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Moonlighter is an indie game masterpiece. Now available for Nintendo Switch, the Gigamax Games crew is showing off all the key components of this unique dungeon crawler. Tasked with watching over a small unassuming shop in an even smaller town, the lone shop keeper must do all he can to keep his inventory appealing to the town folk. With five dungeons to plunder, Gigs and Mack are investigating each one.

Moonlighter Dungeon Crawling – Let’s Play with Gigamax Games

Five dungeons might not sound like a lot of content but anyone that plays Moonlighter will understand the true challenge. Each dungeon is procedurally generated after entering its depths. When it’s time to unload all that priceless loot or if an adventure got a little too bloody and it’s time for some rest, the dungeon will reset and force the player to start fresh next time they enter. The only way to get out of a dungeon and save one’s progress is to use a pricey little portal, but that’s not always worth it.

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To vanquish all the dangerous bosses that await at the end of each dungeon, it requires patience and a quick hand. Grinding on a dungeon, stocking up on loot, taking the time to sell the inventory in the shop, and upgrading weapons and armor makes Moonlighter last.

As the Gigamax Games crew continues on their Moonlighter adventure, they’re taking you along for the ride! Stop by to see inside each dungeon and to eventually figure out what the last boss has in store. This will be the place to find the entire Moonlighter playthrough and to catch all the latest videos.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. It means the world to everyone here at Gigamax Games.

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