How to Play Vladimir on the Top Lane?

If you would be asked which top laner you are going to choose, then you will take the name of Vladimir. With Vladimir, you will feel free and safe as there are certain skills with this character in League of Counters. To win the lane, you are supposed to select the champion character and Vladimir is the champion and a good laner.

You should be very careful while choosing the character while going for the top lane as the weak character may get defeated due to the lack of skills. While selecting Vladimir as the character of the game, you will be able to see the skills of Vladimir as the character in the game. Such exciting skills are solely responsible for winning the game.

Play with Vladimir on top lane

While playing with Vladimir on top lane, you will have some sort of fun as the character is full of energy and strength in the game. All you need to know while doing a lane fight is to surprise your enemy with some of the advantages and soon the game will b on your side. Your enemy will submit in front of you and you can emerge as a victor of the game. To acquire a strong position in the game, you are supposed to be advantageous in terms of almost everything. If you will underestimate this thing, then there may be the chance of your defeat in the game. Every time you tackle with the enemy, try to acquire a better position against your enemy

Vladimir as a strong character

There are other characters also present in the game like Akali, Pantheon, Renekton, and Irelia. But if we talk about Vladimir, then this character is strong in terms of everything like skill, durability, etc. While playing top lane, you are supposed to take care of some
of the small things which may lead to your victory in the game. To tackle with your enemy, you need to follow a strategy with which you can defeat the opponents in the game easily. If you have the character of Vladimir, then your half job is done as you are going to win the game.

Position of the enemy

This is one of the important parts of the game where you have to trace the whereabouts of the enemy’s position. If you will take care of this thing from starting of the game then you will be safe from the vicious trap of your enemy. You need to find out the lane of your enemy or search that you are before him or your enemy is before you. If your enemy is before you, then you should immediately come in action and neutralize your enemy at once. Playing with Vladimir in the game will allow the players to play the game majestically as Vladimir is one of the most skilled and top-rated characters in the game.

Avoid fighting with Minions

It is suggested to all the players to avoid fighting with minions in the game. If you are killing the minions of the enemy side, then you may earn gold for that. If you are playing with minions, then the advantage will be there with the enemy, especially when you are a beginner. So, avoid playing the game with minions.

Vladimir is the apt character for playing top lane. If you are crazy about skilled character then Vladimir may be your preferred choice. The character is full of vigor and strength and capable of tackling gust of the enemy at once. You can play the game with the character Vladimir for maximum fun.

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