Warhammer Vermintide is an interesting look into the massive Warhammer universe. Set in a hostile takeover of a small city by a giant rat menace, players murder their way through hordes of creatures to reach objectives. Players have to cut, shoot, cast magic at, and explode these gross critters all while trying to keep their friends and themselves alive till each safe zone. The heroes also must avoid the various special rat creatures that attempt to separate players from each other and do tons of damage.

Mack and Gigs hoped into this let’s play in hopes of taking out the rat plague that is currently taking hold of their home town. The boys give their impressions of the game that is very reminiscent of another shooter/survival game they’ve played before. Gamers looking for something a lot like Left for Dead 2 will feel right at home with this game even if it does feel like a shameless copy.

Remember to keep checking back at this page for more episodes. We’ll be updating it as we take on more of the rat menace that is tearing apart the Warhammer universe.