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Shadow of War Officially Confirmed by Warner Brothers

Shadow of War: Update

Yesterday's leak that Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be coming out August 22nd in North America has been officially confirmed by Warner Bros. Monolith Productions is making this game much larger than its predecessor, Shadow of Mordor.  The nemesis system not only dynamically creates Orc generals but also shapes the open world as well. Players will not just be facing Sauron this time but his Nazgul mounts well. Below you'll find the official announcement trailer that gives a cinematic look into the story of the game.

Original Story

The next title in the "Shadow of Mordor" series is on the way according to an accidental early listing on US retailer Target's website.

This listing for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War was initially spotted by NeoGaf. The release date on the now removed leak was set for August 22nd which means that developer Monolith Productions is preparing for an announcement soon, most likely E3. According to the description, the game will contain the Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor. This system required players to systematically eliminate a randomly generated hierarchy of Orc's to eventually kill the leaders.

Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of War will continue the story of Talion and Celebrimbor, the hero and his ghost friend from Shadow of Mordor. The dynamic duo is back and looking to forge their own ring of power so they can take on the dark lord, Sauron.

The listing also details that the game will have the industry standard "Gold Edition" priced at $100 USD. This edition will contain two nemesis expansions, two story add-on's and a "Gold War Chest." The Nemesis expansions were also detailed and will contain a new Orc tribe, enemies, missions and more. The story expansions will have a new campaign with a different playable character.

Gigamax Games was a huge fan of the first entry in the Shadow of Mordor series and we are very excited for the latest entry. While it is unfortunate that the game was accidentally leaked before the developer was ready to show it off, it is nice to see the positive response and genuine hype for the sequel. Be sure to check back at Gigamax Games for more details on this developing story.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – First Look with GIGAMAX

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – First Look with GIGAMAX

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has finally graced us with its presence. Long time Resident Evil fans have been waiting anxiously for Capcom’s highly anticipated revival of the series. Designed with PlayStation VR technology in mind and with a feel that brought the player right back to the classics, the game was expected to deliver. Set in the Resident Evil universe and creating a familiar yet unique atmosphere, it’s eerie right off the bat.

resident evil 7 ethan

First making its public debut at E3 2016, the community was excited to get their hands on it. The past few Resident Evil games left fans with a bad taste in their mouth. Granted, they were entertaining games but far from the stomach wrenching, fear inducing, horror feast that the originals delivered. Many thought this was just going to be another nail in the coffin for the franchise.

Another potential concern was the fact that it was developed specifically for the PlayStation VR. This could have been a risky move on Capcom’s’ part. A lot of games end up becoming a bit gimmicky when they release for a new technology. However, Resident Evil 7 is able to be played without VR so it greatly expanded their available audience. Even though players don’t have to use VR, it really does an amazing job to enhance the experience.

This game has already provided incredible atmosphere and unimaginable horror. From vivid visuals to an abstract story, it really offers interesting dynamics.

We will have a more detailed review next week. Also, we have a Let’s Play available for Resident Evil 7:Biohazard now!

Enjoy the E3 trailer below!


Injustice 2 – New Story Trailer and Info! with GIGAMAX

Injustice 2 Coming 2017

NetherRealm Studios just released another incredible story trailer for Injustice 2 and we’re excited. A tormented Superman, Robin makes an appearance and Brainiac shows up. So many juicy bits of information were teased in the short, 3 minute trailer. The first Injustice offered hours of excitement as the innovative fighting game delivered some impressive mechanics and environments. Let’s see what’s in store for the next leg in the series. 

Some of the characters that were shown in the new trailer confirm rumors that had been floating around about the hero roster. It seems as though Brainiac's appearance at the end of the trailer suggests that this villain will be the focal point of the action. A once again distressed Superman makes his debut in the trailer and it seems as though he will be playing an important role as the story unfolds. Supergirl also shows up, but she is definitely not feeling like herself. Potentially brain-washed, she looks ready to kill anyone who stands in her way.

Official Word From

When looking at the official Injustice Website, a few more bits of information become available. Players have the choice between three different game versions; Standard, Digital Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition. The Digital Deluxe edition includes 3 DLC fighters, one Premier skin and one exclusive gear shader pack. No word yet on which 3 DLC fighters the Digital Deluxe edition will include but the skin offered is for Supergirl. The Ultimate Edition offers some incredible content right out of the gate. 9 DLC fighters, 3 premier skins for the Flash, Green Lantern and Supergirl and 2 exclusive gear shader packs are all included with the $99.99 dollar Ultimate Edition.

