BioShock - Let's Play with Gigamax

There is always a need to bring up BioShock when on the topic of great games. Because of this fact, Gigamax felt it necessary to bring it back to this revered classic. Walking through the very first game, Gigs and Mack relive this masterpiece. 2K Games did an amazing job on this one.  Whether you're looking to watch some classic BioShock footage and reminisce on the good ol' days or wondering if it's worth picking up after missing it the first time around, this is for you.

In the video below, you will find the playlist for the Gigamax revisit to BioShock. Gigs takes the controller for this one and with 22 playthroughs already on his belt, he has some pro-tips you won't want to miss. Gigs and Mack show off hidden secrets, information about the lore and have some laughs along the way. Thank you all so much for stopping by. Hope you all enjoy, don't forget to Subscribe!


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