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Rise of the Tomb Raider – Let’s Play

Rise of the Tomb Raider

This classic franchise has a new rendition and it did not disappoint. The graphics and environment was absolutely beautiful.  The classic story line with a new twist offered just enough of the same with a fresh perspective to keep it interesting. Rise of the Tomb Raider, the Let’s Play below was played on Xbox One but on Playstation 4 the version comes with an amazing Playstation VR mission we can’t wait to try. We just got the hardware to record VR so stay tuned because that will be coming soon! This game is a perfect match for VR and it should be a great time.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is basically just an origin story of Lara Croft. In every Tomb Raider we have known her as a badass, seasoned adventurer with a great deal of blood on her hands. This Lara Croft is straight off the boat, inexperienced and overly ambitious. However, she doesn’t stay this way for long. Coft does a great deal of growing throughout the progression of the game. At the end, we get a glimpse at the Lara Croft we all know and love and watching her grow adds another layer of depth to the story.

Hope you all enjoy our Rise of the Tomb Raider visit, we’ll have more episodes soon to continue to story.


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Killing Floor 2: Zombies and Gore – Let’s Play

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire Interactive delivered hours of exciting and overall fun content time and time again. The game was only $40 on the Playstation Store and was absolutely worth every penny. There is no story mode, only a survival, round based zombie kill fest. It strays from classic zombie games like Left 4 Dead in some key ways. However, it did offer some amazing cinematic and extremely gory moments with some silly commentary in between rounds. If you’re looking for more information than what can be found in the ‘Let’s Play’ below, take a look at our Review!

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No Man’s Sky: Can It Reach New Heights?

No Man’s Sky is a game that will go down in infamy. Whether the game truly evolves to the level the developers imagined or not. The initial fallout from the community after day-one was less than what the developers hopped for. After receiving all of this heat from the public, an investigation into false-advertising and a long period of silence from the developers Hello Games finally released their first game-changing update, The Foundation Update 1.10.

The developers made it explicitly clear that this patch will be small compared to future updates, this one acting as the ‘Foundation’ for future content, hence the name. We are not here to give a detailed update on the patch right now, we want to talk about the potential future of No Man’s Sky and what promises we should expect to see be kept by Hello Games. Here’s a brief update on the patch so we’re all on the same page here: Base building, choosing a home planet and a teleporter to get back to your base, new quest type objectives, ability to purchase your own freighter. But now, let’s dive into the real question that has surrounded No Man’s Sky since its inception. More information on the patch, below:

the foundation update, info, patch notes, gaming, reviews, no man's sky

At the first showing of No Man’s Sky, it left some with the sense of an infinite world filled with unlimited possibilities and unique landscapes everywhere you look. As it came closer to the actual release, the community was whipped into a frenzy about the game and the developers only fueled the fire with vague answers and suggestive language about the games potential and ability. Needless to say on release expectations were too high and the content offered on day-one felt like too little. This caused so much controversy and drove the developers into hiding.

The eerie silence of the developers left a bad taste in the mouth of those that purchased the game. No word about the backlash from the community, besides “It’s just the beginning” and a hacked twitter saying “this was a mistake” didn’t sit well either. However, Hello Games releasing their first big update for No Man’s Sky, seemingly out of nowhere, could bode well for their future.

The Future

We have to remember that it’s a small team, they don’t have a huge PR department to deal with the individual complaints. It seems as if they were focusing on their goal, creating the foundation for the game they first promised. Hopefully this is the case. I do have to say, the game is fun. It’s a great concept, but it delivered far too little content at first. Another disappointing aspect was the ‘reward’ for reaching the center of the galaxy. Yet The Foundation Update offered some promising changes, though a bit shallow, but again they stressed it was just the beginning.

Hello Games is a small team that offered up a big game. They delivered on some of those promises but fell short on others. The most important thing to remember is that it’s a small team and there will be long pauses between these game-expanding updates. In all reality, we’re really hopping for the best.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection | Gigamax Review

While Assassin’s Creed didn’t see a release this year, a collection of some of the best games in the series has been released. Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection centers around the lovable protagonist Ezio as he goes on a story filled with laughs, tears, and more glitches than you can throw a hidden dagger at. This year has been filled with a myriad of excellent HD re-releases, that’s why it’s disappointing to see the state in which this iconic collection has been launched.