NetherRealm Studios did confirm some other characters and these include; Aquaman, Atrocitus, Batman, Blue Beetle, Deadshot, Darkseid, The Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Superman, Wonder Woman and Robin. Rumors are floating around that Poison Ivy will also join the party, but those cannot be confirmed at this time.

With all the fun that the first Injustice brought, it’s exciting to think about what they plan to do with Injustice 2. The first game offered some truly unique mechanics and environments. Hopefully the hype train doesn’t start gaining too much momentum before more details become clear. As more information becomes available, be sure to check back at Gigamax Games for the latest developments surrounding Injustice 2!



Dead Rising 4 | Let’s Play

Dawn of a Zombie Slaying Machine

Zombies, zombies, zombies! Dead Rising 4 is chock full of these ghouls and Gigs is here to clean up the streets.

Fighting Maniacs in Dead Rising 4

This awesome Capcom game is a Zombie slayer’s wet dream. Players journey back into Willamette, Colorado the location from the first Dead Rising. This time around Frank West takes charge of stopping yet another zombie outbreak. Frank has covered wars you know and now he’s also covered the war on the undead, with prior zombie slaying experience you’re more powerful than ever. The ability to make extremely strong, creative, and wacky combo weapons makes the player a force to be reckoned with. Though the game doesn’t change the fundamentals of the game it does change some of the originals quirks. Gone are annoying escort missions and time constraints and as you can see in our Let’s Play they’ve added a lot more fun.

In this video we, Mack and Gigs, unwind after a long day of making content to relieve stress in the best way possible… MURDERING HORDES AND HORDES OF ZOMBIES! Join us as we take a festive journey and celebrate Dead Rising 4’s holiday theme by decking the Willamette Memorial Megaplex hall’s with bits of the undead. We then take a drive over to the small town suburban park and give some ne’er do wells the gift of our swift retribution. Unfortunately we were not able to play with one of the shiny new exo suits but hopefully we will get to them when our full play through is released.

If you enjoyed our quick play through let us know in the comments and make sure to give that subscribe button a click! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Youtube video collection, there’s something for everyone. We also have an awesome twitch channel for a live look at all the latest video game releases.

Dead Rising 4 | Gigamax Review

being attacked by a zombie in Dead Rising 4

The Franchise

Dead Rising is a title that has been around since the launch of the Xbox 360. This franchise has had a cult following from the time it released with many fans praising its stressful gameplay and the B-Movie style story. While Dead Rising 4 definitely removes a lot of the functions that made it unique, it manages to remain a fun zombie slaying romp through a familiar location. This sequel is by far the largest in size and is the perfect zombie slaughtering playground for all those undead hunters out there.

Right off the bat Dead Rising 4 establishes itself as different from the other entries in the series. Frank West, the game’s protagonist has a different voice actor this time around, who has a more mature sound more befitting of the character. In an unexpected move the game starts with the player being thrown into a stealth driven mission that involves more story and character building then the game has seen before. The story is still as convoluted as they get, but luckily the game never takes its silly plot too seriously. NPC’s you meet all have wacky personalities and Mr.West always has a sassy comment at hand in case things get too heavy. These jokes are a nice touch, they establish Frank as a seasoned veteran of the zombie war and fit well with the tone of the game.

Fighting Maniacs in Dead Rising 4

Frank is lucky to have the zombie hunting experience this time around, thanks to the power of the Xbox One more zombies can fit (and die) on screen then ever before. Combat feels fluid and fun, with plenty of undead murdering tools at the player’s disposal. A reworked inventory system also ensures that Frank can carry a wider selection of gruesome weapons. The inventory is now separated into four distinct categories melee, ranged, thrown, and health. This consolidates items and allocates a button on the controller for each category, meaning that players can swap weapon types on the fly without navigating their entire inventory. Healing items have been streamlined as well, they’re now used by pressing down on the d-pad and Frank doesn’t stop moving when one is used. Combo weapons also make a return to the series but unlike the previous games, using a non-combination item is a viable option. Cutting, shooting, and exploding your way through the open world feels great, which is important considering the scope of the seamless map.

