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Your Guide to Writing a Successful Game Development Press Release

For the last few years, you’ve poured your heart and soul into your game development project; regardless of the niche or system you’re building it for, but it comes to the point where you’re thinking about finalizing everything and releasing your creation to the rest of the world.

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One of the best ways to market your game out to the masses and to create a hype/buzz around your upcoming game is to create a press release. You can then send this out to leading gaming publications, magazines, and websites which can review your game and hopefully feature you in their writing.

However, for many, this will be the first impression your game has on random members of the public, so you’ll want to make sure you get it right. With this in mind, today we’re going to explore everything you need to know in order to write a successful press release.

Be Unique

“The first and foremost thing you’ll want to remember is making sure your press release, company, and game stand out from the crowd. Imagine how many indie games are being released every week around the world, and these are all your competition to stand out from,” explains Michelle Harper, a blogger and regular contributor for BoomEssays and Help With Coursework.

An effective press release will engage the reader and give them something that they may have never seen before. Don’t be afraid to inject some of your personality into your content.

Aim for Perfection

Throughout every stage of your writing process, you need to make sure you’re writing to the highest possible quality. If your press release is full of mistakes, grammatical errors, typos, and punctuation problems, this is going to reflect extremely poorly on your game studio and doesn’t create good impressions for your upcoming game release.

You need to make sure you’re taking the time to read through, highlight and correct any mistakes in your release before sending it off, ensuring it’s the highest level of professionalism and readability.

Third Person Over First

Think about how many press releases a journalist receives every week for games. Tons. As a marketer for a game company, if you can make the writer’s job as easy as possible, you’re far more likely to get your press release chosen for publishing.

The easy way to do this is to imagine you’re the publication writing your own feature; not the studio. Write about yourself in this way for the best results.

Create a Powerful Headline

“The headline of your press release is, perhaps, the most important part of your press release because this is going to be the key element of your writing that will draw your reader in and will grab their attention. Fail to grab their attention, and you won’t have made an impact, and you’re more likely to have your release dismissed,” shares Nick Turner, a video game marketing consultant for Essayroo and Do My Assignment Online.

The best way to proceed is to write a simple headline that’s no more than five words and really has a lot of impact that grabs attention. You then want to include a subheading that has a bit more details and helps to set the tone of the rest of the press release.

For example, you could have something like;

Studio X Releases Game Y

The latest sci-fi space adventure that changes your perspective on reality

Don’t Forget Technical Details

It’s essential in your press release that you include the technical specifications of your game, so if a publication does write about you and feature your game, people reading can know what devices they need and what specifications their computers need to be.

This only needs to be a short and concise paragraph, but it’s so important you include it, so people can be easily educated into what game you’re offering and whether it’s available to them.

Chloe Bennet is an entrepreneur and game development content specialist at Adelaide assignment help and Math problem solving service. She loves playing and reviewing games in her free time, and dedicates her life to helping indie game studios maximize their success rates. Also, Chloe tutors at OX Essays academic website.






Yoshi’s Crafted World – Playlist Page

Yoshi’s Crafted World is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Both long-time fans and those new to Yoshi will fall in love with this endearing adventure. This adorable game might seem simple at first, but it’s actually filled with a whole host of content to keep gamers playing.

Yoshi’s Craft World – YouTube Playlist with Gigamax Games

Navigating a world that was created out of household art supplies, Yoshi sports one of his stylish cardboard outfits. This cardboard costume acts as a shield and looks cute while protecting this lovable green dinosaurs life. Yoshi is tasked with making it to the end of the level and collecting all the flowers along the way. However, once Yoshi reaches the end of a level, it doesn’t mean the challenge is over. Each level has a “Flip Side” which is essentially the back of the stage. Yoshi needs to run through the stage in reverse and find all the cute puppies that can be seen running around the level. This is not only fun, it means the game is twice as long!

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Yoshi games aren’t known for their challenge. If a gamer is looking to test their skills, Yoshi’s Crafted World might not be the best game. However, if a person is in search for a relaxing, colorful, entertaining game, Yoshi’s Crafted World could be a great fit. Take a second and see if this game is the right one for you!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Yoshi’s Crafted World Playlist Page. This will be the place to find all the latest Yoshi’s Created World videos with the Gigamax Games crew. Be sure to stop by again soon for more!

