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Month: October 2016

Gigamax: Weekly Content

Gigamax Weekly Content

With Gigamax officially open for business we’re making sure we keep our viewers entertained with a consistent line of original content.  Make sure you know what to expect from Gigamax with our detailed list down below.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will have an original article written by one of us over here at the Gigamax headquarters or by one of our amazing content contributors. These articles will deal with the most up to date information, reviews, and impressions of the latest releases in the gaming industry. If you would like more information on becoming a content contributor contact us at!


If you want to get a good view of a game before committing your hard earned money to the release, check out the Gigamax youtube page every Tuesday & Thursday for insight into the newest games. Our videos come with 100% more sarcasm than your leading source of gaming videos so come ready to laugh and maybe shake your head at our stupidity.

Industry Updates

If you don’t have time to scour the web for all the latest news happening around the gaming world we’ve got your back. Check out our Twitter & Facebook feed every day for links to the biggest news at that moment. We’ll make sure to include content from all corners of the industry so everyone’s interests are covered.


Our stream schedule is going to be updated on a weekly basis due to the live nature of the content. Have no worry though, we plan on having twitch streams at least three times a week. We want the Gigamax community to take part in our wacky adventures in all games new and old and to make sure things stay interesting, all the coolest gaming swag will be available in our Gigamax Giveaways.

Welcome To GIGAMAX

Welcome To Gigamax - You Made It Possoble

The time has finally come and Gigamax is here ready to face the world and offer quality content and the latest information surrounding the video game industry. We also dabble in some technology, but there will be more on that later. Right now, we want to introduce ourselves and let you all know what to expect.

Gigamax is a dream project two friends from New Jersey put together one night on PSN. Chris and Mike have both always had a serious passion for video games and thought it was a waste not to take it seriously. Jokingly the idea got brought up a few times, “let's make a youtube channel and just game” or “Wouldn’t it be amazing if work was as great as gaming? Let’s make that happen.” After a while, the idea became less of a dream and more of a goal. Taking it seriously, working 80 hours a week between work and focusing on Gigamax, it became less of a goal and more of a job. Video games are an art, and it was time to get involved.


One of the key aspects of Gigamax is that the community is an essential component to the organization. Content contributors and creators are welcomed in all of their forms be it, video, audio, graphics or articles, send them our way at and we’ll take a look.We will be creating a content contributor section on the website where all contributors will be credited and a record of their work will be kept so others can go back and find more. Feel free to reach out via Twitter, Facebook or Email with any comments, suggestions or even if you want to find out more and how to get involved. Gigamax is here for you, the gamer, and that can’t be stressed enough.

Finally, the list below is just some of the content that you can expect out of Gigamax and where to find it. But as Mack and Gigs continue to push forward, be ready to see things start leveling up fast.

-Youtube: Let’s Plays, Walkthroughs, Technology/Game Reveals and Industry Events

-Twitch: Streams

-Articles: Industry Developments, Op-Ed’s, Tips and Tricks and Reviews

-Graphics: Memes, Screenshots, Insider Photos and more!

-Developments: Breaking Industry Coverage, Press Events, Latest Gaming News

Keep up to date with the latest from Gigamax on Facebook and Twitter!

Everyone here at Gigamax hopes you enjoy what we have to offer. Be ready for consistent, original content and the latest news from the most reputable of sources. There are already content contributors already creating videos and writing articles to distribute through the Gigamax audience. So for the final words, let us just say this, thank you so much for your time and we hope to see you again very soon.


New York Comic-Con has come and gone, with it a sense of sadness but also one of relief. Comic Con was my first foray into the world of conventions, and while it was an exciting first con it was also a very exhausting one. Four days of seeing some of the coolest stuff in pop culture is an amazing experience, that anyone who is into anything considered nerdy has to experience at least once in their life. It had something for everybody; comics, movies, videogames, television, and manga/anime; no one’s interests were left out and the reveals were monumental across the board.

Day One: NYCC

To start the con off my group and I went to the Kodansha Comics panel. For those that are not aware, Kodansha is the publisher of popular manga such as Attack On Titan and Fairy Tail. The panel was led by various artists and editors from not only the U.S. but Japan as well. They introduced us to new manga which were coming to the U.S. like Nekogahara, an interesting yet silly comic about a stray cat that also happens to be a samurai. Following Kodansha was Funimation, the company responsible for bringing every 90’s child the love for anime. Funimation has brought all the classics over from Japan such as Trigun, One Piece, and Dragon Ball. This panel was led by their social media team who happily announced the company’s merger with anime streaming site Crunchyroll. After the panel was over we made the decision not to stay for the Crunchyroll panel (but stayed long enough for the free arm band) and made our way upstairs to see all the booths that had been set up and check if there was any exclusive merchandise to get our hands on.

