“Everything” Indie Game Insights with Gigamax

Everything – It’s a Big World Out There

Everything was absolutely an Indie game to remember. Not because of an incredible story or mind blowing graphics, but for something else. This game was unlike anything we here at Gigamax have played before. Ambiguous and confusing, but fun all the same. There’s not too many words that describe a game like Everything, but here’s an attempt at a thorough overview.

A game where the player can become ‘everything’, seems like it would deliver a lot of content. This would be accurate in a sense, because of the shear size of the game. However, there are no quests or character development to worry about, growing big and small is enough. The player has the power to become every living and inanimate object in sight.  

Before paying the $15 for the game, it’s highly recommended to take a look at the video below. Just to be absolutely sure buyers know what they’re getting into. This is not a game for everyone.

“Everything” Indie Game Insights with Gigamax


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