Do you want to see more Yoshi’s Crafted World? Leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

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Paladins Dev Calls Out Sony On Cross-Play Policy

One of the biggest topics on gamers minds these days is being able to play with their friends no matter what console they own. Many developers have spoken out about the benefit of allowing competing systems to play with each other and now the developer behind Paladins has added his opinion. Steve Chisam, the CEO of the company behind Smite and Paladins, posted his thoughts on cross-play to Twitter recently.

Paladins CEO Speaks Out About Cross-Play

In terms of Paladins, which already supports cross-play between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Chisam says overall match quality has improved thanks to the ability to play between consoles. The average wait time to get into a match is down 30% and level spread has been decreased by 40%. Overall, according to Hi-Rez they have seen an 80% reduction in what they would refer to as "bad matches."

It is interesting to see the variety of problems that can be solved with the help of cross-play. Anyone whose played a multiplayer game knows the frustrations of running into un-balanced or broken matches, and it isn't a surprise to see that having a larger pool of players to choose from improves match quality.

It's Time to Get This Going

Chisam has certainly been vocal about his opinion on tearing down the walls between consoles. Recently Chisam said that Paladins, Realm Royale, and Smite were all ready to implement cross-play on the PS4 but Sony has to stop "playing favorites" according to the developer.

Microsoft has long supported cross-play and is a big proponent of developers including it in their titles. Unfortunately, Sony does not share this love of the system and has only recently (and begrudgingly) included it in select popular games like Fortnite and Rocket League. Hopefully, we'll see wider adoption of cross-play, but it seems like Sony is still far from accepting it as a beneficial system.






Top 7 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2019

It’s the New Year and that means taking a look at the most anticipated videos games coming out this year. 2019 is promising to bring gamers new classics and unforgettable video games. It will be hard to live up to the hype of 2018 with hits like God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter: Worlds and so many more. The question remains if 2019 can offer up even more incredible games to people around the globe.

Below includes the Top 7 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2019. Tell the Gigamax Games crew which game you think will rain above them all in the poll at the bottom of the article! Also, be sure to leave a comment if you think there is a game that should have been included.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Anthem
  • Halo Infinite
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Possible: Last of Us 2
  • Possible Death Stranding

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 might not only be the most anticipated video game of 2019, but it may well also be the most anticipated video game of the decade. Kingdom Hearts 2 released in 2005 and fans have been not-so-patiently waiting for the final entry in the trilogy. Gamers were able to get their Kingdom Hearts fix with games like Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2, but these games were only enough to hold them over. Now, 2019 is here and Kingdom Hearts 3 has an official release date, January 25th, 2019. Disney and Square Enix fans are nearly ending their 13-year long wait.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 Full Playthrough


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A new franchise, Anthem made an impact on the world when it was first announced. Flying through an alien planet with friends in iron-man like suits, laying waste to extravagant enemies in beautiful, detailed environments. Built around multiplayer and cooperative play, Anthem is expected to offer a similar experience to Destiny, only in a different package It is promising to be everything Destiny wasn’t, and more of what the game should have been. Being developed by BioWare, Anthem is expected to hit stores on February 22nd, 2019. This newcomer might have people excited but some gamers are skeptical if it will actually deliver.

Halo Infinite

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343 Industries is keeping their lips sealed for the most part regarding their upcoming project, Halo Infinite. A sequel to Halo 5 and bringing back couch co-op, the developer is looking to make a splash with their latest Halo release. PCgamer expects a November 2019 release but this remains uncomfored. Right now, sometime a 2019 release is all the information available. There will be a bit of a wait before there is an official announcement. Furthermore, only after fans have a chance to play will the world know if 343 Industries was able to refresh a game that has grown stale in its old age.

Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry, the classic action-adventure hack-and-slash experience is making its return on March 8th, 2019. Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows, nearly every gamer will have the chance to see how Devil May Cry 5 holds up. Fans of the Devil May Cry franchise are itching to get their hands on this long-awaited title. Promising a thrilling, exciting, and unforgettable time, filled with gore and excessive violence, there’s no doubt Devil May Cry 5 will have at least a few redeeming qualities.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was supposed to release in 2018 but producer Koji Igarashi, former series producer for the Castlevania series announced on the Kickstarter Page it will be pushed back into the New Year. Anticipation is high for this Castlevania spiritual successor developed by ArtPlay, WayForward Technologies, Inti Creates, Monobit, and Dico Co., Ltd. It’s always great to see an indie game whip up the gaming community but it will be interesting to see if Koji Igarashi and the BloodStained: Ritual of the Night team can live up to expectations.

