Holy hell did they just release a lot of PS2 classics on PSN for PS4. What a nostalgia trip. Take a look at the full list below, let us know which ones were your favorite! @Gigamaxgames

Here's the full list:

  •         Canis Canem Edit (Bully)
  •         Dark Chronicle
  •         Dark Cloud
  •         FantaVision
  •         Forbidden Siren
  •         Grand Theft Auto 3
  •         Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  •         Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  •         Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy
  •         Kinetica
  •         Manhunt
  •         Max Payne
  •         PaRappa The Rapper 2
  •         Primal
  •         Rise of the Kasai
  •         Rogue Galaxy
  •         Star Wars Jedi Starfighter
  •         Star Wars Racer Revenge
  •         Star Wars Bounty Hunter
  •         Star Wars Mega Bundle
  •         Super Star Wars
  •         The Mark of Kri
  •         The Warriors
  •         Twisted Metal Black
  •         War of the Monsters
  •         Wild Arms 3

Found this list on bit.ly./2bmW0tc but it was all in British… We ‘Mericanized it for you all.