Dead Rising 4 is set in Willamette, Colorado. Fans of the series will recognize this as the location from the original game. Unlike the previous entry, the entire town of Willamette is at your disposal instead of just the iconic mall. Unfortunately, the shopping center is not the one returning players remember from Dead Rising, that one was destroyed after the events of the first game. This isn’t a bad thing though, as the rebuilt mall is much larger and offers a ton of unique themed areas with a bunch of weapons to experiment with. Vehicles make a return and operate similarly to the ones in Dead Rising 3. Getting into a vehicle and driving through the zombie hordes feels great but removes any sort of challenge from navigating the open world. Another vehicle like addition to the game is the exosuit, which Frank equips and operates like a mech. The suit offers a power trip that makes for a fun but brief change of pace while making your way through the town of Willamette.

Shooting Zombies in Dead Rising 4

 Hardcore fans of the series will be disappointed by the drastic changes made to the time and questing system. Dead Rising 4 has completely removed the time mechanic and gives players complete freedom over where and when they want to complete objectives. Escorting survivors has also been taken out, instead randomly generated distressed citizens will pop up and the player can divert from the main path to take care of the person that needs help. After the survivor is saved they will find their own way back to a safe house. This all ties into the one major flaw of the game, the difficulty is just not there anymore. Previous releases were unforgiving and gave the player a real sense of accomplishment when they finished it was over and finally reached the true ending. Although removal of the hardcore elements could be interpreted as Capcom trying to make the game accessible to a wider audience.

Overall Dead Rising was a very enjoyable experience and is definitely something fans of the series should check out. Before purchasing, keep in mind that if you played for the time management and survivor escorting then this is not the Dead Rising for you. This game makes a very entertaining zombie sandbox and will satiate that zombie murdering itch that we all need to scratch sometimes.

Final Fantasy XV: Gigamax Review

Final Fantasy XV’s opening screen makes the ambitious claim that it is designed for newcomers as well as veterans to the series. This open world RPG has been in development for 10 years so it is no surprise that developer Square Enix is trying to reach as many players as possible. It is obvious from the start that the developers put a lot of care and thought into the universe this time around. Attention to detail is one of the many praises I can offer to this game that quickly captivated me right after the intro.

The focal point of the story is the protagonist, Noctis and his group of misfit heroes as they set off on an epic journey to reclaim the throne from the evil kingdom of Niflheim. I immediately felt invested in this group of friends and their charmingly unique personalities. Each one of the party members feels like a living person, this is due to the constant dialogue and character building Square Enix carefully put into the game. The characters all have their quirks from Prompto’s love of Chocobo’s to Ignis’ skill for cooking. Your party will remark on what’s happening in the overworld on a moment to moment basis, even sidequests are ended with a conversation about the mission. Ironically enough Noctis may be the most bland of the group but his combat style certainly makes up for his lack of personality.

Final Fantasy XV: Buddies

Combat is handled much differently in this Final Fantasy then it has been done in the past. In lieu of the typical strategic combat the series is known for, the developers have gone in a more action oriented direction. Purists will be happy to hear that if you’d like to play tactically that is still an option that can be turned on, this pauses combat in between hits and feels more like a classic Final Fantasy. Personally I had the flashy action combat on the entire time, making my experience feel similar to that of Kingdom Hearts. Each character has a unique fighting style and all of your teammates will interact during fights. Interactions can be as simple as shouting weaknesses or they can be high octane combo moves which inflict devastating damage. My one complaint about the action combat is that large groups of enemies can be very difficult to keep track of.  A lot of unnecessary damage was taken due to my inability to see where my character was. This is only made more chaotic with your character’s insistence on teleporting from one side of the battlefield to the other with his warp ability.

Final Fantasy XV open world

The living open world adds a nice touch to the series and makes you feel like you are making a change to the kingdom. Sidequests litter the map and mini games are never too far away, leaving the player with a ton of distractions. In fact one of the biggest things I noticed about this iteration was how heavily inspired by western RPG’s it felt. Right from the start the map feels like something right out of The Witcher. This is certainly not a bad thing and the game is still very much a JRPG, but it is not hard to tell that modern RPG’s from the west have had an impact on the development team.

