Explorers of No Man’s Skys procedurally generated universe finally have a chance to re-discover the infinite galaxy in Virtual Reality. The ability to play the entire game in true VR is the latest news about the games next update, No Man’s Sky: Beyond. Hello Games announced on their blog and included the video below, offering a look at No Man’s Sky in Virtual Reality.

No Man’s Sky Virtual Reality Reveal

No Man’s Sky Virtual Reality will be available on PlayStation VR and Steam VR. The update is expected to drop this summer but no official release date has been revealed. Sean Murray, the highly publicized part owner of Hello Games followed up the blog post with a Tweet that hints another surprise is on the way for No Man’s Sky: Beyond.

No Man’s Sky has made tremendous strides since its lackluster and scandal fueled release. Now in VR, this extraordinary immersive space exploration game will take immersion to an entirely new level. Use the jetpack and fly over alien creatures, mountains, caverns, or fly a starship above unique worlds or through star systems. People can actually grab their multitool out of their backpack, tough it and switch to terrain manipulation mode, carve up the landscape with your hand as the control.

Only Time Will Tell...

Sean Murray was proud to ensure fans that No Man’s Sky Virtual Reality feature is not a separate mode. Instead, No Man’s Sky core game will include Virtual Reality as an optional feature for those with VR headsets. This means No Man’s Sky may become the most in-depth, built out VR game available to consumers.

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For now, details about No Man’s Sky: Beyond are scarce. The first announcement was No Man’s Sky Online, which is a huge step forward for the multiplayer aspect of the game. The second aspect of Beyond, and the theme of this article, is the Virtual Reality component. Now all that’s left is to wait for the third installment of the update as hinted in Murray’s tweet. Be sure to stick around GigamaxGames.com. for any more details on No Man’s Sky: Beyond and to keep up with the latest gaming news!