Assassins Creed 2 eagle shot

The games included in this bundle are Assassin’s Creed 2, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Assassin’s Creed: Revelation. The games have the same action that fans loved the first time around and for the most part it looks better. Everything has obviously been upped in resolution, but this only serves to show how bad it looked the first time around. Not to beat a dead horse, but when great remasters like Skyrim and Modern Warfare are being released it is disappointing to not see these games completely reworked.

Assassin's Creed 2 Leonard Da Vinci

To be more specific most glitches seen are character models not appearing correctly, clipping issues, and unresponsive characters. What makes these mistakes even more astonishing is the fact that they were all present in the original release and were at some point patched. None of these glitches break the game and but they are very noticeable and may affect newcomers immersion into the story.

The collection is not all bad though, the games remain some of the strongest in the Assassin’s Creed line-up and contain all the same content they originally had. While nothing new is added Ubisoft relies solely on each of these games strong single player experiences. Multiplayer is not in any of the games which is upsetting considering this addition was such an important part of what made these games great. It would have also helped give veteran players a reason to return to this collection of games.

Assassin's Creed 2 fight scene

Unfortunately there isn’t much in this collection for veteran players. In fact our recommendation is that if you’ve already played these games, spend your money on the immense amount of other Triple A titles that have been released this holiday season. It’s also hard to recommend this game to newcomers. This is due to the lack of multiplayer and the glitches that were no longer present in their previous iterations. In fact if those that missed out on these gems would like to experience them in their full glory, it would be better to dust off those last gen systems and play them for next to nothing instead of the steep $60 price point they’re at on current gen.

Hard Mode: Why Gamers Enjoy a Challenge

Hard mode, a phrase that inspires fear in casual gamers but brings a gleam to the eyes of the most hardcore enthusiasts. These difficulties are designed to add an extra layer of challenge to a game experience and make it harder to reach the end of the story. Some sort of incentive is usually given for completing the tougher challenge, but most don’t see the value in accomplishing this unappealing option. Not every game gives the option for a higher difficulty. Instead, some are simply next to impossible on their own,with the only choice being hard or harder. These games still see a huge cult following and expert difficulty is some people's main way of playing, but what exactly is it about those experiences that make them so worthwhile?

Many gamers enjoy harder difficulties because of the extra layer of challenge that comes with it. Most often this is done by increasing the damage the player takes. Sometimes it’s added through taking away power from the character such as a HUD, minimap, or any sort of aid that could be used. This leads to a more trial and error style with these game modes. Typically, this game mode takes a lot more time to beat than the easier difficulties. The game becomes almost like a puzzle, with every move needing to be calculated and intentional. For example in Call of Duty normal mode can be completed by running and gunning with little care for what projectile slams into the hero. Surviving changes on hard mode as the wrong move could mean the difference between life or death. Sections that would take players a few minutes may now take a few hours. This may be appealing to those that love puzzles, instead of the game relying on twitch based movements, it’s now about mathematics and making sure all the movements fit in place.

hard mode dark souls dragon on perch

Then there are games that don’t offer a difficulty selection. Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden, and soon to be released Nioh are examples of this. These are true tests of patience with only the most sadistic getting to see the end credits. In fact most of the time the only incentive for beating these games is that glorious “You Win” screen. Completing them leaves veterans with bragging rights and in an age of screen caps and trophies, proving it is not an issue. Nothing feels better than completing one of these experiences and immediately messaging friends a picture of the main character standing over the bloodied final boss. This is coupled with a sigh of relief and the feeling of victory that has been truly earned.

Some games do offer incentive for completing hard mode, making it much more worthwhile for gamers. Destiny and other MMO style games have better loot for completing high difficulty. Exclusive guns, armor or perks are given to the brave souls that step into the ring. These serve as wearable trophies so that not only friends know of the accomplishment but other players as well. Games like this typically require a team of experts who have plenty of in game experience. Working together and finishing an expert raid or a tough encounter is met with cheers and praise from all members as well as a feeling of camaraderie. Most of these teams are friends outside the game but many friendships have been created through these strenuous tasks.

completion screen for destiny hard mode raid

Hard mode is not for everyone, the experience is often times frustrating but accomplishing the task brings a great feeling of pride for gaming enthusiasts. After playing a few challenge modes and taking a look at a gamer’s reasons for trying them, it is not hard to understand why these difficulties have a large following. While it all may boil down to people enjoying a challenge, it is important to look deeper into people’s love for it. Insight into this infatuation can help developers cater more toward this group of people and add higher difficulties into games that may not have had one. These insights can also be used to refine challenging experiences so that instead of just being frustrating, they can be frustratingly fun.