Possible: Last of Us 2

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Naughty Dog still hasn’t put forth a solidified release date for Last of Us 2. However, speculation is leading many to expect a 2019 release date. Branching off from Last of Us which released in 2013, Last of Us 2 will follow Ellie’s story as she tries to thrive in her diseased world. The Gigamax Games crew will continue to keep a lookout for any rumors, leaks, or official word about a release date for Last of Us 2. Don’t forget to check back on for the latest video game news and announcements!

Possible: Death Stranding

Rumors, speculation, and “leaks", nothing has provided an actual release date for Death Stranding. The latest project by Kojima Productions is cloaked in mystery. Death Stranding was included on this list of most anticipated video games of 2019 simply because of the curiosity factor.
Walmart Canada leaked a June 2019 release date but that was later explained to be a mistake and a placeholder. Not much is known about the game besides the inclusion of Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, and an important baby, but the notable studio working on this unique project has gamers interest.

Only time will tell if 2019 will live up to the massive amount of amazing games released in 2018. There’s even a chance this year will be even greater. As of now, the line-up of new, interesting, and unique games releasing in the new year is enough to have gamers excited. However, there are sure to be a few surprises, so don’t go anywhere and remember to keep checking back on for all the latest reviews, news, and video game industry announcements all throughout 2019!

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Persona 5 R Officially Announced By Atlus

Atlus officially announced Persona 5 R, the latest version of its critically acclaimed RPG. So far, only a teaser video and website have been released, but neither of them reveal what the new title will contain.

Persona 5 R, What Is It?

Both the website and the teaser trailer indicate that Atlus will have more to reveal on Persona 5 R in March 2019. The video shows off a PlayStation Logo in the beginning, which means whatever the developer has planned will be on the PS4. "New Projects" can also be heard throughout the teaser, leading many to believe Atlus will have a lot more to reveal in the next couple of months.

Much like Capcom, Atlus has been known to release enhanced secondary editions of their popular titles. Both Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden are examples of Atlus remastering and expanding an already lengthy game and Persona 5 R could potentially follow the same path.

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Bring It To The Switch!

Many fans are hopeful that this means a version of Persona 5 will finally appear on the Nintendo Switch. Speculation has also been increased by the recent reveal that Joker (Persona 5's protagonist) will appear in Super Smash Ultimate's first Character DLC. This wouldn't be Atlus' first portable Persona as both Persona 3 and 4 got handheld adaptations.

Persona 5 initially launched in March of 2017 and was well received by critics and fans alike. We'll be sure to keep a close eye on Persona 5 R so be sure to keep checking back here at for all the latest information.






Halo Infinite Brings Back Couch Co-Op

The developers behind the Halo series, 343 Studios recently announced a few more details for Halo Infinite. This will be the sixth entry in the long-running series and based on what was said over the course of the stream, the title is still quite a ways off. 

Halo Infinite Brings New Game Engine

Halo Infinite is utilizing a new engine 343 created specifically for the game and it could push back the release date into 2020. Fans can expect a return to four-player split-screen co-op as the developer announced that it was working on the system for the new engine right now. 343 also mentioned that the armor customization feature in Infinite will resemble the one used in Halo Reach. Additionally, players that have reached level 152 in Halo 5: Guardians will receive an additional reward in Halo Infinite when the game is released. 

Halo 5 - New Details

Some details about Halo 5 were also revealed during the stream. It was said that 343 did not have many things left to add to the shooter when it comes to armor and emblem customization. It was also implied that post launch development of the title has slowed down as members of the Halo 5 team are moved to the Halo Infinite team. 

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343 previously mentioned that Infinite will feature Master Chief's coolest design yet. Although, not much else has been revealed as the studio remains tight-lipped on details regarding the game's development. The studio hasn't even decided whether they're reaching for a Mature rating like the previous generation's Halo titles or Teen like Halo 5. 

Halo Infinite is currently being developed for the Xbox One and PC and we here at Gigamax can't wait to see what 343 has in store. Be sure to check back with us here at for all the latest details on the title!







Farming Simulator 19 Breaks Franchise Sales Record

While it hasn't been for out long, Farming Simulator 19 is already proving to be the most successful game in the franchise. 1 million copies of the game have been sold, counting both digital and physical sales. The press release that announced this big achievement also pointed out that Farming Simulator 19 was released on November 20th, around the same time many major titles were also dropped. 