To end the first day we made our way to the bottom floor of that Javits Center for a picture one of our group members surprised us with. Scoffing initially at the idea of paying to receive a picture with someone, I was not prepared for the name that was dropped when we got on the line. Laughing at my initial distaste of the situation ,our group member says “then I guess you don’t need to be in a picture with Stan Lee.” My mouth immediately closed tight, the only thing I could do was apologize and wait quietly for a picture that will be shown to pretty much everyone that comes in contact with me. And thus ended the first of four eventful days.

Day Two: NYCC

The second day arrived and I was more prepared for the experience than the day prior. No longer unaware of the convention experience my bag was chock full of supplies; water, power bars, headphones, and Red Bull. Everything in the bag was necessary because Friday turned into a walking and standing marathon. The day started by grabbing a few demo tickets and checking out Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and various other Square Enix games; all of which were amazing and built up tons of hype for the unreleased pieces of perfection. Afterward we made our way over to the Stranger Things panel to check out what El and Detective Hopper had to say about their experience on set. Unfortunately nothing new was spoken about or shown but we did finally get confirmation on one gruesome topic, Barb is definitely dead.

After Roaming for a while after the panel an executive decision was made to leave the Javits Center and head over to Madison Square Garden with the intention of seeing the Resident Evil/Underworld Panel. To my surprise when we finally took our seats Peter Capaldi of Dr.Who was giving advice for entering the acting industry to a young audience member during the Q&A section of the television show’s panel. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the series I still appreciated getting to see one of the famous doctors from one of the most highly regarded live action series of all time. By the time Resident Evil and Underworld finally began their panel I’d seen more famous actors and artists than ever before and it was only the second day.

Day Three: NYCC

Saturday was spent entirely in Madison Square Garden for a marathon of the coolest panels the entire event had to offer. Being a big fan of surprises, I asked everyone to keep quiet on the schedule of events and it turned out to be a good call. To start the cast of the new Power Rangers reboot made their way on stage to speak about the upcoming movie and reveal a new trailer that gives a look at the gritty take on the old lighthearted series. Next came the John Wick 2 panel which to my delight included one of the world's favorite movie stars, Keanu Reeves, who is not only an amazing actor but also the most humble man to ever exist. After some more waiting Guillermo Del Toro made his way on stage to show a sneak peek at his adorable new Netflix series ,Troll Hunters. Finally after a long day of sitting the last event began and the entire cast of The Walking Dead (minus Rick) made their way on stage to show an exclusive trailer of the new season and amaze the crowd with their awesome personalities.

Day Four: NYCC

Our last day had arrived quicker than expected and was a more laid back day than the others. With all the exciting panels over we walked the various floors and toured some of the interesting independent art being shown off. I used the free schedule to try the various Virtual Reality headsets that were on display and finally get a taste of what I had only seen in various videos on Youtube. Sunday was also an opportunity to spend way too much money on various clothing and other merch I had been waiting all too eagerly for. Not all of this merch was for myself though, a bunch of products we purchased were for you guys that are part of the Gigamax crew so keep a lookout for upcoming giveaways.

Comic-Con was an experience that I can not wait to see again. Hopefully next year will be even bigger and more star studded than this one. Make sure you keep checking back here at Gigamax for all your latest convention coverage needs; If you can’t be there we got your back!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | Let’s Play!

Take a trip with us as we dive into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Beta! (Find the full game in the video below!) There are two video’s in the playlist, one of Gig’s taking the fight to Team Death Match and the second is Mack trying out the new game mode. Had fun with it, but find out how we really feel by watching the video. Thanks for coming by Gigamax to check out the new Call of Duty! The end of this month will mark the beginning of Gigamax! New content will be released everyday focused on all things gaming.

Below is the most recent addition to our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ‘Let’s Play’ series! The game was just released and we’re ready to dive into the campaign. Hope you all enjoy!

Next-Gen Mobile Gaming: Which Phone Will Prevail

Before you say ‘a console’ lets remember how damn accessible our phones are and how amazing it would be if we could finally take serious gaming, mobile. This next generation of mobile phone technology is supposably the tech that will bring the new world of mobile gaming into fruition.

