Night of the Living HD Remake

The HD remake is an interesting concept that is relatively new to the gaming industry. Games that would have once been forgotten and left on the shelf to collect dust now have a second chance to entice players that may have missed it the first time around, or remind returning users why the game was so great. This idea started as a small trend that saw lesser known games like the last generation being revived and quickly turned into a torrent of triple A remakes from all throughout gaming history. Although HD remake is a term used to describe the genre, it is very broad and it’s simply not fair to compare the love some developers put into their remakes while others seem to be going for nothing more than a quick cash crab.Bioshock HD edition: Andrew Ryan propaganda statue

Remastered editions like Skyrim:Special Edition know how to show love to the history of the game. Remakes like this come with vastly improved graphics and content which feels like a more refined experience. It is impressive to see some of the work done to almost every aspect of games that were already amazing. On the other side of the spectrum are games like Hitman HD Trilogy. This reboot was plagued with problems that had existed in the original and was still being run at 720p resolution. Laziness like this leaves the genre with a stigma that makes many wary to spend hard earned cash on them.Skyrim HD edition: Nord staring into distance

HD remakes are not cheap either, with many price points being set at the same rate as the original release. Considering a videogame in the U.S. currently runs consumers around $60, this is a steep number to ask for something that is already a year or more old. Many developers try to ease people’s worries by including all the downloadable content as well as pre-order bonuses. It’s very rare but sometimes entirely new content will also be added too, but this may be locked behind another paywall.

HD remakes may have a small stigma to them but it does not stop people from making the purchase. The sheer amount of these remakes that get released is proof the industry is still seeing a profit from remastered blockbusters. A ton of these games are worth the time and money, but always remember to do research before committing to a purchase. In the end, whether or not this style of game is toxic to the industry or a nice way to play old games has yet to be determined. But if you’re interested in learning more about these titles make sure you check out all our latest reviews here!

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