6 Ways You Can Learn Coding By Playing Video Games

6 Ways You Can Learn Coding By Playing Video Games 

After a long and hard day, video games are an ideal way to unwind. It is even a common hobby for software developers. There was a time that Mark Zuckerberg claimed to be learning to program just because he wanted to understand how his favorite games worked. 

Learning to code has become very easy with online tutorials, interactive sessions, and fun free games. Years ago, it was impossible to learn coding by playing games. Students were restricted to text books and static learning strategies. But today, it is possible to learn coding by gaming. Although video games can’t teach you all there is to code, you will learn the necessary skills, practice, and reinforce your coding skills. Before you know it, you are better at coding simply because you spent the last few hours playing a game. 

If you are going to learn coding by playing video games, you will not be playing just any games. There are games specifically made to teach coding, and here are some of the best coding games to learn coding with. 




CodeMonkey is an interesting coding game that teaches the player coding by using the CoffeeScript. You get to use a real-time programming language to learn how to build games by yourself in HTML5. Although many say that this game is made to teach kids how to code, adults would also have a fun time playing and be able to take all the teachings in the game to learn how to code better.




CodinGame is just what it is, a coding game. With this free fun game, you can learn many programming languages, including Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript. You can experience up to 25 programming languages with it. You can even play with your colleagues and friends and partake in international coding competitions along with your assignment help and your friends. So, the fun does not stop, and neither does the learning.   


CSS Diner 


If you are looking for a very simple, effective, and fun way to learn CSS, you can’t look past CSS Diner. With the CSS Diner, you can learn all the CSS selectors’ basics and how they work. This game has 32 levels, all of which are designed to teach you the CSS selector’s workings. Like with other games, as you progress through the levels, it gets harder and more complex. 




CodeCombat is an exciting game that just about anybody can play, but it is designed for coding students. With this game, you can learn multiple programming languages, including the Lua game script language, Python, CoffeeScript, and JavaScript. CodeCombat’s mission is to make coding accessible to everyone. Games help students retain information while making the learning process fun and exciting. This innovative coding game accomplishes all its goals. 




This coding game is an adventure developed with meta-JavaScript. This game was created to test your ability to solve problems with coding skills, knowledge, and JavaScript. Dr. Eval is guided through and around a machine continuum with JavaScript. This free and fun game helps learners practice their JavaScript skills in a fun and entertaining way.


Code Hunt 


Code Hunt teaches coding in unique ways. Players have to first identify code fragments before they can start analyzing and modifying the codes that match a chunk of code, before capturing the fragment of the code that is working. This game can be used to learn how to play C# or Java. 

Positive effects of video games on programmers

As if it is not enough that you are learning how to code from playing a game, according to  professional essay writers, video games also have some other positive effects for programmers. 

  • Analytical skills: many games potentially increase analytical skills and creative thinking in coders. One of such games is Civilization. It is a strategy game so you have to be systematic and creative enough to pave the way toward victory. 
  • Cognitive strength: video games also help strengthen attention spans. Selective attention improves the ability to focus on what’s right and leave out what’s not necessary. This can be useful when you are trying to spot errors while coding. The level of brainpower applied determines one’s creativity, which video games like Counter-Strike or Overwatch tend to increase.
  • Problem-solving skills: the ability to make critical decisions very quickly is essential for programmers. This is something that happens in many video games. The players have just seconds to decide what to do. Reinforcing this skill is crucial for coders. 
  • Teamwork: video games like World of Warcraft and Dota2 require collaboration to win. Working with virtual teammates can help improve cooperation, which is valuable in all types of work environments.

To the unenlightened, it is funny to say you learned coding by playing a video game or some video games helped to strengthen particular skills. But it is possible. More coding games are being created all the time. With so many options and coding languages, find the right one, and start coding!

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