Gigs takes on Gears of War 4 on Hard Mode: Get's beat up

Killing Floor 2: A Zombie Massacre

Killing Floor 2

We have been playing this game since it dropped and it’s absolutely deserving of a review. Killing Floor 2 is an action packed, zombie massacre offering unique environments and a decent amount of weapons to choose from. The game is a round based shooter, with 4, 7 and 10 rounds as an option for game length. Right now the only gametype is ‘Survival’ but it looks like they may add more. I never had the chance to play the first Killing Floor, but it’s really not a game that needs any explanation. Rounds start, kill hordes of zombies and try not to die is basically all you need to know in order to get started.

It may sound like just another zombie shooter but this game really does offer some unique experiences. Killing Floor 2’s online mode consists of a team working together to survive the zombie onslaught. Each round get progressively harder and new variations of zombies begin to show up. After the round ends, an arrow directs you to a supply drop of sorts where weapons can be purchased. Some of these weapons are the standard M16, AK, SCAR but then Tripwire Interactive, the developers, throw a curveball offering weapons like healing pistols, flamethrowers, swords and saw crossbows. The weapon selection and weight restriction offer a lot of different loadout combinations to lay the hate against these zombies.

Check Out Our ‘Let’s Play’!

Another aspect of Killing Floor 2 which makes it stand out when compared to games like Left 4 Dead, is the class system. Players can choose from classes, which the game calls perks. Some of the classes are Commando, Support, Berserker, Field Medic, and each offers different starting weapons and after you level up, unique skills. This allows the person playing to slay zombies in whichever fashion they find most appealing. Furthermore, playing around with the different classes opens you up to trying new guns that may have not been your first choice. Being a fan of Left 4 Dead and knowing that the combat can get a bit repetitive after hours of running through the same campaigns, this class or ‘Perk’ system does a lot to boost this game above just being ‘another’ zombie shooter.

Not Another Zombie Shooter

Now there was one integral part to the Killing Floor 2 experience that we have not mentioned yet. ZED Time is a huge part of this game. ZED Time is basically slow-motion that seems to be triggered after a certain amount of kills. This slow-mo brings with it a plethora of incredible and awe-inspiring moments that will make you stop what you’re doing and say… ‘WOW’. That isn’t even an exaggeration. Some of these ZED Time moments have absolutely stunned me, like throwing a grenade in a grouping of zombies only to have time slowdown and the entire team is able to watch your multi-kill and all the carnage that follows. This was a really refreshing and exciting feature that added a lot of value to the game overall.

All in all Killing Floor 2 was an excellent, round based zombie shooter that delivered exciting moments and a mix of frustrating, sometimes thrilling losses. If you’re looking for an indepth horror story game, look elsewhere. Searching for that fast-paced, fulfilling zombie shooter? You found your game. Right now it’s on the Playstation Store for $40,00 and it was absolutely worth every penny; if you’re looking for something that fits its description.

Rating: Here at GIGAMAX we don’t like putting a number to these pieces of art we call video games. Instead, we’ll use some fitting adjectives that can describe these amazing pieces of technology much better than a number ever could.

  • Barbarous, Exhilarating, Stimulating, Thrilling, Entertaining, Amusing

Military FPS: Forget the Future, Go Back to the Past

The chaotic shouts of commands, debris and mud being kicked up by explosions, bullets flying by and all you have is your gun and squad of fellow soldiers. These are the epic moments we get to see in 20th century war shooters that seem to be lost in today’s first person shooter scene (FPS). As an avid fan of the old school Call of Duty’s I’d like to see the return of not just World War II era shooter, but wars from across history as well.

Today when you hear the phrase “military FPS” most visualize a multiplayer focused game with robo-humans representing some government; running across walls, shooting each other with flashy weaponry. This was not always the case though, Once there was a day where military shooter meant a cinematic campaign experience that would teach you a little history. These games would also offer a competitive multiplayer experience that felt fair for the most part.

