Dawn of a Zombie Slaying Machine

Zombies, zombies, zombies! Dead Rising 4 is chock full of these ghouls and Gigs is here to clean up the streets.

Fighting Maniacs in Dead Rising 4

This awesome Capcom game is a Zombie slayer’s wet dream. Players journey back into Willamette, Colorado the location from the first Dead Rising. This time around Frank West takes charge of stopping yet another zombie outbreak. Frank has covered wars you know and now he’s also covered the war on the undead, with prior zombie slaying experience you’re more powerful than ever. The ability to make extremely strong, creative, and wacky combo weapons makes the player a force to be reckoned with. Though the game doesn’t change the fundamentals of the game it does change some of the originals quirks. Gone are annoying escort missions and time constraints and as you can see in our Let’s Play they’ve added a lot more fun.

In this video we, Mack and Gigs, unwind after a long day of making content to relieve stress in the best way possible… MURDERING HORDES AND HORDES OF ZOMBIES! Join us as we take a festive journey and celebrate Dead Rising 4’s holiday theme by decking the Willamette Memorial Megaplex hall’s with bits of the undead. We then take a drive over to the small town suburban park and give some ne’er do wells the gift of our swift retribution. Unfortunately we were not able to play with one of the shiny new exo suits but hopefully we will get to them when our full play through is released.

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