Explore the depths of a dangerous water-planet in Subnautica with the Gigamax Games crew! Available on PlayStation 4, Gigs and Mack take a look at some of the most terrifying moments the game has to offer.

With a vast ocean to uncover, there’s no limit to the amount of fear this survival game can hide beneath the waves. So, kick up your sun chairs and enjoy the Subnautica playlist below.

Subnautica || PS4 || YouTube Playlist Page with Gigamax

A ‘to-be’ adventurer finds himself floating, alone, surrounded by nothing but water. Following a violent spaceship crash, the main character is forced to survive.

Gamers search for blueprints, resources, and technology to make their stay on the ocean-planet safer and more comfortable. Build impressive submarines and search for valuable materials hidden inside endless labyrinth-like cave systems hundreds of meters below the surface. Players will face-off with horrifying creatures hiding in murky, radioactive water, and explore uncharted underwater enviroments, all while trying to stay alive. Subnautica is a thrilling and beautiful experience. Gigs and Mack are huge fans of the game so stick around for more videos soon!

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