Look How Gaming Technology Is Pushing the Industry Forward

Gaming has always led the charge on the advancement of technology. The two are inherently linked.

As technology continues to evolve at crazy speeds, the gaming industry becomes even more exciting. The next couple of decades are set to give us another mind-blowing leap in gaming tech.

Here are some ways that gaming technology is pushing the industry forward into new, uncharted frontiers.

Gaming on the Go

As mobile tech accelerates, so does mobile gaming.

mobile gaming, gaming technology

The majority of gamers are now gamers on the go. Mobile gaming appeals to classic gamers and former non-gamers alike.

Mobile tech has allowed gaming to reach casual audiences like never before. Now it’s normal for everyone in the family to play games, no matter their age or gender. In turn, that opens gaming up to new revenue streams.

This trend will only continue as mobile tech continues to evolve, too. Check out this website for a look at some of the best mobile gaming devices around.


VR has been with us for a few years now. Yet it’s still outside the gaming mainstream.

That may be about to change. VR has quietly advanced and some major flagship titles (like Half-Life: Alyx) have given dabblers more faith in the tech. As the tech continues to evolve, VR gets more accessible and ditches some of the weaknesses of its earlier iterations.

In other words, VR is going through the same journey as the technology of flat gaming before it. So it stands to reason that it will reach new heights of popularity in the same way.

Cloud Gaming

It’s always been too easy to get priced out of gaming.

There’s becoming more true than ever thanks to the rising cost of computer chips in a post-cryptocurrency world. For PC gamers, even having the money isn’t always enough—not when you need to put in hours of research on your upgrade.

That’s where cloud gaming comes in. Thanks to cloud gaming services, gamers can access beastly game hardware with the equivalent of a Netflix subscription. Better still, you don’t need to know anything about that hardware, either.

This makes gaming more accessible than ever, opening it up to new audiences and keeping grown-up gamers with other financial obligations in the hobby.

Artificial Intelligence

No, we haven’t created a GLaDOS or SHODAN yet, but AI continues to creep upon us.

While we don’t have “true” AI yet, neural nets and AI-driven algorithms will revolutionize gaming in the next few years. AI has already changed the game on remasters thanks to AI upscaling. The AI-driven text adventure platform AI Dungeon shows the potential for AI-generated quests and side-stories. Games could become truly endless with AI.

Likewise, AI algorithms can digitize real spaces and potentially create environmental textures from scratch. Techniques like these will reduce the ever-increasing burden on artists, allowing them to focus on the more creative elements of visual design. It also means our game worlds will look more realistic than ever.

Gaming Technology Evolved

We’ve only scratched the surface of how gaming technology is changing the industry. Still, you can see why there’s a lot of reasons for excitement. Gaming has transformed from Pac-Man to its modern state in half a human lifespan. Just imagine what could happen next.

Want more gaming in your life? Check out our Streaming section to see what’s hot.

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