Traversing the open world is done mainly with your convertible, the Iron Regalia. This car serves as your trusty steed through the large expanses of the overworld map. Unfortunately this vehicle is only able to operate on paved streets while Chocobo’s or your feet are used for navigating off road areas. Eventually you get another mode of transportation that makes everything more convenient, but I won’t spoil that here. The Iron Regalia can become a tad monotonous after 20 hours of gameplay due to not being able fast travel all the time and some necessary drives can leave the player doing literally nothing for up to 10 minutes. This can be made a little more exciting by playing some of the CD’s that come loaded up in the car’s radio.

Final Fantasy XV pumping gas

Music in the game fits in well with the rest of the series but it certainly doesn’t stand out as one of the better orchestras. Music queues can feel a little wonky at times but it does not take too much from the game. The car’s CD selection offers the choice of any soundtrack from the prior games or a couple of unique songs made specifically for the game by famous DJ’s like Afrojack. These songs feel a bit out of place but they are never forced on you, so it’s possible to pretend like they aren’t there. Overall when push comes to shove and the battle music kicks in, it does a great job of making the cool fights feel even more epic.

Final Fantasy XV does a lot to change up the series and in my opinion does it very successfully. With a cast of characters that is impossible not to get invested in, a battle system with very little shortcomings, a sprawling open world and enjoyable music this is one of the best Final Fantasy’s to date. This game goes above and beyond what I expected from it and truly immersed me in the world Square Enix made. I highly recommend this to any RPG/JRPG fans as this is a title that will definitely go down as a classic.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection | Gigamax Review

While Assassin’s Creed didn’t see a release this year, a collection of some of the best games in the series has been released. Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection centers around the lovable protagonist Ezio as he goes on a story filled with laughs, tears, and more glitches than you can throw a hidden dagger at. This year has been filled with a myriad of excellent HD re-releases, that’s why it’s disappointing to see the state in which this iconic collection has been launched.

Assassins Creed 2 eagle shot

The games included in this bundle are Assassin’s Creed 2, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Assassin’s Creed: Revelation. The games have the same action that fans loved the first time around and for the most part it looks better. Everything has obviously been upped in resolution, but this only serves to show how bad it looked the first time around. Not to beat a dead horse, but when great remasters like Skyrim and Modern Warfare are being released it is disappointing to not see these games completely reworked.

Assassin's Creed 2 Leonard Da Vinci

To be more specific most glitches seen are character models not appearing correctly, clipping issues, and unresponsive characters. What makes these mistakes even more astonishing is the fact that they were all present in the original release and were at some point patched. None of these glitches break the game and but they are very noticeable and may affect newcomers immersion into the story.

The collection is not all bad though, the games remain some of the strongest in the Assassin’s Creed line-up and contain all the same content they originally had. While nothing new is added Ubisoft relies solely on each of these games strong single player experiences. Multiplayer is not in any of the games which is upsetting considering this addition was such an important part of what made these games great. It would have also helped give veteran players a reason to return to this collection of games.

Assassin's Creed 2 fight scene

Unfortunately there isn’t much in this collection for veteran players. In fact our recommendation is that if you’ve already played these games, spend your money on the immense amount of other Triple A titles that have been released this holiday season. It’s also hard to recommend this game to newcomers. This is due to the lack of multiplayer and the glitches that were no longer present in their previous iterations. In fact if those that missed out on these gems would like to experience them in their full glory, it would be better to dust off those last gen systems and play them for next to nothing instead of the steep $60 price point they’re at on current gen.

The Growing Trend: Releasing Broken Games

There is a serious issue plaguing the gaming world and it shows no sign of slowing. Developers are delivering a lot of product, that’s for sure, but some of these games are being released before they're really ready to hit circulation. We recently saw one of these broken games release this past Tuesday with Watch Dogs 2.

Granted, the game is not unplayable, but Multiplayer is completely offline and not available. Watch Dogs 2 has multiplayer integrated into the single player experience, (when it’s working, that is) players can enter your game and vise versa. However, Ubisoft completely pulled the feature after claiming it caused lag issues and periodic hard-crashes. Ultimately it was a good move on their part because if the game was lagging in single player and crashing all the time, gamers would be up in arms. Yet they may have benefited from holding off on the release for a couple weeks in order to resolve the issue. I’m not sure a delay would impact our decision on whether to buy the game or not, but now they’re just continuing the trend of developers releasing unfinished games.

