to work their way through and see it to the end.

OXENFREE – [Throwing Rocks with Friends] – Let’s Play | Gigamax Games

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Playlist with Gigamax

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Playlist with Gigamax

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is definitely not for the weak. Interesting mechanics and precision style combat make it difficult to jump right into. Unless a player swings away wildly in every direction with no regard for the well being of teammates. You can decide which the Gigamax crew is made up of with the video below.

In all honesty, it was a fun game delivering some exhilarating moments followed by questions and laughs. Released in 2012, it’s a relatively old game and was worth the revisit. Anyone looking for a fun, simple game to burn some time and test your skills, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare might be the right pick.

Take a look at the video below as Gigs and Mack take their first look into what the game has to offer. It may not be for everyone and it is a bit old, but it could be a good buy. Thank you all so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoy!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [Chivalry Is Far From Dead] – Gigamax Games

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Homestead: Elder Scrolls Online Feb. 2017 – GIGAMAX

Homestead: Elder Scrolls Online Feb. 2017 - GIGAMAX

Homestead, The Elder Scrolls Online’s next big update drops February of 2017. Pulling an absolute essential and exciting feature from Skyrim, players will now be able to purchase a home. Of course, you can’t build your own homes exactly like in Skyrim but there is a choice between 40 unique home styles. 2,000 individual decorative and furniture options make it seem as if there will be plenty of original content to last for a bit.

skyrim meme for elder scrolls homestead update

Definitely worth mentioning, huge fan of the houses in Skyrim. Recently we released, “Skyrim: Touched For The Very First Time” and it’ll describe our obsession.

The home options will only be available in ESO’s base zones and not in any DLC areas. On the Elder Scrolls Online website they offer a reason, "to make it easy to find and purchase", but it definitely would have been awesome to have a house in Winterhold. Offering a free fast travel, it’ll be another fun and interesting part of the game.

What caught our attention is that the Homes are styled after the 10 playable races. This update is available without purchasing any DLC but there is one exception. Imperial-style homes require the Imperial Edition of ESO which costs 2,100 crowns on the Crown Store. If a player has the Imperial Edition, all 10 races can purchase an Imperial style home.

A Place To Call Home

A place to call homestead in the elder scrolls online, gigamax games, gigamax

There is something nice about having a home in an RPG, a place to go after a hard day of adventuring just to escape. Friends, guild members and even those who are not on your friends list can enter the home. The owner can assign a role to the guests, listing them as a “Visitor” or “Decorator”. It seems as though the Decorator can actually make changes in the home as well.

Good news, homes are secure so other players can’t break in and steal your stuff. This idea could have added an interesting depth to the home idea, but we bet it would get old quickly.

You can expect to see a detailed guide about the player housing system, editor features and other crafting information early in 2017. Homestead launches in February but we have a pretty good idea of what to expect.


Killing Floor 2: Zombies and Gore – Let’s Play

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire Interactive delivered hours of exciting and overall fun content time and time again. The game was only $40 on the Playstation Store and was absolutely worth every penny. There is no story mode, only a survival, round based zombie kill fest. It strays from classic zombie games like Left 4 Dead in some key ways. However, it did offer some amazing cinematic and extremely gory moments with some silly commentary in between rounds. If you’re looking for more information than what can be found in the ‘Let’s Play’ below, take a look at our Review!

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Watch Dogs 2 – ‘Let’s Play’

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 was a refreshing take on this series. The first game didn’t quite live to expectations but Ubisoft did a great job on this next step in the Watch Dogs franchise. Gigs and Mack start from the beginning so you can know what to expect right from the start. The internet is everywhere and Watch Dogs 2 takes full advantage of this fact. Using a bit of strategy can lead to some incredibly cool takedowns and action sequences.

Below you can our ‘Let’s Play’ of Watch Dogs 2. Hope you all enjoy!

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Battlefield 1 | Campaign

Battlefield 1

EA DICE did something incredible with Battlefield 1. This gritty, action packed first person shooter is something that will be remembered. The campaign offers an immersive and cinematic experience that truly feels like you’re fighting for your life. Gigs and Mack wanted to bring you in on some of this action. Below you will find the GIgamax Battlefield 1 Playlist.

Battlefield 1, battlefield, bf1, gaming, new games, new releases, video games, battlefield game, playstation, xbox one, shooter, first person,

From the campaign to scores of heart stopping multiplayer action, the Battlefield 1 Playlist has it all. Be sure to check back for all the latest updates as Gigs and Mack will be constantly adding new content as time goes on. EA DICE continues to release new DLC and updates and the Gigamax crew couldn’t be happier. As the game continues to evolve, you can be sure Gigs and Mack will continue to play Battlefield 1.


We hope you all enjoy our peak at Battlefield 1 Campaign and Multiplayer. If you want more, consistent and exciting gameplay of the latest games, make sure you subscribe to keep up with the action. GIGAMAX on YouTube

Thank you all so much for taking the time to join us at Gigamax Games!

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Gigamax: Weekly Content

Gigamax Weekly Content

With Gigamax officially open for business we’re making sure we keep our viewers entertained with a consistent line of original content.  Make sure you know what to expect from Gigamax with our detailed list down below.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will have an original article written by one of us over here at the Gigamax headquarters or by one of our amazing content contributors. These articles will deal with the most up to date information, reviews, and impressions of the latest releases in the gaming industry. If you would like more information on becoming a content contributor contact us at!


If you want to get a good view of a game before committing your hard earned money to the release, check out the Gigamax youtube page every Tuesday & Thursday for insight into the newest games. Our videos come with 100% more sarcasm than your leading source of gaming videos so come ready to laugh and maybe shake your head at our stupidity.

Industry Updates

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