Farming Simulator: 1 Million Copies, 10 Days

1 million copies sold in 10 days represents a new sales record for the series according to the CEO of Giant's Software, Christian Amman. "It's incredible to see the impact of the team's hard work. Farming Simulator 19 offers so many new opportunities and our players are thrilled about them. Never before has a Farming Simulator game reached the one million mark so quickly and we are proud and happy that so many players join us on this amazing journey," Amman stated.

John Bert, COO of Focus Home Interactive, the publisher for Farming Simulator 19,  added that the company is very proud of Giants Software and their commitment to providing fans of their series top notch quality. One look at various score aggregators around the web reveals that the game is being well received by critics. 

Farming Simulator, farming simulator 19, new farming simulator, video game industry, gaming industry, video game media, video game news

Farming Simulator 19 features a completely overhauled graphics engine that delivers the best graphics the series has ever seen. John Deere has also been added to the game as a new major license. Along with John Deere's precense, gamers will find new locations across America and Europe to start your farming operation, along with a variety of horses to ride around your property. 

It is great to see a game find its niche and really succeed in providing fans exactly what they want. Farming Simulator may not be for everyone, but its sales numbers and reviews show the impact of this unique game. 






Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets New “Together” Trailer

After over a decade of work, Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally finished development. For those that grew up with the series, this is a wild statement and Square Enix released a trailer to celebrate. Most of the previous trailers that the company showed off featured one or two of the Disney characters such as Pooh Bear or Rapunzel, but this one is meant to show off the full scope of the mash-up.

Playing Kingdom Hearts 3 Together

The "Together" trailer, which you can watch above, includes characters and worlds from Frozen, Tangled, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Big Hero Six, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Hercules. These locations join a number of worlds fans will recognize from the series as the game seeks to wrap up Sora's fight against the forces of darkness that plagues these realms.

Square Enix announced in a tweet that development had been completed and also mentioned that now would be a perfect time to play through Kingdom Hearts 1.5, 2.5, and 2.8. Those that want to own all of these games can purchase the Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far Bundle for $40. This includes both of the remastered versions of the main games along with the side adventures; Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance.

Kingdom Hearts 3, kingdom hearts, Kingdom Hearts News, Disney, Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts 3 News, Gaming News, Video Game News, Video Game Media

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release on January 29th, 2019 and will be the first numbered game in the series since Kingdom Hearts 2 released in 2005. Square Enix and Disney know fans have waited a long time to see the conclusion of this epic story and put in a ton of work to ensure that it was a perfect experience.

We here at Gigamax are certainly excited to see what Kingdom Hearts 3 has in store for us and will certainly have plenty of coverage as the release date draws closer so be sure to check back here at for all the latest information!



PUBG Gets Massive New Update 21 Patch

PUBG may need to compete with Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Battlefield V in the Battle Royale Space but that hasn't stopped Bluehole from staying current with their take on the genre. The most recent update adds plenty of new stuff and fixes an extensive amount of bugs. Referred to as Update 21, this patch brings a new mode, weapon, vehicle, weapon attachment, and reward system.

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Update 21 Answers Requests

Update 21 also adds a much-requested feature to the game, a training mode that allows players to practice with the collection of tools available in multiplayer matches. This training area is set on a small island based map and contains fourteen zones for practicing different situations. Some of these areas include ramps, roads with sharp turns, gun ranges, a parachute practice zone, a location for rooftop free running, and an explosives range.

Bluehole added a new gun to all three multiplayer maps called the MK47 Mutant as well. This rifle takes 7.62 ammo and has a 20 round magazine. The gun also has two firing modes which include single shot and two round burst. Almost all rifle attachments can be affixed to the rifle, except stocks.

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The jungle island based map, Sanhok, will be receiving a new three-person motorcycle known as the Tukashai. While not the fastest vehicle in the game, it handles offroad better than any other bike.

Update 21 contains an objective system that adds rewards for completing a variety of different tasks such as picking up teammates or damage dealt with a single attack. Players will now have the ability to mark points on the compass so their squad has a better idea of where callouts are located. A new laser sight has also made its way to PUBG that fits on the bottom of rifles. Like in most games, it increases accuracy, but those with it equipped risk giving up their position.

For a full look at what Update 21 changed, find the full patch notes on the Steam message board. With PUBG out on Xbox One, there's sure to be plenty more updates in the future so be sure to keep checking back with us here at for all the details!



Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo Impressions and Breakdown

Nudity, action, RPG elements, and sci-fi tech, the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo had it all. CD Projekt Red, the developers behind Cyberpunk 2077, finally released their first bit of gameplay to the world. It was extremely well received by the video game community. The gameplay, story, in-depth world and incredible visuals all came together in the first hour of Cyberpunk 2077 and stunned audiences around the world. Cyberpunk 2077 is straight out of a dystopian future, reminiscent 90’s sci-fi movies like Judge Dredd and even has a little bit of The Fifth Element vibe as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Official 48 Minute Gameplay Reveal

The game has no release date and CD Projekt Red made it clear they will not be rushed to unveil their futuristic first-person RPG. CD Projekt Red did say they are aiming for a 2019 release but the game is still in its early stages of development as of now.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo Impressions and Breakdown

The gameplay demo offered not only a look at the mechanics of the game but a brief overview of the world itself. It was stressed throughout the gameplay demo that everything was subject to change since Cyberpunk 2077 is still early in its development. However, they made some promises that amped fans up.

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CD Projekt Red explained they are creating a living, breathing open world with no loading screens and nearly limitless ways to explore Night City. They claim to have created the most believable city in an open world game to date. Night City comes with NPCs that live their lives and a day/night cycle improves immersion. In a city where crime is commonplace, massive bursts of action and criminal activity aren’t just isolated to night time, either.

Its dialog system is entirely in-game driven, reacting to the situation at hand. This feature offers the gamer responses that make sense and are completely dependent on any situation the player might find themselves facing. Having a situationally based dialog system comes into play in Cyberpunk 2077 in a huge way. There are nearly limitless ways to progress through the story, and each action, inquest and out, has a direct impact on how future events unfold.

Combat and Special Powers

One of the most anticipated aspects of Cyberpunk 2077 was the preview of combat, powers, and quest mechanics. The first real mission they showed off in the gameplay demo highlighted the fact that there are multiple angles gamers can take when approaching a quest. There are both non-violent routes, violent options, and a mix of both. As in real life, no matter the choice, there is an opposite reaction. Every action, in mission and out, will change the way the game progresses. Anger the wrong group of people and a mid-afternoon car to car fire-fight might just be waiting for you around the next corner.

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Destructible environments also add to the options gamers have when in the thick of battle. Shoot through walls with specialized weapons, find alternative routes to take down the enemy, and use specialized skills to make their way through a mission. Combat is similar to other first-person RPGs like Fallout. It’s a number based system and special abilities like the ability to slow time give the player unique ways to make their way through the level. Options and possibilities are limitless in Cyberpunk 2077 according to the gameplay demo.

No Limit on Impressive Sci-Fi Tech

Not so surprisingly, Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay demo showcased some of the most imaginative and impressive sci-fi tech. Spider bots, cool character enhancements, and incredible weaponry are sprinkled throughout the game. The technology doesn’t feel shoehorned in the game, either. Everything in the world looked natural and as though it belonged in the world CD Projekt Red created. Body modifications, which are essentially character upgrades, were more of a surgical procedure rather than just clicking “upgrade” and unlocking a new skill, even further increasing the immersion factor.

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Toward the end of the gameplay demo, CD Projekt Red turned on some high-level skills to show off what’s really possible in Cyberpunk 2077. Skills included x-ray-like vision, double-jump, and other game-changing player modifications. The developer also revealed some additional weaponry as well. These new weapons included a street modified shotgun and a “smart” gun. Weapons in this universe are made up of “modules” that allow players to explore an in-depth modification system, ensuring every player finds a weapon that fits their playstyle.

Guns aren’t the only weapon to make an appearance in the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo. The Mantis Blades are basically spikes jetting out of a player's arms, an awesome melee option that gives the player the ability to hold themselves up on a wall, silently stalking enemies, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

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There will also be plenty of different vehicles to use and travel around the city streets. Walk, drive, bike and find vehicles scattered throughout the city as the protagonist lays waste to sci-fi bandits and cyborgs.

CD Projekt Red Has Big Plans for CD Projekt Red

Limits are definitely not in Cyberpunk 2077’s vocabulary. It seems as though CD Projekt Red is taking their time to craft an unforgettable experience in every way possible. From gameplay to the visuals and the unbelievably in-depth open world, Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay demo unleashed another helping of hype into the video game community. Only time will tell if Cyberpunk 2077 lives up to the expectations of gamers and if CD Projekt Red is able to keep the massive promises they’ve made. Be sure to keep checking back on for any of the latest news coming out of CD Projekt Red and their latest project, Cyberpunk 2077.




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