Killing Floor 2

We have been playing this game since it dropped and it’s absolutely deserving of a review. Killing Floor 2 is an action packed, zombie massacre offering unique environments and a decent amount of weapons to choose from. The game is a round based shooter, with 4, 7 and 10 rounds as an option for game length. Right now the only gametype is ‘Survival’ but it looks like they may add more. I never had the chance to play the first Killing Floor, but it’s really not a game that needs any explanation. Rounds start, kill hordes of zombies and try not to die is basically all you need to know in order to get started.

It may sound like just another zombie shooter but this game really does offer some unique experiences. Killing Floor 2’s online mode consists of a team working together to survive the zombie onslaught. Each round get progressively harder and new variations of zombies begin to show up. After the round ends, an arrow directs you to a supply drop of sorts where weapons can be purchased. Some of these weapons are the standard M16, AK, SCAR but then Tripwire Interactive, the developers, throw a curveball offering weapons like healing pistols, flamethrowers, swords and saw crossbows. The weapon selection and weight restriction offer a lot of different loadout combinations to lay the hate against these zombies.

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Another aspect of Killing Floor 2 which makes it stand out when compared to games like Left 4 Dead, is the class system. Players can choose from classes, which the game calls perks. Some of the classes are Commando, Support, Berserker, Field Medic, and each offers different starting weapons and after you level up, unique skills. This allows the person playing to slay zombies in whichever fashion they find most appealing. Furthermore, playing around with the different classes opens you up to trying new guns that may have not been your first choice. Being a fan of Left 4 Dead and knowing that the combat can get a bit repetitive after hours of running through the same campaigns, this class or ‘Perk’ system does a lot to boost this game above just being ‘another’ zombie shooter.

Not Another Zombie Shooter

Now there was one integral part to the Killing Floor 2 experience that we have not mentioned yet. ZED Time is a huge part of this game. ZED Time is basically slow-motion that seems to be triggered after a certain amount of kills. This slow-mo brings with it a plethora of incredible and awe-inspiring moments that will make you stop what you’re doing and say… ‘WOW’. That isn’t even an exaggeration. Some of these ZED Time moments have absolutely stunned me, like throwing a grenade in a grouping of zombies only to have time slowdown and the entire team is able to watch your multi-kill and all the carnage that follows. This was a really refreshing and exciting feature that added a lot of value to the game overall.

All in all Killing Floor 2 was an excellent, round based zombie shooter that delivered exciting moments and a mix of frustrating, sometimes thrilling losses. If you’re looking for an indepth horror story game, look elsewhere. Searching for that fast-paced, fulfilling zombie shooter? You found your game. Right now it’s on the Playstation Store for $40,00 and it was absolutely worth every penny; if you’re looking for something that fits its description.

Rating: Here at GIGAMAX we don’t like putting a number to these pieces of art we call video games. Instead, we’ll use some fitting adjectives that can describe these amazing pieces of technology much better than a number ever could.

  • Barbarous, Exhilarating, Stimulating, Thrilling, Entertaining, Amusing