Anthem’s Cataclysm Expansion Is Available Now

Anthem may not have had the smoothest of launches, but the developers over at Bioware are keeping their commitment to release the planned post-launch content, including the first major world event, Cataclysm. Although the studio never committed to a specific time-frame for the event, it was released alongside a major patch that included tweaks and bug fixes.

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Anthem Cataclysm – Changes Incoming

The biggest change in the update is the inclusion of brand new story missions in the endgame’s Cataclysm event. Players can access the new missions from the Expedition screen if they’ve completed the Incursion mission in the main story. The update also introduces modifiers to take on special missions, a seasonal store with new seasonal currency, and leaderboards. Another major changes include inversions, which modify how your Javelin reacts to the environment and enemies, and changes to how the Luck and Alliance system works. Also included was a variety of bug and weapon balancing patches that are aimed at improving the overall player experience. It seems as if the changes are aimed at providing more variety for players in the endgame and more accessible loot grinding experience. For those interested EA has also released a companion Guild app for IOS and Google Play.

Anthem, cataclysm, anthem bioware, anthem update, bioware

The CEO of EA recently shared his thoughts on the state of Anthem and some of the game’s struggles at launch but assured fans that the game still has the potential to turn into something special. For those interested, the full patch notes can be found here. For all the latest on Anthem be sure to keep checking back with us here at!

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