Ark Survival Evolved: Tek Tier

Dinosaur survival game, Ark Survival Evolved, is getting a humongous patch today. The big update called the Tek Tier Patch, is set to be the largest Ark has ever had.  Highlighting this patch is the addition of "Iron Man" like power suits, that give the player access to a host of different super powers. A few other minor changes are also coming with the patch but nothing as cool as the new technology being thrown into the mix.


Each new piece of the shiny new armor set will give players the ability to utilize a ton of powerful features. The helmet gives Tek Vision, which makes it possible to see at night and identify players; creatures and enemies in the world. Tek boots and pants add the power of super speed and negate fall damage. Additionally the boots will let you walk up steep cliffs by simply walking toward them. The Tek Gauntlets give the power of super strength making the player hit way harder with them equipped. This makes harvesting without tools a much easier experience. The power suit also has an wearable jet pack that gives the ability to rocket toward the sky like Superman. Another piece of equipment is the Tek Rifle, which comes with a variety of mods and can be equipped while riding the various dinos. Finally giving players the option to be a mech suit wearing, dinosaur riding, future rifle wielding badass.

End Game Content Expanded

This new armor is being considered end game content, as the new material named "element" is being added to boss drop lists. Bosses are also being upgraded with added difficulties and will now drop items along with materials. This is all in hopes that players will go back to fight bosses after they've finished the initial encounter.


The Tek Tier Patch also adds four new dinosaurs, a sheep that will give players the ability to sheer wool and a bunch of new weapons to play with. One of those new weapons is a lance that can be used for jousting competitions with friendly players. Also added is different hairstyles, which will grow as time progresses in game. When players cut their hair, a new resource will be added to their inventory obviously named "human hair."


This patch is being known as the final stretch to Ark Survival Evolved's official release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is currently in a beta state on all the platforms and its official release is set for this year.

This new patch is an exciting addition to this amazing game. It is also nice to hear that the game is nearing an official release as most privately funded games that launch on early access never make it this far. For more information on all the latest updates for Ark Survival Evolved keep check back with us here at Gigamax.