The $101 Bundle - 101st YouTube Video Giveaway!

Celebrating the 101st video on YouTube, Gigamax would like to announce a giveaway bundle valued at $101 USD! Entering for a chance to win is free and takes no time at all. You can find out how to enter for your chance to win, below!

How To Enter!

-Like and Comment on the 101st Gigamax YouTube Video.
-Subscribe to Gigamax Games on YouTube.
-Entry requests can also be sent to
-Cross your fingers and get excited!
-Don’t forget to share on Twitter and Facebook!

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The Prizes (Either XboxOne or PS4)

dishonoredgigamax, youtube, youtube giveaway, gigamax games

Enter for your chance to win two of the best games from this generation and all you have to do is follow the contest terms listed above. Anyone who's subscribed to Gigamax is then entered to win both Prey and Dishonored 2. Both of these fantastic games were made by Arkane Studios and offer plenty of hours of fun in their open world exploration style. We'll make it even easier, click here to go right to the video that will get you access to the contest!

A Very Special Thank You!

We here at Gigamax would just like to thank everyone who has taken the time to learn more about our new organization. Gigs and Mack both are extremely grateful for every view and all the incredible individuals they’ve met throughout their time on YouTube. Gigamax Games is growing every day and it’s because of every one of you that we can keep making this dream a reality. Be sure to share this around on Facebook and Twitter, because if Gigamax receives more than 25 entries we’ll be throwing another Giveaway Event in June!

Contest Details

For anyone (U.S. only) who would like to enter for a chance to win the Gigamax 101st Video Giveaway Bundle, a like and comment stating “sign me up for the giveaway” or anything along those line, will be entered into this contest for a chance to win. The contest will run from May 9th through June 9th at which time a random person will be selected and a winner will be chosen. The winner will receive an email or DM from and will have 90 days to accept their prize. If Gigamax doesn’t receive a reply within the 90 days, the winner will forfeit their prize to a runner up. For any additional questions about the Gigamax 101st YouTube Video Giveaway, please feel free to contact us at

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