Some of the games I’m referring to are the early Medal of Honor and Call of Duty iterations as well as non-military based ones like the classic James Bond shooters. When Battlefield 1 released late last month it brought with it a breath of fresh air for many that feel the same way as us. This amazing game reignited my love of the genre that was lost after the myriad of future FPS games that came out this year. Being stuck under fire trying to find a way out that didn’t involve double jumping was probably the best part about the experience. Its overwhelming success proves that developers can still see profit from this old school style.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the more arcade like shooters that have come out recently. My issue with the constant release of these games is that too many developers sacrifice aspects of the game to fit into this new style. For example Call of Duty used to feel like a balanced multiplayer experience but because of the future washing the series has seen, adapting to the new style has become difficult for old fans. Nothing is more frustrating than being killed by heat seeking missiles that kill in one shot. Weapons like this remove a lot of the skill from the experience and can leave players feeling helpless.

This is certainly not a serious issue but running on walls in shooters is starting to grow stale. It would be awesome to see games like Battlefield 1 release more often. Of course this is all just one frustrated old video gamer’s rant about the “good old days” of FPS's, ultimately I could be writing this same article in a few years but asking for future shooters to come back. Let us know what you think below or on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks for stopping by.

Watch Dogs 2 – ‘Let’s Play’

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 was a refreshing take on this series. The first game didn’t quite live to expectations but Ubisoft did a great job on this next step in the Watch Dogs franchise. Gigs and Mack start from the beginning so you can know what to expect right from the start. The internet is everywhere and Watch Dogs 2 takes full advantage of this fact. Using a bit of strategy can lead to some incredibly cool takedowns and action sequences.

Below you can our ‘Let’s Play’ of Watch Dogs 2. Hope you all enjoy!

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Hotline Miami – ‘Let’s Play’

Hotline Miami – Let’s Play

We wanted to switch it up a bit so we picked up something a little different. Hotline Miami was a great change of pace and offered us the right amount of action and fun. This top down, fast paced action 80’s montage was tough but Gigs finally made it through. If you’re looking for something to kill some time while also delivering a sense of accomplishment, this indie game might be for you.

Gigs and Mack take their shot at Hotline Miami below.

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Pokemon Sun & Moon: Gigamax Review

The Time Has Come

The Pokemon series has changed quite a bit since the launch of Red and Blue 20 years ago. Each new iteration brought with it new gameplay mechanics that changed the game ever so slightly. It is no surprise then that Sun and Moon brought a host of new changes but this time they are much more dramatic. These two new versions are an excellent adventure that manage to retain the Pokemon charm that we all know and love, while at the same time adding features that have been long sought after.

Your journey begins with the series staple, new child moving to a region that players have never seen before. This time you’re brought to Alola region, an obvious representation of Hawaii that does it’s best to charm trainers with it’s tropical feel. The game does a lot to get you in the island spirit, this is accomplished through a refreshing soundtrack, beautiful aesthetics and visuals that set a new bar for the Pokemon series. The region feels much bigger this time around and that is in part due to it being split into four islands. These islands have substantial space and contain their own collection of pocket monsters to collect. While the locale feels different than any other previous game, it is still largely the same.

Players will still find themselves running through tall grass and hopping over one-way ledges. This seems to be the trend with Sun and Moon as aspects of the game feel very different but are fundamentally the same. Battles are still turn based, rock-paper-scissors style fights with Pokemon of varying types fighting for the win. Leveling your monsters is still a satisfying grind and seeing your team evolve feels better than ever. Those are all pieces of the game that are important to the series, risks were not taken with this release and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Big Changes

The big changes in Sun and Moon are very welcomed. Gone are the days of the “HM mule”, with Hidden Machines being entirely removed from the game. These are replaced with the ability to summon rideable pokemon that will accomplish the same tasks as these pesky moves did. The PC was changed so you don’t need to click through a complex menu system any longer. Boot up the PC and the organize screen is right in front of you. Some of the changes make the game a little too easy, such as the pokemon grooming which can remove any status effect on the fly. There also seems to be so many more NPC’s that will heal your pokemon during difficult sections.

The new collection of Pokemon looks and feels great. Around 70 new critters were added to the roster and each of them feels relatively unique. New abilities have been added to most of them and Game Freak even changed some of the beloved pokemon from the original series to fit the new region. Alolan forms of old Pokemon make what could’ve felt like laziness, into a refreshing take on something old time fans will definitely appreciate. The monsters themselves feel more alive than ever and the game offers more ways to interact with them than ever before.

Overall Sun and Moon is a fantastic entry in the Pokemon series. I would recommend this game to old trainers as well as those choosing their first starter. Game Freak has changed some key things that needed addressing but fundamentally it remains a Pokemon game. I’m looking forward to playing both the games and building way more teams than any trainer could need.

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