Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Tips & Tricks

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. Devolver Digital’s party game-battle royale hybrid combines deceptively simple platforming with multiplayer hijinks and garnishes it with cute, colorful chaos.

In your quest for a winner’s crown, you’ll control a ‘human bean’ through obstacle courses, riding on luck but also some skill. To help break your fall into this madcap world, we present tips and tricks which will help you outlast the other 59 players.

See It Through

Yeah, you’ve seen the game in streams, memes, and possibly your own sessions. But have you SEEN the game? There are things that the game doesn’t tell you which you can use to your advantage. Like the ‘show names’ button. Depending on the platform, pressing ‘L2’, ‘LT’ or ‘Tab’ will make names come up above other players. It’s especially useful in the ‘tag’ mini-games (Tail Tag, Team Tail Tag, and Royal Fumble) where opponents either use structures to sneak up on you or to hide. Turning on player names will give you an idea of everyone’s location.  

And when seeing isn’t enough, change the perspective. The majority of players don’t fiddle with the camera a lot, choosing instead to stick with the third-person, behind-the-character view of the proceedings. Turning the camera works especially well in Slime Climb, specifically in the sections where platforms move in and out of the wall. Changing the perspective makes the game into a side-scroller, and you have a better view of the obstacles. Camera control is also important in minigames such as Roll Out where you can lose track of the rotations if you don’t have a level perspective.

Then there’s seeing closely. Mini-games like Tip Toe or Door Dash may seem pretty random, but there are subtle visual ‘tells’ which can help you stay away from the mob. In Tip Toe, fake tiles wiggle occasionally and can thus be avoided. In Door Dash, real doors are slightly shorter than the fake ones.

Take A Dive

The dive button should be your best friend. While it prominently plays a role to score points in Hoopsie Daisy, it can be used in almost all the rounds to either cut corners or as a last-ditch effort. In Tip Toe, you can overcome one tile gap with a dive-jump to catch up with the pack. In Fruit Chute, a good first dive onto the conveyor belt, instead of stepping on it, will get you an early lead. In Slime Climb, if you’re pushed to the side by an obstacle towards the end, a dive could help save you. In Door Dash, you can avoid the cluster at the doors with a dive over other players.

Diving comes handy in most team mini-games as well. A well-timed dive can send the ball rolling in Rock ‘N’ Roll, Fall Ball, and Hoarders, and a good ‘throw’ while jump-diving can help you chuck an egg into your basket from a distance. And you know you have mastered the game when you can dive-jump and grab a tail off an opponent.

Most importantly, make it a point to dive across the finish lines. Not only does it look cool, but it may also help you jump over any possible grifters. But remember, diving is a cooldown ability; a badly-timed leap can cost you a split second and spell your doom in mini-games such as Hex-A-Gone

Plan & Adapt

There’s often order in the chaos of Fall Guys races. While each run is completely different, you can reduce the randomness by sticking to safer routes.

fallout guys tip 1

In Fruit Chute, the majority of the fruits tumble down the center of the conveyor belt. Sticking to either the left or right flank can help you get some cover from the pink pyramids. In Dizzy  Heights, follow the direction of a rotating platform, and when the path splits later in the course, choose the right-hand side which is slightly faster. In Hit Parade, falling off the rotating logs at the beginning can even be quicker at times. In See-Saw, try and traverse through the middle of the platforms. Sticking to the right side of the uphill climb in the Fall Mountain finale can also take you to the crown — just remember to press the grab button! 

Then there are the shortcuts. Early on in Slime Climb, you can leap onto the yellow triangles to literally cut a corner. That brings us to the ‘adapt’ part of our advice. The aforementioned shortcut could get you some breathing space, but when a crowd ahead of you is trying to do the same thing, it could be a detriment to your progress. You need to pick your spots and stay calm even if your best-laid plans go awry. 

One example is the jumping strategy in Hex-A-Gone. With tiles disappearing when touched and players falling to the level below, you can try and maximize your time on a platform by jumping from one tile to another instead of running. It rarely goes as smoothly, though, and often a misstep (or a particularly wily opponent) can force you to fall to the lower tiers. It’s where you can adapt, switching from defense to offense, and strip bare the platforms below for players to fall through.

Know Your Role

We can all agree that team mini games suck. There’s no way to communicate, the skill gap across your team can be punishing and you can rack up points and still be on the losing side. The only way to maximize your chances is to choose a role and stick to it.

Having a teammate who does nothing much is frustrating, but equally disappointing is one who tries to do everything. So instead of running after the ball in Fall Ball like a headless chicken, a player can choose to be a goalie and focus on defense. Similarly in Rock ‘N’ Roll, after getting your ball to the big slope, one or two players from a team can run down and choose to intercept the opponent’s ball. In Egg Scramble, a team with a healthy mix of attackers who steal eggs and defenders who protect theirs often progresses comfortably.

But even the aforementioned tips might not be enough, and the failures will sting. Which brings us to our last tip…

Have Fun

Despite its cute veneer, Fall Guys is still a battle royale and odds are the L’s would dwarf your ‘wins’ column. Following our guide will bring you closer to a crown, but luck and 59 spirited rivals can thwart your plans. The key here is to laugh off the losses and get back to the starting grid. 

The game is called Fall Guys; falling, and failing, is half the fun. With all that said and done, do you have your own tips and tricks you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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