Overwatch: New Holiday Event Coming Soon

Overwatch – New Holiday Event!

Overwatch is ready to release another highly anticipated seasonal event.  Right off the heels of their extremely successful Winter Wonderland holiday event, fans are waiting anxiously for the new content.  Centered around the Chinese New Year, this update is sure to have plenty of new character skins and voice lines. Mei is the hero featured in the teaser, unsurprising considering the character’s home country is China.

While we wait for the update to drop, Korea’s Overwatch Twitter account tweeted a separate teaser which featured the hero D.Va in a new Chinese New Year themed skin. It really seems like they put a lot of work into these cosmetic items. The character skins that have been released so far are just as dramatic and detailed as past events.

The event is set to begin on January 24th, four days before the actual Chinese New Year on January 28th. Blizzard only released small teasers and isn’t announcing any other information until the event actually begins. Assuming this event is like the Holiday/Halloween specials, than there is sure to be a fun new themed game mode.

Overwatch also made the news recently due to rumors that famous actor Terry Crews would be voicing the new hero, Doom Fist. This was theorized after the actor had tweeted that he was visiting the Blizzard offices. After the tweet, the internet exploded in support of the popular comedy actor playing the role.

With its constant free updates and seasonal events, the future of Overwatch looks bright. When the event officially launches Gigamax will be sure to stream all the new content so keep checking back for all the latest updates!


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