Riot Will Pay Fans For Finding Valorant Exploits

Riot Will Pay Fans For Finding Valorant Exploits

The developer behind League of Legends, Riot, is ensuring that their recently released team based shooter, Valorant, is played fairly. In an effort to reduce the amount of cheating in the game, the developer is ramping up their bounty program and is offering $100,000 for those that can find exploits in its anti-cheating software.


Riot’s HackerOne bug bounty program, which has currently been running for over 6 years, is now going to pay out more money to encourage people to find exploits and report them to the company.

Player that believe they have found an exploit in Vanguard are encouraged to submit a report, with the minimum payout for a confirmed report being $250. As part of the program’s expansion, Riot will pay up to $100,000 for high quality reports that demonstrate and detail exploits within Vanguard.

In order to receive the money a working proof of concept and a report detailing it must be provided. The exploit must also be new and within the latest version of Vanguard.


The Vanguard bounty program also has tiers for lower level exploits that pay out $25,000, $35,000, $50,000, and $75,000. Those that are interested should go to the HackerOne website to see a full breakdown of the program. Riot says it has already paid out over $2 million in bounties since the program began back in 2014.

Some have been critical of Riot’s Vanguard software for taking it a step too far due to how the program runs in kernel mode instead of user mode. This allow for the Vanguard code to access hardware, and many questions and concerns have been raised by this. Although, Riot has acknowledged fan concern, but said they can not dive too deep into how Vanguard works due to it potentially compromising the software.


We’re very curious to see how the increased payout in the bounty system affects the amount of exploits found. Hopefully, this will give Valorant a healthy start when it officially launches. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any more updates from Riot so don’t forget to come back to for all the latest details.

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