Diablo 3 Let’s Play – Hardcore Runs and New Updates

Diablo 3 received a host of updates over the past few months and it’s added content worthy of a revisit. The 20th anniversary of Blizzard’s Diablo franchise just past, seasons have come to console and with the Necromancer here, there’s a lot to explore. diablo 3 patch, diablo patch, new update, gigamax, gigamax games, nj gaming, new jersey gaming

The Diablo 3 Let’s Play – Hardcore Runs and New Updates’ page is the place to go for the latest  Diablo 3 coverage. New updates, episodes or character releases, everything can be found here. Be sure to check back soon for the latest videos’ as the console finally receives sessions.  Not only will seasons be keeping the Gigamax crew busy, the Necromancer class is finally here!

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Stay Up To Date with Diablo

Check out the playlist below for all the latest Diablo videos from Gigamax.  Stop in to find out how to get some sweet pets, wings and to see if the crew will reach level 70 on Hardcore, or die trying! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Diablo Playlist