We’re not saying mobile games" alt="mobile games">mobile games aren’t already incredibly successful right now. The mobile phone video game industry is a $36.6 billion (with a B) a year industry already. What we’re implying is the ability to take console-like or near console-like gaming and push it down into your mobile phone. Mobile games have already taken a huge bite out of the leading mobile console, the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo revised their annual sales projections for the 2015-2016 fiscal year and lowered their sales estimates for the 3DS to 6.6 million down from 7.6 million. Now that new mobile phones are promising such an incredible improvement to mobile gaming, it could have an even more dramatic impact on Nintendo’s 3DS sales.

Mobile Gaming:

The big three mobile phone generations have all recently been released or will be released soon: the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy Series 7 and Google’s new Pixel. These phones are supposedly able to process new mobile games that will absolutely blow our minds. “Cinematic gameplay experiences that were simply not possible before” is just one quote taken from the iPhone 7 reveal, describing a new title, ‘Ozbargain kingdom’. I do have to say Both the graphics and gameplay looked pretty sweet.

But let's break it down to specs and fine details. Let’s look at the phones and see what's inside to find out which of these next gen mobile phones are made with the gamer in mind. Below are the stats, side by side, and taken from the most advanced available model.

iPhone 7 Plus:

Storage: 256GB
Size & Weight: 6.21in x 3.07in / 6.63 ounces
Display: 5.5’’ Retina HD display; LED-backlit widescreen; 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution at 401pp; 1300:1 contrast ratio
‘Chip’: A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture;’ Embedded M10 motion coprocessor’
(Skipping Camera Specs: We’re gaming at the moment)

The first thing that stands out is that massive hard drive, 256GB is pretty damn decent for a phone and around 3x as spacious as my first laptop. But there is no slot for an SD card, which could come in handy for gaming. The display is the same as the Samsung and Pixel as you’ll see below, but the phone is bigger than the Galaxy. This could actually be a plus for gaming because it gives you more to hold on to when the phone is flipped sideways. Resolution is great and Apple’s Chip’s have always been powerful. They’ve offered up some pretty big promises, specifically focused on gaming, which they assure the A10 can deliver.

Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge (Dual-SIM model):

Storage: 2 microSD cards up to 256GB card slots; 64GB hard drive - 4GB RAM
Size & Weight: 5.94 x 2.86 / 5.54oz
Display:5.5’’ Always-on Display Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors; 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution.
‘Chip’: Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 Exynos 8890 Octa

“MicroSD cards” is the first thing that stood out. This gives gamers some flexibility with their games. You can clear space or turn your phone into a designated gaming machine. This might be Samsung's big 1-Up over the iPhone when it comes to gaming. Their Always-on Display and 16M color limit seems like it won't hold up to the iPhone 7 Plus’, Retina HD display; LED-backlit widescreen.

Pixel XL:

Storage: 128GB
Size & Weight: 6in x 2.9in / 5.93 oz
Display:5.5 in, 2560x1440, 534 ppi - 4GB RAM
‘Chip’:2.15Hz + 1.6Hz quad-core Qulcomm Snapdragon 821

Google seems to have created a nice, sleek, and functional mobile phone. In what is a classic Google move, they seem to have designed their phone to perform the most common actions a smartphone performs. Can it play and stream video and audio? Check. Can it go online and quickly navigate the internet? Check. Email and other office functions? Check. Now as for gaming: maybe it’ll perform that function just as well. Think about Google’s search engine. It’s just a blank bar and a button (essentially, I’m just describing the main functions) and everyone knows how to use it. Even when Google first came out and the internet was still relatively new, there was a reason why Google took off and crushed the competition, because it was simple and user friendly and worked better than everything else.


Maybe Google will surprise us and create the most capable gaming phone just as they did with the search engine. Maybe after the Galaxy stops catching fire, the gaming experience will be superb. But even if the iPhone is the undoubted champ of the mobile phone industry, there’s one thing we need to see happen first: exquisite and engrossing mobile games — AAA quality that will be worth dropping over $20 on for this industry to really reach its pinnacle. Until the mobile game industry starts dropping AAA titles, it will be hard to see a discernible difference in the gaming quality of these impressive machines. I feel as though they are currently being underutilised in regard to gaming. These machines have some serious power behind them and the videogames on these phones should be a representation of that technology.



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