New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Highlights Janemba and Gogeta

Bandai Namco officially revealed that the next downloadable character heading to Dragon Ball FighterZ is Janemba, although this is no surprise considering the various leaks leading up to the announcement. The big reveal was held at the end of the Dragon Ball Fighter Z Grand Finals’  Evo 2019 fighting game tournament.

Janemba – Control Over Matter

The amount of detail put into Janemba seems to be just as good as every other character currently in the game, with lots of animations pulled from the anime to ensure the villain looks and feels authentic. Janemba utilizes his control over matter and dimensions to put characters in difficult setups that will test even the best of players. The character also utilizes his iconic red sword to deal out serious damage to the opposition. Fans can expect Janemba to hit Dragon Ball Fighter Z on August 8th. Bandai Namco also surprised fans with a look at Gogeta at the end of the trailer. Gogeta SSGSS is the fifth planned DLC character for the second Fighter Pass, while the Dragon Ball Super version of Broly is the sixth scheduled release. The Producer behind Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tomoko Hiroki, said that the studio would have more information on Gogeta soon. Dragon Ball FighterZ, Janemba, dragon ball fighterz characters, dbz characters, dbz gameplay, dbz updates Currently, the second DLC pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ runs fans $25 and as of now contains Jiren, Videl, and GT Goku. Each of the characters can be purchased individually for $5. We’re excited to see the already sizable roster for Dragon Ball FighterZ grow larger, especially with lesser-known characters only featured in movies or filler arcs. We’ll be sure to have videos and articles on all the latest content so remember to keep checking back with us here at

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