Blizzard Entertainment Extends Partnership with ESL and DreamHack

Blizzard Entertainment Extends Partnership with ESL and DreamHack

Esports is a massive movement that is only becoming more significant throughout the gaming community. Modern Times Group MTG AB (MTG) portfolio company’s ESL and DreamHack are celebrating a three-year-long relationship with Blizzard Entertainment that will greatly expand pro-gaming.

ESL Pro Tour Grows and Expands

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ESL, the world’s largest esports company and DreamHack, a gaming lifestyle festival organizer will be introducing new games to the ESL Pro Tour format. StarCraft II and Warcraft III: Reformed will be added to the fray. Blizzard is providing a prize pool of over $1.8 million and $200,000 for the first season. September 2019 was when ESL introduced the Pro Tour for CS: GO. ESL and DreamHack showed a high level of enthusiasm in the official press release about adding these new games to the global circuit. 

Giving Gamers the Opportunity to Play Professionally

Professional gaming is not an easy world to penetrate. ESL’s Pro Tour competition creates an environment for aspiring professional players to thrive and make a name for themselves. They can game in front of massive world-wide brands and media partners that would be nearly impossible to impact on a person’s own. Now with the addition of Blizzard Entertainment’s RTS games that have been in circulation for 20+ years, a whole new slew of gamers will be joining the ESL Pro Tour. 

StarCraft II World Championship Series is now being handled by ESL Pro Tour. StarCraft II will feature tournaments on at least four different continents and the global finals will be moved to Intel Extreme Masters Katowice from BlizzCon. ESL and DreamHack are now building a new platform for Warcraft III: Reforged focused on the competitive landscape. 

Additional details about the collaboration between the three companies can be found by visiting the Blizzard Entertainment, ESL, and DreamHack press rooms. 

ESPN, colleges, and even gambling websites now hold Esports in high regard. This massive professional moment is showing no signs of losing momentum. As prize pools continue growing and larger companies continue creating opportunities for gamers to compete, Esports is only expected to expand. Blizzard Entertainment’s continuation partnership with ESL and DreamHack will be one of many steps forward for Esports as a whole.

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