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Yooka Laylee Spit N’ Polish Update Out Now

Earlier this year the developers behind Yooka Laylee, Playtonic Games, launched an update for the PC version titled “Spit N’ Polish.” This update fixed many peoples issues with the platformer that was inspired by the glory days of Banjo-Kazooie and as of yesterday, the patch has been added to the PS4 and Xbox One editions of the game.

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One of the many changes that the indie developer made was a new optional camera that gives the player way more control over where they can position the once fidgety system. This seemed to be one of the main concerns of the Spit N’ Polish update as many reviewers considered the camera to be a major downside to the experience.

In addition to the new camera, the game also makes adjustments to the game’s flying and first person aim controls, the ability to skip cutscenes and dialogue, an option to shorten the iconic “gibberish” voice acting, and tons more that Playtonic detailed on their Spit N’ Polish blog post.

Some of the bigger changes include:

  • Pagies have added signposts to Hivory Towers to help guide players to new worlds
  • Design tweaks to all arcade games
  • Improved speed when scrolling through Totals Menu
  • New moves section added to pause menu, with image guide
  • Restart option added in the pause menu during arcade games and Kartos challenges
  • “Sonar-able” objects now have clearer visual identity
  • Laser move no longer requires player to crouch
  • Improved Transformation controls
  • Minecart control and hitbox improvements
  • Improved Rampo boss fight
  • Performance improvements
Spit N' Polish, yooka-laylee, yooka, laylee, ps4, xbox one, new updates, gaming news

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Playtonic is still hard at work on the Nintendo Switch version,  set to replace the canceled Wii U version of Yooka Laylee. No release date has been set for their return to Nintendo but Playtonic tweeted a picture of the game running on the new console so hopefully, we’ll see it soon. The developer also detailed that the Switch version would come with the Spit N’ Polish update already implemented.


Banjo-Kazooie Throwback ‘Let’s Play’ with GIGAMAX

Banjo-Kazooie ‘Let’s Play’ with GIGAMAX

Take it back to the late 90’s with the Rare classic, Banjo-Kazooie! One of those treasures that were lost to time, until recently. When Microsoft released the Rare Classic collection and Banjo was included, it was an easy choice. After playing Playtonics, Yooka-Laylee, there was no better game to play than Banjo-Kazooie.

Banjo-Kazooie was developed by Rare which was eventually bought out by Microsoft which ruined the IP and left it to die. The original creative talent took it upon themselves to offer the gamer what they wanted, which was essentially a copy-paste version of Banjo’s control mechanics, better graphics and new theme. These individuals spun off to create their own development team, Playtonic and are breathing new life into the franchise with their spiritual successor, Yooka-Laylee.

We could not be more excited to revisit this wonderful game. It’s a nostalgia trip to say the least. Hope you all enjoy the playthrough as we will be releasing new episodes periodically. To stay up to date with our latest releases, don’t forget to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

Below is our playlist of all the episodes.

Keep Gaming.

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