Watch Dogs 2 isn’t the only AAA game that came out in the recent past which had issues straight out of the gate. Batman Arkham Knight by Rocksteady Studios made headlines when it was released on June 23rd, 2015 for game breaking issues on PC. It would rain inside, crash without reason or be simply unplayable. There were unprecedented refunds given by Steam. Although the game did well it ultimately didn't make the money they needed.

The list goes on. Far Cry 4 was another game with unfortunate issues right off the bat. Just another addition to Ubisoft's long list of games decimated with bugs and errors on launch. This isn’t just a trend isolated to one developer, it seems to be a growing phenomena. A few years ago, it was almost unheard of for a game to be released with so many problems the consumers couldn’t even play it. But now game developers only seemed concerned with releasing game after game and if one doesn’t function at first, they’ll just patch it later and move on. A bit of a slap in the face to the committed gamer, if you ask us.

An Unfortunate Trend

We here at Gigamax understand that these developers need to keep up with the competition, releasing new games at an incredible pace. When looking at the sales reports, it doesn’t even look as if these game breaking issues are having a major impact on their bottom line. Sure, the community has a lot to say when a developer releases a broken game but a big name like Ubisoft can brush bad PR off and move on. Hopefully developers will move on past this unfortunate pattern. For now, we’ll keep buying the games and reporting to the gamers so you don’t have to waste your own money.

Thoughts? Comments? Have something to add? Reach out at or leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter and let us know! Gigamax is as much about the community as it is about us.

Dragonball Xenoverse 2: GIGAMAX Review

I have a love/hate relationship with the Dragonball series. On one hand it is a classic series that has spanned generations, on the other it is as cheesy as anime come, filled with more tropes than many others in the genre. This is to say it is a cartoon that has plenty of flaws but they are easy to ignore due to the it’s fun and entertaining nature ripe with lovable characters many are very invested in. The Xenoverse series has perfectly captured this idea and the second in the series only perpetuates it. A love letter to long time fans that is far from perfect but those who’ve been watching since the beginning will find plenty of homages to the history of this beloved show.Hub area of Dragonball Xenoverse 2

Without changing much Xenoverse 2 maintains the quirky charm of the original. The story is obviously not at the forefront, with it very much feeling like a plot device to shove characters from across their universes into the game. Not getting too deep into the story, there’s some bad guys who want to ruin the time stream and you’ve got permission from the gods of time to hop into the past and put their shenanigans to rest. You’ll hop through easily recognizable events such as defeating Frieza on Namek or thwarting Lord Beerus’s plan to destroy earth. While it is fun to be a part of these historic battles the combat system leaves players yearning for more.

Combat is identical to the fighting system from the first game. It lacks that tact and skill necessary from the DBZ games of yesteryear. Gone are the intricate combos from the Budokai series (heavy sigh), these have been replaced by mahsing the same two buttons to pull off visually stunning feats. The new moves while simple admittedly make you feel more like a Z fighter than Budokai ever did. It is also incredibly simple to fire off the very flashy signature moves you learn from their respective masters. Firing off Kamehameha like Goku on a cocaine bender, is simply done by hitting two buttons. The best part of this is that you can mix and match these powers and make the character you designed exactly what you want it to be.Fight in Dragonball Xenoverse 2 between Majin Buu and Vegeta

Xenoverse 2 has a deeper customization pallet than that of the firsts. You are able to pick between five races majin, human, saiyan, namekian, and frieza. Each of these classes comes with a host of various hairstyles and body customization options. Also available are awakening powers for each race. These powers transform what your character looks like when activated and vastly boost all of your stats. Customizing your character goes even further with various clothes and accessories you can purchase and find throughout the world. Albeit the character design leaves something to be desired but it’s a step up from the last game.Customization screen of Dragonball Xenoverse 2

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is very similar to the last game, leaving players with a desire for more. The content that is in the game is enjoyable to fans of the series but doesn’t have much for those that are new to the anime. A love letter to fans anyone who enjoys the cartoon will feel right at home and should absolutely purchase the game and look forward to DLC that will include more content from the Super Arc. If you’d like to see some gameplay before purchasing go check out our Let’s Play and get some insight into the game.

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